CLAMP Designs Costume for Tekken 6


No, this is not an excuse to post up my (poorly) shoop’d photo of my favorite Tekken shipping~ CLAMP designs a special costume to one of the Tekken fighters! Guess who?


Famous female mangaka group CLAMP designs a special costume for Jin Kazama in the home-only console release of Tekken 6. What do you think of Jin’s special costume? Is it CLAMP-fabulous? XD. I’m not sure about the color white though, but I think that it still looks royal. Also, the Zaibatsu symbol on the cape is GAR~.

Also, that doesn’t end the rain of popular mangakas designing costumes because it’s also supposedly rumored that Lars Alexandersson (one of the new fighters in Bloodline Rebellion) also gets a special costumes designed by the mangaka of Naruto. Ninja sandals and headbands anyone? XD.

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8 Responses to “CLAMP Designs Costume for Tekken 6”

  1. CLAMP and Tekken . . . never thought of the two to be put together if it weren’t for this entry O_O
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..New Flavors: +C: Sword and Cornett =-.

  2. Omisyth says:

    That costume is anything but GAR.
    .-= Omisyth´s last blog ..What’s The Story? Mourning Glory. =-.

  3. Kabitzin says:

    Where are the Jin making out with Devil Jin sketches?
    .-= Kabitzin´s last blog ..Phantom -Requiem for the Phantom- 07-09 =-.

  4. meteorhouse62 says:

    It will look awkward during a fight and it’s too… shoujo-ey :-_-: Still looks good otherwise. I hope all fighters gets an extra costume.

  5. arbb says:

    lulz Jin’s costume is so Code Geass. i wouldn’t be surprised if one of the girls gets Kallen’s costume.

  6. Crystaldaggerz says:

    The good thing about Tekken is that you can wear whatever and it doesn’t get in the way during a fight 😀 Prime example, Xiao’s panda costume. Seriously, in real life, that wouldn’t work, lol

    Personally, I think it’s beautiful and incredibly sexy. As can be expected from CLAMP 😀

  7. gzrock says:

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