Eden of the East: 07 – MissUnderstood


Queen of Fierce, flying out~


Akira’s really nice. Even though he doesn’t know who the hell is Ousugi, he still goes out to find him just for his friends and his beloved Saki 😉 . Go Akira~ And anyway, the Eden of the East group are just so cute when just fluffed down together. Saki just seems the most normal one out of them lol XD.


A very awesome part in this episode is like, the “showdown” or “duel” or whatever by Selecaos IX and XI (lol noticed their Roman Numbers? XDD). It’s really cool and entertaining on how they strategize. It’s like watching Tom and Jerry chasing each other. Plus, all thanks to the Selecao activity being displayed in their phones, this wouldn’t be possible. In the end though, it was the fierce Shiratori who outsmarted Akira as she made a truck accident for Akira to lose track of her. Lol at Akira’s face before the accident though, so cute :blush:


What the hell is that phone number? Is that Akira’s contact number??? Oooh WANT~~!!!


Shiratori finally arrives at her hotel room to continue her “business” with the guy. And I really love the dominatrix thing going on with her, so fierce~ But just as about she’s going to slice off his Johnny, Akira finally came into the scene to rescue “Ousugi”. OMG Selecao to Selecao face-off! :omg:


Lmao~ Juiz is love :love: . She’s the most awesome face-less female voice to be invented in anime so far I know. I lol so much on how she’s so sarcastic on talking side-comments XD. Gawd~ And her voice really is hot, must admit that too XP.


:freeze2: W-Wait… Akira’s the one behind Careless Monday?! I hope not though, since I feel he’s just being misjudged, maybe Akira’s probably the one who’s up to save the NEETs right? Another thing, Shiratori thinks that Akira’s the Supporter as well? :ehh: If ever Akira will be the Supporter, that would be a thing of the past since he erased his memories already, but argh~ It’s getting too confusing DX!!!


Btw, did I mentioned how much I LOVE Shiratori’s phone? It’s glamour white! Plus I love her screen motif as well!!! PURPLE~<33!!! I want that phone now! :omg:


Shiratori is misunderstood people! She’s doing all the Johnny-cutting to evil men only. Most specifically rapists. I’m so a feminist, so Shiratori gets awesome points for me. It’s real but sad though when she said that she doesn’t mind to get killed by the Supporter since even though she’s fulfilling her duties as a Messiah, she’s only a Messiah to half of the world (women). Aww Shiratori!!! You’re the Messiah of FIERCE-ness in this show!!! Continue killing off baddies. Now I also understand why Juiz likes her as well ^^.

Shiratori also seemed to have a dark past with “Johnny”, since she admitted that she hated them. Maybe she’s a tranny XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111. Maybe she got raped or anything that horrible to have a grudge like that. Creepy people with a reason, just how I like villains.. err since she isn’t a real villain, I’ll call her a fierce femme fatale instead XD.


OMG meanwhile, I’m also cheering for Saki!!! OMG SAKI FINALLY GETS USEFUL XD!!! GO SAKI AND FIND YOUR PRINCE!!! :cheer: I know I love Shiratori for being all fierce but I’m soooo not into her with Akira! Go Saki and stop them….


Before it’s…


too late..


:heh: Nyah, there’s no kiss though so we can all stop the egg-throwing at this picture above XD. Akira fainted and it’s so nice of Shiratori to cure his wounds after.


So yeah, Saki runs and runs while hearing the entire conversation between Akira and Shiratori since his phone was left on. Saki finally arrived at Shiratori’s hotel room and witnesses Akira unconscious lying in the bed of Shiratori-san!!! Dude better have some explanations later to Saki XD…


But anyway, Shiratori seems nice though and she doesn’t seem to harbor romantic feelings towards Akira as well because if she does, she would have considered Saki a love rival and kill her right? *phew* So yeah, and after some talkings, Shiratori makes her fiercely FIERCE Exit~


:sweat: DUN DUN DUN DUUUNN!!!!! :sweat:


BITCH HAS WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And black wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Black is soooo cool and evil-wicked-awesome!!!!!! White is so not~ XD. OMG Shiratori sure knows how to out think everyone so damn well, (because she’s only using her phone ^^). But girl, you really don’t mind that you’re still in your lingerie? XD


Shiratori also reveals that the guy she’s holding isn’t their friend Ousugi too! Shockers~!!!


But wait, if this guy isn’t Ousugi, then why does he have his bag? And most importantly, where the hell is Ousugi now??? This guy might have stolen his bag though, but none of us were sure yet on where Ousugi is…


This is like, the nth time Akira’s butt had been exposed in this series.. And we’re still on the seventh episode people, plus there’s also a film soon XD.


Kuroha Diana Shiratori: Certified QUEEN OF FIERCE this season.


And Shiratori finally exits in such a very awesome way (now she’s probably in the helicopter, if you saw it outside the hotel). Bye bye Shiratori~ Continue your duty being a Johnny-cutting Messiah!


And her fierce exit is just a illusion rental XDD Hehe, I wonder how’s THAT still possible XDD. That’s just sooo awesome. But well, 6 billion plus really can make good special effects already in an instant XP lol. But still, OMG at Shiratori for being so grand on spending so much money for an exit XD.

Overall, this is probably the best episode of this series so far IMO. Well, ALL episodes so far are really good though ^^. I really love the duel part and most especially the revelation of Shiratori being all misunderstood all along and explaining her reason. And most of all, the last part. Everything’s almost possible when you really have a Selecao phone XP.

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7 Responses to “Eden of the East: 07 – MissUnderstood”

  1. Hotaru says:

    My thoughts were that the man might actually be Ohsugi and the “Illusion Rental” stuff she bought made his face look like someone else.
    Also, the phone number on the screen said “Juiz Kooru” so is it her phone number? Probably…

    Hotaru’s last blog post..A Spy Mission for…Cake! – Buono!’s MY BOY Review

    • kanzeon says:

      You got a pretty good point there ^^. But the necktie Ousugi wore was red, and the “Ousugi” here has black. Still confusing -__-.

      Lol I also want Juiz’s number and I’ll contact her because me wants a Selecao phone too XD lol.

  2. namaenai says:

    Hey there i really like your comments keep up the goodwork.
    See you next week 🙂

  3. @ Hotaru

    My thoughts exactly. :ehh:

    (I really just wanted to use one of those things, and this one looks the coolest)

    Glo the Legend’s last blog post..Torrent Question

  4. issa-sa says:

    So I guess we already know who’s hosting the next cycle of AnimeNTM…

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Watchlist Additions – Sweet Edition

  5. johnny says:

    arrh let she take me

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