Hyakuen! – Ch. 03


Two new characters! I’m just lovin’ this manga more and more~!!!


There’s a new girl! Not only just one, but two!!! You’ll get to know the other one later~ First new girl is Kyouka Gosanji. She’s kinda like your little miss perfect ojou-sama. She’s damn rich and kind, has a limo to send her into school, and she seems to be really perfect. SO yeah, we can put her in Tsumugi’s place XD.


Btw, the butler totally got my attention lol. I just love butlers~ XD.


And here’s the other new character, she’s Chouko Nakata. She is Madoka’s rival. She’s quite brags a lot, wears a Louis Vuitton necktie, and honestly I’m liking her character because she’s the only one I can really find original judging by the first look ^^. But hmm, is it just me o I smell that she’s just pretending to be rich?


Momo is really good at making friends lol. And this time, she baited a very rich one~


Bwahahahahahaha!!! Nakata is this close to slipping up her ego XD.


That card must be awesome, I don’t even know if ever such a thing exists either.


Lol wait, isn’t Nakata talking about herself there?! XDD


Can’t Kyouka get any more perfect??? She’s so… :aww: nice~


I think some people can quite relate to this either because when they see some really rich person, they tend to make an impression that she’s already a bragging bogan bitch, but Kyouka’s really different and she shows the side that some rich people can be nice too ^^. Go Kyouka!!!


Awww~ So sweet ^^.

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2 Responses to “Hyakuen! – Ch. 03”

  1. Xiao says:

    Nyaaa~! I loved this chapter! xD

    Oho, yea! We finally have a Tsumugi! Don’t know why I’m excited since I don’t watch K-ON! but I like poking fun at similarities. Especially when the ones being compared to an already adapted manga (or 4-koma) are much more awesome. Lol XD

    UMG, yes, her butler made me go *A* …with his manly Sebastian one-eye glass (oh great, we’re bringing Lucky Star into this now). xDDD;;;

    …I want a butler now. ;3;

    Chouko amuses me to no end. She fails (oh-so-cutely) so many BLATANT times and she can still act as a poser. Kaaahhh, great!

    And ohhh~, Kyouka is so…cute! :aww:
    And innocent and naive and all the other good stuff.
    Ah, she reminds me of Haruka and of the like. I miss going aww over all the nice oujo-samas. ^^

    lol I don’t really remember but have they been taking baths together for a while now? xD;

  2. Rin says:

    So cute. No offense, but Kyouka’s kindness kinda seems fishy to me. I have a feeling that Kyouka has a yandere attitude that will come up sooner or later. But that’s just me saying, you can prove me wrong.

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