07-Ghost: 05 – Temptation!!


Frau’s p0rn mag tells ’em all.


*puts up a silly excuse just to post up two of my favorite Aya-tan subordinates here*


I really like this nun for being so strong lol XD. I remember she’s also the one who carried a bed on a past episode XD.


OMG RAZETTE!!!!~~~ <33!!!

She’s still freaking cute as always forever!!!!!11 She doesn’t really talk but when she makes sounds (or whatever it’s really called -__-) sounds so cute ^^. Awww so MOE!!! Razette can’t really look worse because she looks so perfect~


I know Frau’s hot and Razette’s cute but the outcome is unexpected -_-


ROFLMAO. I’m speechless.


Speaking of Frau, he can be a spokesperson for Playboy or some other Men’s mag out there XD.

And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for:


KYAAAAAAAAAAA~!!! OMG I’m so glad that they reunited with each other T__T I’m crying tears of happiness right now T__T~~~ Lol though that when I always hear a happy Mikage, it feels like it’s Feliciano (N. Italy) talking XP (same VA ftw~).




But good thing that Frau and Mikage gets along~!!! Now they can have a threesome together XP (Argh dirty fangirl thoughts get away!) It’s nice to see my two favorite characters in this series together and they even have the same interest ^^. YAY!!!


FRAUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~<33 I don’t mind going to hell if it’s youu~!!!

*melts into boiling fangirl lava*


Uhh.. yeah. Do I have to mention Hell?


It’s so funny how Teito is sooo tsun-tsun when it comes to Frau, especially when he and Mikage are talking about him XD!!!


And now here’s the enemy: BAAAD ANIMATION-MAN. But seriously, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS THING?


So yeah, Teito chases him here and there, sparkles flying everywhere~


Until FU-RAU~ seals the deal. Frau pwns so much, he’s soooo freaking cool. OMG of course he’s always there when Teito’s in trouble! Hahahahaha!!!


The way he descends to the ground is awesomesauce!!! He’s like a God of hawtness descending from the sky~


And I’ll leave you a picture from Teito and Mikage’s bed scene 😉


This episode had followed the manga a bit ^^. When I read the manga and stumbled upon this part, I was surprised as well, because there are some things that needs to be explained. Now I quite get it (I guess?) XD. I wonder when will this arc end though. So yeah, anyway so far, I’ve got no complaints, and it’s nice to see Mikage baaaacckkk~!!!!!

Screencaps are on the next page~

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17 Responses to “07-Ghost: 05 – Temptation!!”

  1. kirapika says:

    Frau is a bad bad smexy bishop, truly! :XD: *melts at smile/smirk/whatever* lmao. Still..
    Tempting my Mikage!? =3= *snuggles Mikage*

    “I know Frau’s hot and Razette’s cute but the outcome is unexpected -_-”

    My thoughts exactly when I watched the episode. It just looks weird in a way or another.. unexplainable! XP

    kirapika’s last blog post..Weekly Manga – “A Marriage Interview!?”

  2. mikan-sakura says:

    KYAAH! I’m so glad to see Mikage and Teito together again~!!! And Mikage’s smile is missed so badly by mee >.<!!! Haa~ his smile/laugh is just angelic. But nothing of course compares to Frau’s deviously smexy smirk XD!

    Oh God, the fight scene in this episode is… MEHHH :bleh: I love the sparkles though XD. Lol it’s so gay XD…

    He’s like a God of hawtness descending from the sky~

    ~~~ INDEED.
    Not only that, but Frau’s also a God of pron mags as well XD.

    P.S. – Taking your quote from the second ep. We really get to know who’s straight, bisexual or not, judging by pron mags XDD. (Teito is… uhh, you tell XP)

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah!!! OMG I totally missed Mikage’s smile ^__^. Haah, his smile is heavenly while Frau’s smirk is deviously sexy XD.

      P.S. – Yeah XD Hahaha probably Mikage’s bi XD

  3. faer1edust says:

    :blush2: Frau is still as awesome as evurr~ :blush2:

    And I was expecting more on the scene where Teito sees Mikage again because you know, “most important stuff always happens at the end of each episode”-thing (or just simply cliffhangers) always happens in anime.

    But anyway, I think they’ll end this arc in a couple of episodes, unless they did a “monster-of-the-week” thing in this adaptation, which I hope NOT to happen T_T.

    Yeah~ And Razet is soooo cute!!! Thanks for the post and the screencaps again~

    • kanzeon says:

      Ahh yeah, the anime totally lack execution in the emotion departments as well -_-

      OMG that is what I’m afraid of.

  4. Auntie Heng says:

    i didnt read the manga so…

    is there any motive for Mikage’s appearance here??


    • kanzeon says:

      Aya-tan and Hyuuga-tan set him free to see Teito again ^^. Though I won’t say anything beyond that because it can really get spoilerous ^^.

  5. Ashelea says:

    FRAUUUU!!! You sick, perverted bishop!! How dare you influence Mikage with your… your… hobbies! Kidding XD. Lol at Mikage. Looks like it’s his first time seeing one XD!!! Ugh, the more I’m seeing Frau pwning every single minute in this show, the more I wanna give my unclean soul to him xDD

  6. iixia says:

    :kyaa: Lol Frau is really perverted :nosebleeds: :blush2:

  7. ShiryuKaren says:

    Lol how I also love watching Frau and Mikage together ^^. Both of them are my tied favorite characters of the series 😀

  8. maya-nee says:

    Mikage and Teito reunited! :kyaa2:

    Now I’m starting to be a fangirl :nosebleeds:

  9. cinderbird says:

    :cute: Kyaa~ I can’t help but to melt and drool over Frau~
    Teito is cute, Mikage’s nice… but Frau’s just… *faints*
    I can’t wait for the next episode!!!

  10. Vaeltaja says:

    Wow, I didn’t see from the episode that that guy was badly animated in some parts XD
    And it’s great to see Mikage and Teito reunited! <3 I like them together so much 😀 <3

    By the way, I really like these… Things you post about episodes and singles and such. They’re fun to read and it’s nice to see and hear new (to me) and different artists. 8) So thankies 😀

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