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Lol yes, very scary title isn’t it? When you saw an album entitled I KILL MY HEART, probably what comes into your mind are emo-juicing bands, but don’t worry because this one can be quite near that XD (and that’s a bad thing, I ain’t laughing…). So anyway, here goes my track-to-track album commentary review~

1.) Wait For Me There is the first promotional track of the album, and it’s typical heavenly6, dark and gloomy rock. The chorus doesn’t really helped at all since she sung it in a lower register. It would sound better if she used her higher register to add more life to it. The PV is… not her best PV though, but there’s a February6 version of it. There’s not much difference in the PV and the song except that she wears glasses. Lol at the drags though XDDD.

Wait For Me There PV [heavenly6 Version]


Wait For Me There PV [february 6 Version]


2.) The next promotional track is Leaving You, which is more emo which I really find unoriginal and boring. I really know she could do better. It also has a PV and it’s the same with “Wait For Me There”, cemetery and drags XD. There’s also a February6 version but yet again, there’s no difference except for the glasses.

Leaving You PV [heavenly6 Version]


Leaving You PV [february6 Version]


3.) Do You Know My Heart is a pretty cool track, compared to the first two. It’s because of it’s lighter mood. It’s also nice to listen at because it’s cute and upbeat.

4.) My favorite track on the album is Sad End To A Fairy Tale because unlike the others, it is pretty rad and interesting.It’s calm at the verses but it gets loud and crazy in the chorus. The way the guitar and drums play really adds to its cool factor as well ^^.

5.) Shut Up is also a pretty crazy track, and I like it too. It’s really energetic, lively, and gives light to this dark album by Tommy’s coolness.

6.) Oh my God don’t let me get started on this one. Flower Crown is such a pretty cute title for a song but the song sucks. Sorry but it’s just… 4 minutes of suffering.

7.) Tommy pulled off a pretty fine song with Surely. It’s kinda laid-back but catchy. And it can be pretty much an emo type of music but I still find this alright. Nothing outstanding, just fine.

8.) Lol! I love this one. It’s pretty crazy especially the chorus part where she says the Engrish “I’m Gonna Change My Way Of Life~” XDD It’s so fun and sassy. Sad fact though is that this song is so short, only at two minutes and forty seconds.

9.) Then next is Playground. Why do the better tracks keep playing almost at the end part? I love this one, but again, it’s so damn short. Only two minutes and thirty seconds plus. I love the playful lyrics. It’s catchy and cool. Good thing that the latter tracks are becoming less boring. My only problem is her monotonous voice.

10.) Then next up the album is Things I Can Do. I like this one too for being upbeat, but I have an itch with it that I can’t pinpoint what or where.

11.) The albums closes with You Should Live In The Sunny Light. It’s really melancholic (but wtf she keeps saying Candy Pink again?!). I must say that it’s pretty good for a Tommy ballad. Overall, the album closes really well.


To sum it all up, I don’t want to be cruel but this is Tomoko Kawase’s worst album up-to-date. It’s disappointing, indulgent boring. Almost everything sounded like she got the idea of her previous singles, and it just bored the hell out of me. Some tracks are hopeful though, but it’s still not in par up to her other singles. If PAPERMOON and Unlimited Sky was in there, it would have been a better album for sure (but sad that it’s only in the Best Of album). Tommy can do better than these.

You can download the album below:

>>Download Here<<

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4 Responses to “Tommy Heavenly6 – I KILL MY HEART”

  1. Its like all her PVs are the same. Amirite?

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..New Author At Yoroshiku!?

  2. Jpop fan says:

    I didn’t care much for the PV’s (too much of the gay band and not enough Tommy!) but I enjoyed her 3rd album “I Kill My Heart” except for tracks 6&7, which I’m going to replace with “Paper Moon” and “Unlimited Skye” from the Greatest Hits. Its definitely not as good as her first Tommy Heavenly album which is a classic! If you take out the classic singles from the 2nd album (Pray, I’m Gonna Scream, Lollipop Bad Girl) its almost as good. I think Kanzeon was very harsh when he said “this is Tomoko Kawase’s worst album up-to-date” – I hope he wasn’t referring to the Brilliant Green albums (I am not a fan of Brilliant Green)! THis may be the weakest of the 2 TOmmy February and 3 Tommy Heavenly but its not that bad!

  3. batspkie says:

    For an artist, there will be a time when one of their albums will be called their ‘worst’ and I agree with this post. This is by far not the best album of Tommy. Though it may not be the best among what she previously had, but it’s still worth listening to and checking out. But still, Tomoko Kawase could do so much better than this.

  4. Jpop fan revisits Tommy Heavenly's 3rd album says:

    After several listenings, I was severely let down by TOmmy Heavenly’s 3rd album! Now I know why the album is called “I Kill my Heart”!! Here is my final analysis of this album:
    Gone are the Goth elements!
    Gone are the guitar solo’s!
    Gone are the interesting parts and contrasts!
    GOne is the excellent songwriting and producing!
    The only song worth repeated plays is the first song which has a very cool middle part, and even that song was messed up – why wasn’t that middle part repeated? plus a guitar solo would have helped…
    Incidentally, I listened to TOmmy Heavenly’s 2nd album “Heaven Starry Chain” (2007) and that was an excellent album, much better than I thought! Tommy succeeded with 2 excellent sophmore albums for her Tommy February and Heavenly projects but seems to be stifled creatively at this point

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