Phantom Requiem: OP Single – KARMA by KOKIA


Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ in my opinion, definitely has one of the best OP for this season, thanks to KARMA by KOKIA. This dark, gothic track will definitely send chills down to your spine. Everything works out so perfectly from the vocal layering to its dramatic melody. It may not be the type that you’ll regularly listen to for others, but it’s still amazing on how it’s well-put together. I guess that BeeTrain had also combined a creative style in amination that fits it so much with the song too, which really made the OP of it stands out among others.

The other track, Insonnia, is less intense though, but it was really likable and that means it’s good. One thing to describe this one probably is that it is ethereal. It feels so peaceful and like a lullaby being sung to you. Another great track. Overall, this single is awesome. I’ll give it an ‘A’

Download link below the cut.



1. Karma

2. Insonnia

3.. Karma [instrumental]

4. Insonnia [instrumental]

>>Download here<<

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7 Responses to “Phantom Requiem: OP Single – KARMA by KOKIA”

  1. hashi says:

    I haven’t decided which is the “best” OP of the season yet, but Kokia’s is definitely outstanding, as you say. “Dark, chilling, layered, dramatic” — and just plain beautiful. Thanks for the post. :cheer:

    hashi’s last blog post..Eden of the East — episode 3 preview description

  2. Minnie says:

    I agree with you that Phantom has one of the best OP’s this season. I won’t call it the best but it is probably in my top 5. You should check out our OP/ED post when it comes out Kanzeon! :blush:

    Minnie’s last blog post..SoraKake Episode 15: It’s Sasuke Uchiha All Over Again…

  3. ShiryuKaren says:

    I also like this OP ^^ This is definitely a mile better than the other OPs this Spring season ^^. Thanks for the DL link~

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