Tsui’s Favorite Anime OPs: pt.3


Part 3 of my favorite OPs list. Where animation studios get involved… and Bleach too.

10: Bonen no Xamdou – “SHUT UP AND EXPLODE”


Such an awesome song title for an awesome anime like Xam’d. It’s energy-filled, and the electronic guitars adds hype. The uptempo works as well. SO overall, Bonen no Xamdou gets the 10th spot.

09: Last Exile – “Cloud Age Symphony”


Wow, a GONZO anime in my list?! Yeah, perhaps. I really like this one because of the anime. Gigantic air ships, chivalry, old war tactics, everything was just awesome. The camera angles and viewpoints used are really cool too. Oh and for a random note, the “garlic sauce” part (it’s actually “hikari ga sasu”? but it really sounds like garlic sauce lol.) is funny.

08: Bleach OP3 – “Ichirin no Hana”


This is still remains as my favorite Bleach OP in my own opinion. The sequence tells much about the characters, and I gguess it’s a really good way to start off a show. Other than that, the song is freaking cool. I love how it turns to metal at the end.

07: Eureka Seven OP4 – “sakura”


Epic anime needs epic OP. And “sakura” being the fourth and final Eureka Seven OP, it sets the bar very high as the show starts. Everything is plain perfection. The Amazing Grace from the start, and how it turns iinto a catchy J-Pop-ish song. The animation was also nothing to complain about *coughs*BONES*coughs*.

06 [TIE]:ef ~a tale of memories OP – “euphoric field”


ef ~a tale of melodies OP – “ebullient future”


Hahaha! A tie for this round! I find it really hard to decide which ef OP was better. I guess it’s all up to you. Euphoric Field and Ebullient Future are both amazing, in terms of animation and art style, thanks to SHAFT’s attempts to artistically exagerrate the show (which is I think, is good). And Elisa has powerful vocals as well. So these two both are great OPs.



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