Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!: 01


This show has a fountain of gold.

Warning: Ecchi and showers of urine content. If piss is not your thing, don’t proceed. (psshyeah, like you’ll listen to this >.>)


Meet Plug (Seiyuu: Kaori Fukuhara/Tsukasa of Lucky Star). She pisses herself, she takes away the depression of people by means of “plugging” luck power to them, she can fly, transform to a hot tight suit, she’s clumsy and stupid, and she pisses at herself… a LOT. And oh, did I mention that she pisses at herself? This girl needs some toilet training.


Then we get to meet the male lead, Sento (Seiyuu: Hiroki Takahashi), who seem to give off a really awesome first impression already. When he saw the girl (Plug) randomly coming out of the wall, he got his baseball bat, and beat the crap out of her. Talk about violence on stupid mahou shoujo girls! Woohoo!


Meet Louise (in twintails) Iono and Shana Hakune, the main guy’s imouto.


Screw Shana, she’s Kotonoha. O_o


But wow, it seems like we would get to see the adventures of the character on the TV show Plug is watching. I think this is the most fan-service-y part throughout the entire episode. You’ll get to see the girl get tentacle raep’d and then piss the hell out of herself. Then get tentacle raep’d again. But wow, this show seems to love pissies.


I just think that the awesome of this show ends only with Sento. I take pleasure seeing mahou shoujo girls getting beat up, and this guy doesn’t hesitate on doing so.


Another beat-up scene above, which includes Plug having a golden shower upon herself, with dramatic waterfall background effect to match her pissing mood. If we could count on how much urine got seen in this episode, it would have been more than a liter.


Her costume is hot though. Yum.. Latex. And about her mahou-shoujo transformation, we still have to see clearly of that.


The conflict in the episode is quite poorly written as well. The imouto gets into the brink of depression because of the loss of their parents and thinks about jumping atop off a building. Plug and Sento then searches for her, Sento sees her, she falls, the infamous “holding on before falling” cliche happens, but Plug comes into their rescue and “Plugs” back the imouto to her old self once again and then the problem’s solved by her gymnastics skills. I’m quite surprised though that the imouto didn’t pissed herself while holding on the building though.


The episode ends with all their happy lives going back again, except for Plug, who peeps in to a naked Sento. And guess what happened? Idiot got beat up badly again.


ED (Real OP): “CHARGE!” by Kaori Fukuhara & Ayahi Takagaki

Boobs, boobs, boobs, butts, boobs… at least no urine in this one. Not a fan of the song much, but there are some parts in th ED that cracked me up:


This island MUST belong to the 7 Wonders of the (Anime) World.


It seems like the TV Show Plug was watching a while ago at Sento’s house will get some screentime soon as well.


Sigh, this is better than having nothing to blog at all.

So yeah, it’s your typical shitty fanservice animu that’s less boobier than Queen’s Boobs Blade so far, but the ecchi is still there. Damn, I don’t know why some people find the urine fetish hot :bleh: . But anyways, I think I had been expecting more ecchi to happen. What happen was still quite moderate though to be really honest. Probably the most extreme you can find in this one is already in the TV Show scene.

It seems like another Dokuro-chan, without the gory-gore (as of now?) and it only takes a tiny pinch of brain to watch it, so nothing wrong with that. So yeah, it’s quite funny at times, and there’s amusing chemistry between Plug and Sento, no matter how he beats her up with a baseball bat, a guitar, and trays. It honestly had me cheering on some violence because I just personally can’t stand mahou shoujo girls. And oh, my only rant about the male lead is that he’s cursed with a horribly-designed nose.

But lol, I’m not sure if I’ll continue blogging on this series, because there’s so much more this Summer is offering, and not only that, but Fall as well. So I might give it a go on the second episode on just watching it. Brainless fun is brainless… but still fun.

More screenshots on the gallery next page.


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  1. I absolutely cannot watch this show O_O;;;; though I’m kinda curious about it . . . especially . . . WTF IS WITH THE URINE THING!!! :ehh:
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Medaka Box – Chapter 8 =-.

  2. Pjal says:

    hmm.. gonna check it out..

  3. Pjal says:

    ok, i just finished watch it.. and, it’s a bleach ecchi ver. :red:

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