07-Ghost: 08 – Evil is Hot~


Finally! Out of filler hell! *plays dramatic organ music*


OMGz the time has come T___T!!! Mikage’s mind finally gets slowly devoured in control by Aya-tan. And severals scenes in this episode is accompanied by overly-dramatic piano sounds with Razette! So awesum~


It’s really sad to see these two bromantic characters finally get torn apart T ^T. Sad, but this is ironically my favorite part that I’m awaiting for in the series lol. (I wanna get BAW’d).


FREAKY O__O! Mikage struggles so much and it’s really painful to watch (and hear Daisuke Namikawa being all hurt and emo after Hetalia’s Italy XD). Nuuuu~ Mikageee T___T!!!


In his mind, Mikage probably had already been splitted into two polar opposites. The good and the evil (obviously), and guess who’s fault why he’s suffering?


AYA-TAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 😡 :rage:

Argh *throws tomatoes on him*, oops tomatoes won’t hurt much… *throws apples instead*~~~ Argh! He’s so evil! Poor Mikageee~ T___T. BAD AYA-TAN!!! T^T


Lol anyway, who would have thought that Frau’s the only one who can pull off a sexy smirk? Evil!Mikage shows his smirk as well 8DD.. So which smirk would you prefer?~ XD Lol that would be a hard one huh?! XD But I’m all for FRAU!!! *melts*


OMG nooooooooooo~~ Why are these two fighting?! Teito, stop his ebil-ness >__<!!! Being hot and all isn’t an excuse to suddenly be evil already, Mikage! XD.


OMG Mikage had just been 85% hotter when he’s evil and emo :nosebleeds:


NOOOOO!!! 😥 Teito-kuuuun~!!!!11 For now we can officially say that the Nice Mikage is really gone >_<. Geez, be gentle on Teito, he’s so small and fragile!!! T_T Mikage’s stepping at him T___T.. Nuu~~~ *hides in an emo closet*


*gets out of the emo closet once I saw Evil!Mikage making smex face~*


And of course, there’s some flashbacks to add some dorama~


T.T 😥 :huhu:


😡 Argh! Damn why are you so mean to Teito??? T___T Did he stole your underwear? He’ll return it to you, so put him down!!!!


It’s funny how one scene can make me scream “YAOI NOW!!!!!!” Mikage’s soooo smexy when he’s evil~


Speaking of smexy semes~ ZEHEL!!!!…err I mean Frau!!!!!!!!!!! Kyaaa~~~ :blush2:  I’m so glad he’s taking the form of a Ghost now!!! He looks more kickass with his scythe, but I still prefer his human form though, lol.


Lol Frau is still a chick magnet even though he’s on the form of Zehel XD. Look at those angels! Argh stop being flirts and go back to work, b*tches! DX. Lol… Frauuu~~~<33!!!!!!!!!! :kyaa:


One thing to say: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it when Aya-tan and Mikage are shown together in one screen DX!!!! Nuuuu~!!!


Teito was pushed by Mikage down the waters while they’re fighting and Teito suddenly wakes up in an illusion. He meets the young Teito to his current one, and when he continues, he witnesses a statue of himself being sealed. That statue suddenly collapsed, which means Teito finally awakens in his true power ^^.


Awesome screencap is awesome.


AND OMG the Eye of Mikhail finally fully awakens in the hand of Teito!!!!! OMG I love the shininess XD!!!


SQUEEEEEEE!!! :omg: OMGOMGOMG MIKHAIL!!! :kyaa: *glomps* OMG I love his blood-red eyes!!! Kyaaa!!! I can’t wait for the next episode~!!!

Ohohoho~ we’re finally out of fller hell and 07-GHOST finally shoves up conflict and tension right up to our faces. What I felt though is that maybe to the others that haven’t read the manga yet, will also see this one coming as well. So Mikage turning evil isn’t much of a surprise though (I just overreacted to have more stuff to talk about, lol). But still, I enjoyed it, and I can say that this series is getting good. Definitely a stand out from all those “Meh”s in the last few episodes of filler.


Next Episode:

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Screenshot Gallery on the next page~


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13 Responses to “07-Ghost: 08 – Evil is Hot~”

  1. faer1edust says:

    You’re sure damn right that Evil is really hot~ But nooo I feel sad for Teito and Mikage both of them for having that fate T__T. Aya-tan is evil. I’m glad that we’re finally approaching this part because I can’t wait to see Hakuren ^__^.

  2. kirapika says:

    I haven’t watched this yet but I’ve downloaded it already.

    All I can say from reading your post is:

    Nooooooooooo~ Mikage! *shows dramatic faint* T.T

    So which smirk would you prefer?~ XD Lol that would be a hard one huh?! XD

    Evil Mikage may have gone ultra smexier in this episode but no one can beat Frau’s super smexy smirk. >w<

    God, because of this I’m hating Aya-tan even more! Arghh Aya-tan!! 😡

    kirapika’s last blog post..Otomen Gets a Live-Action Adaptation!

