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In the digest:
– APH Character Single Vol. 4 – UK (Preview)
– Base Ball Bear
– Billboard Charts Ramblings

Hetalia Character Single Vol. 4 – Arthur (England/UK) Preview


ROFLMAO XD!!! Arthur sounds so insanely adorable in the preview of his character single!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so in love with it already and I cannot wait XD. The first song is SO British punk-rock while the next one is total crack! Both songs are soooo lyrically funny!!!! He’s totally drunk for sure XD.

Here are the lyrics’ translations (Source: APH LJ commu)

1st song: Absolutely Invincible British Gentlemen

Manners and tradition. Some wit are nice also.
No pain, no gain! Orders are orders!
I have faith, that’s right.
Paranormal phenomenons, Basby’s chair, prophecies.
Demon of yore, I shall summon you!
Ultimate weapon-Emerge before me!!

2nd song: PUB & GO!

You’ll die if you sit on it, Busby’s chair.
Straight down to hell, busby busby.
Gather, everyone! Unicorns, pixies.
With the panjandrum, let’s go to the battlefield.

Let’s go you guys!!
Ready? Let’s go!

Pub, pub, pub and GO
Fish & Chips
You’ll get it if you have a drink, oh yes you will for sure.

Fairies! Fairies!

I shall proceed-

Abracadabra…I’m going to curse you with all my might!

Just a thing to say…

:kyaa: ♥ARTHUR ISH LOVE!!!♥ :kyaa:

…and funny as hell XD.



*gets back alive*

Extra pic of Arthur with a guitar to sum up the excitement…

Busby Chair, Fish n’ Chips, Prophecies, unicorns and pixies FTW~!!! Soooo HILARIOUS XDDDD!!!!!! Noriaki Sugiyama sure is doing a really good Arthur ^^. Gawd~ Why can’t this and all the character singles get released like tomorrow already? XD.

So ehem, moving on with more of the music digest~


Base Ball Bear – BREEEEZE GIRL


New BBB PV! Well, I’ll totally prefer this one over Kamigami LOOKS YOU song-wise and much much better PV-wise. I’m glad they’re back to awesome PVs again, and OMG Shiori seems to be growing her hair more ^^.

BREEEEZE GIRL single will be released on June 24th.




Above is the PV for MEG’s current album, BEAUTIFUL. It’s overall really cute, and OMG I seriously wanna have one of those MEG Dolls~ And omg the dancing cats are there too ^^. Overall a very dreamy and cute video ^^.



MEG’s latest album named BEAUTIFUL and it was pretty alright ^^. My favorite tracks are, of course, PRECIOUS, then followed by BEAUTIFUL and SKIN. The others songs are just quite an “ok” though, and the three I’ve mentioned are already promotional tracks so I guess that when I’m listening to the album, the videos always goes back to my mind, especially to the ever-frantic SKIN. BEAUTIFUL is a really nice way to end the album though, and I can somewhat describe it as a “techno lullaby” for some odd reason it’s so sweet and dreamy ^^. Other notable tracks are LIES, JOKER and the ballad STAR.



Billboard Charts Ramblings:

– Youtube singing sensation and a proud co-Filipina Charice enters the charts in the 44th spot with Note to God. Go Charice!

– KRIS ALLEN at #37 and #16 AND his “No Boundaries” is on #11!!!!!!!! GO KRIS!!!!! <3 …Adam Lambert is also at #19 ^^.

– Same top 3 again (Blame It and Pokerface as runner-ups) -__-… Black Eyed Peas are STILL on #1 with Boom Boom Pow -__-. It’s really getting boring…


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13 Responses to “Music Digest: ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!”

  1. Omg, I love Arthur’s singles already!! It’s so frikkin’ awesome! We just need scones to be somewhere in there and it’ll be complete. The lyrics are hilarious, I think he is drunk. O_o But yesh!! Arthur ish LOVE! (And omg, those two pics of him are hawtt)

    The BREEEEZE GIRL PV made me lol. xD But the song is nice. ^_^

    This was the first time I’ve heard of Meg, but gosh I love that song. It’s so catchy. xD I’ve gotta hear more of her songs. The PV was super cute with all the animals and stuff.

    Charice has grown so much. ^_^ I love her new single, so yay for it for the single being on the charts! 😀

    Kris is actually ahead of Adam, wow. I like both of them, so go Kris!!! *Goes to listen to No Boundaries*

    blossomgirl101’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 84

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol we definitely need scones in there XD. And Arthur is totally drunk, in which he gets more awesome and hilarious when he’s like that XD.

      And for MEG, you might wanna check out this PV of hers, which is soooo cute!!! (My fave PV from here~)

  2. SageQRtet says:

    New BBB PV! :omg: Definitly better then Kamigami LOOKS YOU. Can’t wait for single. :kyaa:
    MEG’s album is really good. Liked almost every song. But Perfume imo is better :ohohoho:

  3. LilaChan says:

    When I first heard Arthur’s chara single preview, my brain was scream, ‘BRITISH! SO BRITISH, IT SOUNDS LIKE SONGS I HEARD ON TOPS OF THE POPS 10 YEARS AGO SPECIAL WHEN I STILL WATCHED TOPS OF THE TOPS 10 YEARS AGO’. Thumps up to the song writers for making Absolutely Invincible British Gentlemen sound so 80’s British music.

    LOL AT PUB AND GO…I can’t stop laughing at the lyrics. My parents used to own a fish and chips shop…a pub was opposide of our shop too. This song is just plain classic. I really wonder whether the vocals are good or not. From a LQ version, it sounds quite good.

    Seeing the translation…this chara single is telling me to buy it. The only place that stocks this is CDjapan, and the shipping looks…bleh…and any VAT those evil british customs would make me pay…


    • kanzeon says:

      OMG yesh!!! They are such geniuses that they really include actual real musical references to their respective nations :D!!

      Yeah, both songs are so win and hilarious ^^. For sure the full songs will be totally awesome ^_____^

  4. when I saw the title, almost wondered if there’s a new code geass cd xD LOLz

    Arthur . . .



    and those fanarts of him . . . :kyaa2:

    Sapphire Pyro’s last blog post..Pandora Hearts – Episode 9

  5. faer1edust says:

    Arthur is just reeking of AWESOME XD. And he’s totally drunk for sure when he’s singing these songs XD. Lol PUB & GO! XDDD I really can’t wait~ Kyaaa :kyaa:

    OMG MEG!!!!!!!!!! I love the PV!!! It’s so cute~ But PRECIOUS still remains my fave PV of her ^^. I wonder why there’s no FREAK in there though.

    • kanzeon says:

      Yay~ PRECIOUS is also my fave PV from her ^^.

      There’s the Yasutaka Nakata remix of FREAK in the special edition though ^^.

  6. Yeah. It does gets boring whenever a song is on number one on a looong time.

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..Thingle’s Spring Mid-Season Review

  7. Yoshi says:

    England! :love:

  8. baka_dark says:

    Hey do you still have this song? I cant listen to it and I really want to hear it! Please email me if you do.

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