Eden of the East: 11 [END] – Save it to the Movies.


Up until now, I still wish I have a phone like that~.


Thousands of nekkid men running on the mall like zombies to hunt you down!!!


Saki talks to Hirasawa through the phone and explains to him what she knows about Akira. Also, she asks them to opned up the data Itazu sent to them through the phone.


We get to see some flashbacks. Including the time where Akira took a picture of himself with all those naked men behind him at the mall. One question though, is who’s that woman with the umbrella?


They really need the laptop now, but they left it on the mall where a lot of NEETs are in it. So the plan is, they have to disguise as NEETs as well to get the laptop.


Lol this scene is to funny XD. Plus Micchon totally rocks for saying that they’re only interested in 2D girls anyway XD. Go Micchon! XD


Meanwhile, Hirasawa, Oosugi and that… guy, finally attempts to get their hands on the laptop, but the disguising part kinda fails though, so they got noticed and have to run. Hirasawa gave the laptop to Oosugi as he ordered him to get away fast.


Now that the group got their hands on the laptop, they found out that the target of the missiles will be none other than where are they standing on, Toyosu. While everyone’s at panic, Akira broadcasts a video message throughout everyone’s phones saying that he’s serious.


LOL Yuuki (X) is stupid. Blame his yaoi fantasies with Mononobe that made him look like his dog XD. He got totally owned by him so badly and we get to know that Mononobe isn’t someone that shouldn’t be really trusted immediately. He plays the game wisely ^^. Tsuji (II) is cool too for noticing how Yuuki got pwned XD.


LOL the zombies NEETs are totally coming after them O__o. But thank God Akira comes to the rescue!!! ALL HAIL THE PRINCE!!!!!! Kyaa~!!!


Akira then pulls Saki and takes her to the amusement park area above the mall, where they view of the missile attacks are clearly seen.



:kyaa: AKIRA’S SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!! :kyaa:


All of the other cast had their very own last minute screentime for the series lol. Here’s Shiratori (XI) watching the missiles get banged outside her hotel room. She asks when will Number 9 will save her this time. Haha, I wanna see more of her in the upcoming movies because she’sone of the strongest characters in the series. Gotta love femme fatales~ <3.


And Itazu is still alive. I don’t know why the hell that happened since I really thought that his role was already squeezed a lot and he ended it ust like a hero. I wonder how will Itazu play on the movie this time.


Tsuji (II) also gets to watch the missile attacks while in his car. He looks really unimpressed and mentions that Japan is heading towards its demise anyway.


We also get to see Mononobe (I) who says that looks like Akira made it in time to destroy the attacks. He’s really mysterious and we all don’t know if what he’s saying are all lies or anything. So yeah, looking forward to I on the movie ^^.


And LOL at Yuuki (X) who looks betrayed and alone now XD. Awww~ Wasted XD!


Lol Akira’s doing so much different varieties of his “Bang!” XDD. This one’s the coolest XD lol.


The background music is really really cool!!! Eden snags one of the top 3 best soundtracks of the season definitely ^^. And I love how they use an English old school instead of some cliche’d opera music. Nice to this anime being very original in the music as well ^^.


When they showed Saki being unconscious I was like, “NOOOOO DON’T DIE BECAUSE OF SMOKE!!!” XDDD Lmao. But phew~ good to see both still alive and can make it through the movie. Yay~!!

Akira then asks Juiz for his final favor, to make him the “King”. With that, he spent all his money. Nuuuuuuu~!!! Akira’s gonna have another memory wipe again…


And oh. my. god. That blanked face on Akira just simply states that the process of wiping away his memories was done. T___T.  But before that he put in his phone to Saki. This ends now with how Saki remembers Akira being a Prince to a country without Kings.


Y’all must already be aware that there are two movies coming up. One later this year (The King of Eden) and the part two (Paradise Lost) on the first quarter of 2010. I can’t wait for them!!! Overall it had been a really enjoyable series that’s focusing on the build-up on the movie.

I basically cannot say any “Final Thoughts” at all because duh~ it’s still not over ^^. The last episode is indeed a huge cliffhanger, which will keep us dying on waiting for the flicks to come. It didn’t felt so rushed and forced for me. I just love the charm of the series and hopefully, the movies will show the remaining unseen Selecao too.

I might say that I cannot avoid but to ask a LOT of questions like what the hell happened to the Juiz girl with glasses now? Also, why did Akira wiped off his memories again? Who the hell is that woman with the dog and the umbrella?? And much more questions lol. It’s a shame that the movies is still a long long wait. I hope my interest in this wouldn’t vanish until the movie comes out ^^.

Screenshot gallery is on the next page.


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7 Responses to “Eden of the East: 11 [END] – Save it to the Movies.”

  1. meteorhouse62 says:

    It’s a really great finale. ANd it seriously builds up for the movie. The part where Akira’s destroying the missiles sent chills down to my spine. I call it epic.

    But ugh, why did he have to erase his memories again when Saki’s just near him and she might explain everything to him back again anyway? And if he used all his money, aren’t he going to be killed by the Supporter now? Confusing.. :-_-: ..

  2. Starry says:


  3. Ashelea says:

    Lots of questions indeed and it’s so darn confusing!!! I wonder who that lady with an umbrella is!!! Is she some sort of Akira’s ex-girlfriend or anything??? I can’t wait for the movie!!! :rage:

  4. Hitler880 says:

    That was really disappointing for Akira to have had his memories removed AGAIN. I don’t think there’s a really good reason behind it.

    I appreciated the hint of romance in the series, but I sure would have wished for more development between Saki and Akira’s relationship. It’s alright anyway since 11 episode isn’t enough and the mystery almost ate up everything all the time in the series.

    And is there any sense on why did they kept Pantsu alive?

    I had expected so much so it ended up looking only decent. Oh well, I hope the two movies will wrap up everything well..

  5. lacus says:

    Where is the part Akira wipes away his memories? Why did he wipe away his memories again? :freeze2:

  6. blue_haze says:

    :doomed: WHYYY?!?! :doomed:
    I didn’t get why he wiped his memories again… And what about number 12 now? Last episode they’re in shock about his/her action but wth? So confusing =.=

  7. Selecao_VIII says:

    Everything is really just mysterious since the first episode. Why did Akira is on Washington back then and why is Mononobe watching him there as well? Also, about the guns in his apartment? I hope the two movies will explain everything because I personally find the series very intriguing yet it’s messy..

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