  3. mikan-sakura says:

    Evil!Mikage is indeed hot… But he hurts Teito T.T

    Oh dear I’m loving where this adaptation is definitely going but I agree with you that even those who doesn’t read the manga will still find this coming and predictable. But heck, I still love this series ^^. And omg Zehel! I can’t wait for him to beat the crap out of the evil guys XD.

    And OF COURSE I prefer smexilicious FRAU SMIRK over than Evil!Mikage smirk any day of the year, girl!! No pun intended.

    I just realized that seeing this ep, I missed Aya-tan’s subordinates lol, especially Hyuuga >__<. I want more screentime from them :kyaa:

    I love Mikhail!!! *glomps Mikhail* and nice to finally see him and his red eyes get animated. Kyaa~!! :blush2:

    I also can’t wait for the next episode. Lol I can’t believe that this hadn’t been in the half already but a lot had happened in this episode. That was one of the longest 20 minutes I had ever experienced lol.

  4. thistle says:

    I can’t wait to see more of Mikhail next episode~ :kyaa2: :nosebleeds: :blush2:

  5. Summary of thoughts in the episode:

    Evil!Mikage = :kyaa:

    Mikhail = :kyaa2:

    Oh I love this episode :oha:

    Sapphire Pyro’s last blog post..The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 – Episode 01

  6. Teito_is_Love says:

    😥 Why does this part has to come so early?????

    Well I really love this episode and this is IMO, the best episode so far. I love how they showed more of Mikage struggling to control himself. And I cried so much when he wants Teito to keep away from him because he love him~ :huhu: Oh bromance is just so strong lol.

    I’m absolutely enjoying this and I also can’t wait for Mikhail and Brupya and the epic bawfest next wekk. Oh I think I’m gonna cry a lots. :-_-:

  7. BOCHAN says:

    I still prefer the perverted bishop’s super smexy smirk more than the evil mikage! :oha:

    Aya-tan is so cruel!!!! :dun:

    Zehel 😉 he looks freakin cool :^_^:
    and I laughed so hard when I saw him was being teased by those female ghosts :mwahaha:

  8. Xiao says:

    YES! No more fillers! *didn’t watch the past few episodes cuz of that* I don’t get why they put in fillers cuz there’s a lot of content that still needs to be covered. I mean, what chapters does this episode cover? …Oh well.

    But argh, I’m so torn with being excited AND in pain for this part. MIKAGE~!!!!!!!!!! NUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! Just when you told Teito you loved him! *BAWS like the world has never known* 😥 😥 😥

    …even though I am supah :kyaa: :kyaa2: for evil, smexy smirkin’ Mikage. And I would buy that excuse for turning evil anyday…ok, maybe not if you’re threatening to kill his soul but…yea. xDDDD;;;

    Stupid Aya-tan. *throws more rotten apples at him* Just because he’s a sadistic bastard for boy fugitives, how dare he use Mikage against Teito?! How dare he?! :rage:

    And ZOMG, ZEHEL equals Frau only wearing a black sheet *SHOT* XD;! I’ve been waiting for him for like forever. So happy to finally see him. :aww: Now I want some hawt kickass scythe action!

    AND MIKHAIL!!! WAAAAAH! MIKHAIL! :omg: He likes little pretty shounen, too~ Need next episode. For more awesome Mikhail pwnage and Frau andand…yes, more angst. T.T
    & Burupya is so cyuuute! x333 Is it just me or did he look more pink in the manga? o.O;

  9. Auntie Heng says:

    *bows in the presence of tasty drop-dead gorgeously evil-highness*
    :nosebleeds: :nosebleeds: :nosebleeds: :nosebleeds:

    i can totally gobble up the evil mikage!!!

    *ish in love* :kyaa2:

  10. kajin-chan14 says:

    This episode is just made of complete insane AWESOME!!! I’m glad that we’re so out of filler hell now, and we’re into real conflict just like what we wanted in this series.

    So which smirk would you prefer?~ XD Lol that would be a hard one huh?!

    ~ Still, Frau/Zehel wins the smexiest smirk contest. Mikage’s never close to that, no offense to him =P.

    And Mikhail looks so awesome and I’m glad we finally get to see him animated. His eyes are my favorite part of him because he just looks way more badass than Teito obviously. OMG I’m so gonna fangurl him~

    Thanks for the post and the screencaps ^___^. Great episode overall.

  11. Sha2heart says:

    Ugh Aya-tan is so evil!!!!!!!!!!! :rage: He deserves a spanking lol. I totally cried on how Mikage wants to keep Teito away and when he said that he loves him!!!!!
    Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Next episode will be T______________T
    :huhu: :huhu: :huhu:

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