07-Ghost: 11 – Frau Doll Anyone?


But I know we all want Frau himself instead XD… Afufufufufu~!!

I’ll be making my episodic fangirlings for this week quite different than usual because I find it easier to do it character-by-character. And I’m really busy with college stuff so as you can see, all I can do is to shallow fangirl stuff, and provide gifs because I know you want ’em too XD.




The star of the show is still not out of his emo closet yet and the bishops are totally noticing it. Because of that, Castor suggested to make a revenge for Teito to the Imperial Army by entering the Bishop exams. When Teito passes the exams, he has a huge chance of getting back to Aya-tan and kicking his butt lol.

So yeah, Teito goes into training. And that’s what makes this episode more off as a training filler one, but it’s still entertaining to watch ^^.




Frau is just simply LOVE in this episode. Besides for being so tsun to Castor, he also shows much much more love to Teito! And thus, this proves more that they’re my fave 07-G OTP :blush2: .


DARN WRY DO FRAU ACTS LIKE AN OLD PRIEST AROUND TEITO?!?!?! Oh… wait, he’s one after all >.>… But what’s up with the patting of the head and “May God Be With You”?!! I WANT MY RABU-RABU good luck kiss!!!!!!!!! *raeg*




Hello everyone and welcome to the anime shopping TV. Product for today is being sold for a limited time. This is the special Frau Ero doll personally designed by Castor and it’s made specially for the Frau fangirls.


To convince you more on buying this horrible product is that it runs reaaally fast, and it can do sexy dancing~ XP.


The only side effect though is that the doll is secretly evil. Recharging isn’t necessary though. But you’ll definitely have fun getting this doll disciplined ^^.




Well since this episode is so full of crack fun, I really gotta give love to the master of crack in this episode: Castor! Lol just from the moment he approached Teito at the start, he is using a crazy weird “too nice” voice XD. Castor is my 3rd favorite character of the series now ^^.


And that doll! Oh my god that doll XD. Frau really has a grudge against on Frau doesn’t he? XD. Castor is made of AWESOME CRACK!!! Haha and he’s HOT as hell though so that makes him a total bishie of wiiin~.




Lmao~ This is my favorite shot of them together XD!!! It’s when Teito was asked to memorize such a huuuge volume of books for only a short time but Frau ranted that his little Teito can’t do that since Frau memorized it for years! Castor then said that he did that because he’s stupid XDDD. Haha lol I love the comedy of these duo XD.


And honestly, I find the two of them the “spice” of this anime. Because I would be already bored to death watching Teito training without these two adding “awesome” to the series ^^.



Who could ever forgot the weekly Burupya gif spam???





Castor only had a small role in this episode, but it’s still important because he convinces Teito emotionally. And I wanna taste those flower teas he’s making! Do they really taste good?




And guess who finally made his appearance at the very end part of this episode??? In before the other fangirls scream xD!


So I’ll say, HAKUREN’S HERE BITCHES!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! *get shot* Lol kidding~. Uh, ok I’ll admit it, I’m not really so crazy over Hakuren but he’s sooo pretty~<3. But one thing that made me love him more is… FUKUJUN!!!!!!!!!!!!111 He’s being voiced by none other than Jun Fukuyama. Oh gawd~ Lol.


Overall, this is yet again another entertaining episode. Studio DEEN failed me to think that this part of the series would get boring since it bored me on the manga, but I ended up loving this ^^. Frau Doll is ridiculously funny so I just can’t take the (unexpected) action so seriously lol. I can’t say the regular “I can’t wait for the next episode!” with fake cheery smile though, because this arc is still bland (I just wanna skip to Capella >.>) imo. But nevertheless, I’m still loving this series ^^.


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8 Responses to “07-Ghost: 11 – Frau Doll Anyone?”

  1. auntiebin says:

    yesh!! Hakuren ish HAWWWWT 😉

  2. faer1edust says:

    Kyaaa :kyaa: Hakuren is finally here :kyaa2: :nosebleeds:
    Lol Castor is really funny in this episode XD. And the Frau doll is awesomely funny 🙂

    And those Burupya gifs!!! I wanna freaking glomp them all!!!!!!! :cute:

  3. Hakuren is so pretty and he SPARKLES . . LOLz

    I love him :love:

    Oh that Frau doll . . .. I need it if I want to go laughing-like-a-maniac mode xD Bwahahahha!!!! :XD:
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..07-Ghost – Episode 11 =-.

  4. mikan-sakura says:

    Lmao that Frau doll is crazy insane :XD: But all thanks to its crazy creator Castor too~.

    And Hakuren!!! *fangirls*

    I feel the same way as you. This arc is… uh I don’t know how to describe it but boring? Yeah for me. I just want to get into the Razette x Castor backstory though and Capella too ^^! :thumb:

  5. bochan says:

    the Frau doll is so funny ~hahahahaha :XD:
    I feel the same way, the story is moving slowly and boring as hell
    I want to see the part when Teito travels to the land of seele with Frau, I want to see capella-chan, learn story between Castor and Razette ahhhhh! I want to see those scenes get animated :aww:

  6. kirapika says:

    Omgee HAKUREN!!!!!!!11one :cheer:

    Anyways, I can’t exactly explain why(let’s just say that Hakuren’s appearance is part of it) but I really like this episode. Or is it actually because of the FrauTeito moments!? :ohohoho:

    Can’t wait for more Hakuren~ ;D
    .-= kirapika´s last blog ..Momo chapter 9: HA! Take that you b*tch! =-.

  7. Shelly says:

    Am I the only one in the world who’s so not overly crazy about Hakuren? He’s so like any other typical vain long-haired bishie… :X:

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