Hetalia Axis Powers: 19 – What’s a Canada?


/kidding~ And yep, spoiling you right from the title XP.


China is suggesting on making a huge place (perhaps Chinatown?) for them, as he also invited other Chinese workers as well. Lol at Arthur always being stubborn and it’s so funny when he got in contact with a Chinese local ^^.


HELL YEAH ANIMATIONS! You’ll see more of that later~ Lol. I’m really abusing my gif-maker today~

On to the Axis Powers, Ludwig (Germany) is lecturing the Italians on battle. Feliciano (N. Italy) and the other Italians just don’t pay attention to Ludwig’s lectures though XD. Funny how Ludwig doesn’t notice it much and is busy on his heroic speech. OMG lol too when a dog randomly passed by and they paid more attention to its cuteness more XD.


Back to the Allied Forces, they are feeling a presence, though they cannot tell what it is, especially for America. And guess who it is? Clue: POLAR BEAR!!! It’s Canada!!! Canada? What Canada? XP.

:omg: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!!!!!!! *squees and squees of joy* :omg:


CANADAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! *glomps him and his polar bear* Matthew is just soooo adorable! I’m so so so glad that they having more appearances by different nation >///<

…And I want that Polar Bear NAO!!! I-Is that real?? OMG :kyaa:  *glomps more*.

UGH :huhu: The Allies are SO mean to him! How dare they ignore this adorable entity of glompi-ness~! And OMG especially YOU Alfred! You’re his brother! *smacks Alfred* Poor Canada for being too unnoticed T_T.

Btw, Matthew’s voice is sooooo meek and… uh tiny. *raises volume to max while watching his scenes*~ Matthew is still voiced by the same seiyuu of America ^^ (Katsuyuki Konishi) lol.


Back to the Axis Powers again, they are all in an intense training. Feliciano and Ludwig are running. And lol at Feli for being tired and all but he didn’t failed to impress Ludwig. That just proves that Feliciano’s really good on escaping.


If there isn’t any subs, I would have mistaken this part for Kiku promoting his character single because he’s talking to the camera XD lol. OMG KIKUUU and a CAAAT :kyaa: !!! Seriously, after hearing his smexy character single, I became sooo addicted to his voice *drools*. Btw, that cat should be Greece’s lol, but I think it’s his.


Going now to the Allied Forces, Alfred is discussing their plans, until they noticed someone spying on them. Lol at their shocked faces XD!!! Alfred’s face is awesome while Arthur’s always adorable XD. France is… no comment lol, while China is still poised haha. Russia is calm and cool while looool Canada is like “WTF”? XDDD


The one spying on them is none other than Feliciano, which he seems to be a huge PHAIL when it comes to Espionage since he’s so obvious and he’s always blabbering about Pasta and Pizza XDD. Oh god, Feli~ XDDD. But nothing’s stopping him from being uber-cuteness though *glomps chibi Feliciano*


So yeah, Feliciano failed so much and continues to keep the meeting room of the Allied Powers in chaos while Ludwig is outside evaluating how Feliciano sucks lol. Don’t worry much Ludwig, you still look hot in glasses X3.

OMG I really love how Studio DEEN adapts Hetalia. Yup ^^, if I’ll personify Studio DEEN, I’ll make him/her an amazing evil genius for making so much surprises ^^. I’ll be glad when they have more new characters/nations having appearances because it just keeps the series getting exciting besides from all the random… randomness XD. Overall, a really enjoyable episode, like always ^^.

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9 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers: 19 – What’s a Canada?”


    OH MATTHEW :cute:

    I love this episode . . .as usual . . .heck what episode of hetalia did I not love?! all are awesome!


    Sapphire Pyro’s last blog post..Shangri-La – Episode 9

  2. auntiebin says:

    :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

    soft-spoken canada is pretty hot too :^_^:

    auntiebin’s last blog post..Fashion Week

  3. TJ says:

    What’s a Canada?

    Well here’s what’s a Canadian according to a beer company.

    TJ’s last blog post..Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 09

  4. kyaa~ says:

    :cute: :love: :kyaa: CANADA IS SO ADORABLE!!!!!! :kyaa2:
    And the polar bear is so kawaii :kyaa: !!!!!! 😉

  5. Ashelea says:

    Poor Matthew… T.T
    But omg I totally love that they made him look like a cross-breed between USA and France. Which is indeed, true to reality ^^. The creators are geniuses!

    • Britt says:

      Don’t you think it would make more sense for Canada to be a mix between England and France? xD

  6. issa-sa says:

    I could barely here Canada so I was wondering who his seiyuu was. But, boy is his polar bear snarky (=win!)

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Obligatory “OH SHI- it’s already been THIS long since I last posted?!?!” update post on what I’m still watching this season

  7. saku says:

    Yes!!! Finally, my country makes his appearance! :cheer: Matt is love ♥♥♥
    Lol Germany is so epic (as always) :kyaa2:

  8. Hikari Kamiya says:

    damn you Canada kun :rage: , damn you and your kawaiiness 😡 and damn you Katsuyuki Konishi :rage: , damn you for giving Canada kun such a meek and gentle voice 😡 and while i’m at it DAMN YOU HIDEKAZ HIMARUYA :rage: damn you for make this anime so damn awesome 😡 . When i first heard Canada, i was all like, omg he’s sounds so kawaii :aww: :aww: :aww: :aww: :aww:
    i just wanna glomp him :runs:

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