Showdown!: Hana Yori Dango Adaptations Around Asia


Out of all the Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango) adaptations in Asia, each character had been played by different actors/actresses. Now it’s time to decide which one of them is the hottest when it comes on looking and playing the part of their respective character!

Due to Hana Yori Dango’s immense popularity, it has been adapted into three live-action adaptations already: in Taiwan, Japan and Korea. And recently, China will be the next country to adapt Hana Yori Dango.

Now that we get to see each character in their respective versions, it’s time for a Showdown! Let’s all settle which characters are the hottest in terms on how they looked the part. Let’s just see who do you think fits each role so perfectly ^^. We can’t really judge the Meteor Shower from China yet in terms of their acting though, because it’s still on the works… but let’s still include them and base on their looks ^^.

Let’s meet the different F4 first:







Mainland China:


Down below are each Boys Over Flowers character, their Bios (just click “Show Bio” because I hid them to prevent spoilers for some) and me personal pick. After that, you can vote and we’ll see what everyone thinks ^^. Don’t forget to comment as well to show love!

Makino Tsukushi

makinoShow Bio ▼




Mao Inoue (Japanese)!!! To be really honest, I’m soooooo torn apart between her and Barbie Xu, since Barbie Xu really delivered a great San Cai. But overall, I ended up choosing Inoue Mao for she gave a really fresh Makino Tsukushi ^^.

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Which version made the best Makino Tsukushi?

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Tsukasa Domyoji

tsukasaShow Bio ▼




Matsumoto Jun (Japanese)!!!!! Again, I’m torn apart by his Taiwanese counterpart, Jerry Yan, because Jerry Yan totally has the Tsukasa-esque physical features. We can’t deny his obvious hotness, but tbh, his acting was horrible. So I ended up with MatsuJun!!! So yeah, gorgeous and hot as well. Kyaaaa~*gets sidetracked by fangirling*

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Which version made the best Tsukasa Domyoji?

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Rui Hanasawa

ruiShow Bio ▼




Vic Zhou (Taiwanese)!!! Muwahahahaha!!! I really remember those days way back ago when Meteor Garden (Taiwan) was such a local fever. And I’m so in love upon Lei/Rui (Vic Zhou)’s mysterious character. Yep ^^. I really love how Zaizai portrayed an oddball such as Rui and he wins that mysterious/lazy/silent type.

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Sojirou Nishikado

shojiShow Bio ▼




Kim Bum (Korean)!!! Oh my God this is the easiest XP. Ewwie at the Japanese version and the Chinese version btw… And it’s so obvious that Kim Bum wins my Shojirou~ He’s the most gorgeous hands down.

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Akira Mimasaka

largeanimepaperscans_hana-yori-dango_chika071__thisres__148135Show Bio ▼




Kim Joon (Korean)~!!!!!! Hahahaha! As much as I love Vanness Wu, I feel that Kim Joon is a cooler Akira. And OMG  he’s just… Kyaaaa~!!! Yeah, Kim Joon ftw!!!!!!! Btw, eewie again on the Japanese version XD, he looked like Robin Padilla of some sort XD *shudders in fear*.

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Which version made the best Akira Mimasaka?

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Character chart [Credits to K Bites]:


Overall vote:

Which version has the overall hottest characters?

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So that ends our showdown!!! What do you think of the different characters represented by different countries in Boys Over Flowers? Share your thoughts on the actors in the upcoming Chinese Boys Over Flowers ^^.  I also wanna know which version do you think is the best one so far out of the three finished and whom did you voted as well ^^!


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38 Responses to “Showdown!: Hana Yori Dango Adaptations Around Asia”

  1. kirapika says:

    I loved both the Taiwanese and Japanese version but it’s just that the Korean version is way way way better.

    • kirapika says:

      ..lmao continuation 🙂

      I’m not being biased by saying that the Korean version is better because of my love for Kim Bum (lmao xD) but honestly, when I think about it, the Korean version had expanded into various depths and storyline.. I mean look, they even did more for the Yi Jung x Ga Eul pair, right? *ish an avid shipper* :cute:

      As for the characters.. one thing’s for sure – Kim Bum! *fangirls~* ^W^ For Tsukasa, I’m torn between the three already completed versions, they’re all cool and good for me XD. For the heroine, I didn’t like the one in the Korean version so it’s either the Japanese of the Taiwanese version..

      So all in all, I’m betting on the Korean version. :mwahaha:

      kirapika’s last blog post..Weekly Anime: Black & White, Christmas and Angst…?

  2. Whats next? A Philippine version of Hana Yori Dango? Hurr durr.

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Late Impressions

  3. bluemist says:

    When you mentioned Robin Padilla, I suddenly shuddered at the possibility of a… gasp! Filipino version of Hana Yori Dango! Please erase these horrible thoughts!

    I refuse to touch the Korean version yet, and I’m not a girl, but their F4 seems the best group when together. I generally agree with your picks. Mao Inoue is still the best Makino for me. Barbie Xu is too beautiful to portray an semi-ugly duckling.

    bluemist’s last blog post..Hitohira

  4. lolololzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    i think if ever there is a Filipino version of Hana Yori Dango, I will really freak out! ahahaha! It Sucks! hell yeah! Dammit! @_@’

  5. nice says:

    the Chinese version looks odd…

    nice’s last blog post..K-on! – School Festival – 06

  6. Buri-kawaii says:

    No offense to the Chinese version, but I’m “BLEH”-ing at them already. They all look lame. They looked like poor weaklings instead of rich bullies. Sooo low-budgeted total disappointment. :bleh:

    • Steph says:

      The Chinese version is really different…like I actually had to come here to look at profiles because I couldn’t tell who was who. It’s not bad though.

