Final Fantasy Versus 13: Leaked Cut Scene [w/ Translations]



4/16 = Now added with translations below the cut.

4/19 = Vid not working anymore due to a copyright claim T__T. You can go here instead but it’s only recorded and has low quality (credits to AndyCheng)


Stella: Mr. Noctis, you’re looking at that light, aren’t you?
I am too.
This was the light that we saw from the bottom of the staircase.
Noctis: That’s right. When did you start seeing it?
Stella: Since I was a child.
Noctis: I guess that means you’re dying.
Stella: Yes. Are you also dying?

Noctis: My bad.
Stella: The Goddess Etro greets the souls of the deceased and opens the door to the afterlife.
When that door opens, the released souls burst out in a streak of light that ascends to heaven.
However, very few people are able to see that light.
Those who can see the light are given power from the Kingdom of the Dead.
At least, that’s the Teneprae legend.

Noctis: It’s the same here.
Stella: Mr. Noctis, have you been entrusted with that power?
Noctis: Nope, I don’t need it.
It’s just not my style.
Stella: I see.
Even though it’s an amazing power, but you need to sacrifice someone to get it.
Doing that would give you nightmares.
Noctis: Doesn’t matter, it’s just a silly fairy tale.
Still, it’d be a good idea not to talk to anybody about the light.
Stella: Why not?

Noctis: Because it’s a pain in the ass to deal with people who are different.
Stella: But if the Tenepraeian legend is just a fairy tale, what is that light?
Noctis: It’s just something that there, and let’s leave it at that.
What’s your name?
Stella: I’m Stella.
Noctis: Stella, I’ve got to go.
Stella: Sorry for taking up your time Mr. Noctis.
Noctis: You can call me Noc.

Noctis: Might be nice. I’ll think about it.
-Stella runs off, Noctis looks up at the glass ceiling-
??????: Who… are you?
Noctis: That’s my line.

[*Credits to esegk for streaming this, ZeroBlue for the youtube vid, and Saneclassx for the translations]

Yay! A new video that features a leaked cut scene for my much-awaited Final Fantasy Versus 13!!! Lol this is like an unexpected coincidental birthday gift for me XD. The video was streamed from a guy who seemed to get his hands early on the demo I guess? But anyway, I’m loving the atmosphere and the style of the game already basing on this cut scene. I cannot understand what they’re saying though, so any kind person would like to sub it ^__^?

Anyways lol, Noctis totally acts so stubborn and tsun around Stella (I knew that Noctis will be tsun-tsun XD!), while Stella’s quite more upbeat and cutesy. The scene quite reminded me of Final Fantasy 8’s Squall and Rinoa as they stare unto the stars as well. The more I see of Noct and Stella, the more I’m loving them both (shipping, anyone?). I freaking can’t wait for this game to be released!


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18 Responses to “Final Fantasy Versus 13: Leaked Cut Scene [w/ Translations]”

  1. cinderbird says:

    Lol I hope I could understand this. Noctis looked pissed (or being a real tsun? XD) And Stella looked disappointed so she walked out. But I love this two already anyway!Lol thanks for posting the vid ^^.

  2. Stella and Noctis reminded me of Aerith And Cloud for some reason :omg:
    (Though I am a CloudxAerith fans) Anyway, I also can’t wait for the game *_*!

    Mimiko ♥’s last blog post..07-Ghost episode 2 [raw]

  3. Xiao says:

    Wow, the CG is amazing. *0*
    Haha, that’s thing I noticed the most (well, Noct’s tsuntsun-ness, too, but that’s owed to the great CG anyways, lol xD; ).

    AWW! I love this pair even more now! x33
    haha, bet everyone can tell that Stella was trying to get Noct to open up to her but he’s too stubborn to. At least that much I’m assuming.

    Yeah…I want to see more leaked footages since I can’t play games anyway. huu~ :'(

    Thanks for sharing! ^^

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 78

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol yup ^^. Noctis’ tsun-tsun in CG goodness is fun to watch XD. Yeah, my hunting skills will keep everyone updated if there’s any leaked videos XD

  4. zOMG!! xD I’ve been so excited for this game (my most anticipated game of the year…or next year). I already wanted to start shipping Stella and Noctis the first time I saw them together xD. I love seeing Noctis all tsun-tsun. But now I want to hear his voice more!! D:<

    Ah Final Fantasy XIII Versus…it seems like it will bring back the charm of the old FF games. ^_^

    blossomgirl101’s last blog post..Blog Updates & More

    • kanzeon says:

      I know right? ^^ Too bad though that Stella’s the unfortunate antagonist of the game. But I wonder on how it will turn out ^^ (forbidden romance or anything? XD)

  5. tflops says:

    I’m ready to buy this game, whatever it takes, but as long it’s not a lie.

    tflops’s last blog post..“Sakura no Ame” Gets a Live-Action Film

  6. Ashelea says:

    NOCT-kun!!!!!!!!!! STELLA-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :kyaa2: OMG I’m saving moneyz already for this game! Just this scene, I’m desperate to see more!!!

  7. hoopla says:

    Stella doesn’t remind me of Aerith at all. She’s like Rinoa with Yuna’s face. Noctis acts like he’s too shy and awkward and he’s kinda avoiding Stella. Their chemistry is very interesting.

    So far I’m getting much more interested in this game than FF13, from the mysery of the relationship of Death God and the Goddess Etro and many more. Really looking forward for this one.

  8. kanzeon says:

    Lol in the world of fiction, there’s no thing such as gravity in terms of hair styling.

    • An!m3=12eAk says:

      I agree with you there is defintely no gravity when it comes to hairstyles when it comes to fantasy but who cares cause it make them guys look hot XD

  9. may says:

    such a cute couple..!
    i like them the way, i heard that stella is antagonist but the other said she is the heroine of the game. which is true?.
    i hope she is the heroine. such a shame if a pretty girl be the antagonist ><.
    i don't think stella remind Aeris, Stella reminds me of the face, Yuna, strong will and bright Tifa, and compassionate and cheerful Rinoa.
    Noctis reminds me of Cloud.Definitely.

  10. Stella says:

    It’s so cool she’s also called Stella~ She’s awesome. And in the same game as Noctis. I love Noctis as much as I love Cloud I think… They’re just both so cute and bishi~ Anyways, i’m so gonna buy a playstation 3 just for this game. I saw they made a white one with a pink lightning on it for FF XIII, I hope they’re gonna do the same thing for this game. I would die for a PS3 with Noctis on it… *drool*

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