  7. mimayy says:

    The Chinese version looked more like cosplayers than actual actors lol. Just sayin’

  8. faer1edust says:

    Inoue Mao FTW!!! She’s the only I could only think of portraying a feisty beauty ^^. And I prefer Jun Pyo than MatsuJun or Jerry Yan, because he fits the tsun of Tsukasa ^^. I also prefer the Korean version of Rui and Akira as well.

    I’m all the way for the Korean Sojirou (Yi Jung) too since his role was given much more attention with his relationship with Ga Eul than in the other two. Kyaaa~ I love them!!! And I totally appreciate how the Korean version didn’t made their paiing just a subplot ^^.

    So yeah, overall Korean Boys Over Flowers ftw :omg:

  9. fanatic says:

    I hunanimously voted in the Japanese one. Because the original one/manga came from Japan and definitely the Japanese version really knows Hana Yori Dango the most and I think the actors are really nice ^^. I love Matsumoto Jun too <3

  10. issa-sa says:

    What’s interesting to compare would be how each version’s cast supposedly reflects what each country’s youth perceives to be attractive… *Looks at them pictures again* Well, supposedly anyways…

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Watchlist Additions – Sweet Edition

  11. maya-nee says:

    :freeze2: I dont know what to say about that cast but I totally LOL :XD:

    and even if Im a Filipino, Im totally AGAINST on the Philippine ADAPTATION!

  12. Springcharm3 says:

    The Taiwanese f4 look gay (luk at the pic)…
    The Japanese f4 look lame (dudes need haircuts and showers)…
    The Chinese f4 look funny (wth is wid dem)…

    Korean f4 FTW!!! :cheer: They’re all cute :kyaa:

  13. puuriincess says:

    makino tsukushi: i think Inoue Mao from the japanese version was the best since she did the part well and she looks young and fresh. barbie xu looks a bit old for the part, but she still did a great job. 😀 jan di also did a great job in doing the role, but, i don’t think she was the best.
    domyouji tsukasa: i had a hard time deciding from MatsuJun or Lee Min Ho, :huh: i really can’t decide 🙁

    hanazawa rui: Oguri Shun FTW!!! :nosebleeds: :kyaa2: 😳 :blush2: :kyaa: :love: he totally nailed the part and i think Ji Hoo looks a bit girl-ish, no offense. oh, and what’s with rui in the chinese version?! do they plan to ruin the story or something?! :rage:

    nishikado soujirou: i think i’d go for the korean one, he fits the part perfectly. he has the playboy kind of aura, so , hands down, he wins my vote.

    mimasaka akira: okay, i totally thought that the japanese version of akira looked really old. korean akira is my pick.

    over all, i think all of them are great, except for the chinese one 😀 hehe. no offense guys.

  14. Grace says:

    Makino: I go for Inoue Mao because she was cute and fits the role (age and character) well, but I’d say that Jan Di and San Chai gave justice to their roles.
    Domyoji: Lee Min Ho or MatsuJun, but since I’m a MatsuJun fan, I’d vote for Matsumoto Jun!! :kyaa2:
    Hanazawa Rui (my favorite character):No questions asked, OGURI SHUN! :aww: He’s the best among the three versions. Kim Hyung Joon and Vic Zhou were good in their kinda weird/loner character, but Oguri Shun played it best. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a fan of both Lei and Ji Hoon 😉 )
    Sojiro: KIM BUM of course! :kyaa: He’s cute and suave. And man, who wouldn’t fall for that smile!? I also like his love story with Ga Eul. I actually look forward to all their scenes together. So cute!
    Akira:The Japanese Akira was a nice character, but I think he looked a bit old for the role so I’d go for Kim Joon. He’s younger and cuter but he had lesser storyline in the Korean version than the Jap version. Being the peacemaker and the most reasonable F4 member was portrayed well in the Japanese version.

    Overall, I loved all the versions but I’m torn between the Japanese and the Korean versions because the Japanese version had a nice and happy ending, while the Korean version left me a bit hanging and wanting for more! :blush:

  15. herro says:


    perfect combination………. :mwahaha:

  16. Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

  17. minah says:

    hi! sna mg punta kau d2 sa phillipines……! :aww: 😳 :cheer:

  18. Enjoying reading your blog. Hard work always pays off.

  19. Anon says:

    To me, the Korean version was the best because of the best good-looking F4 and the cute Jandi, plus it was entertaining. I think Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun look fantastic with each other! They have a chemistry, whether on-set or off-set, which made the show work.

  20. carol says:

    Japan version was the best.They had the best characters and the story was emotional and also funny.
    Inoue mao was a great Makino, way better than the other 2 actresses. Spunky and lovable, honest and strong when she needed to.
    I prefer Tsukasa too, because he was more versatile than Junpyo or Jerry. He also looked like there´s was no one else for him than Makino and fought for her love.
    Korean version isn´t bad but I still prefer HYD.

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