Eden of the East: 03 – Let’s Go To The Cinema…


…And we’ll get to watch the biggest blockbuster this season!



An ordinary girl…


A guy knowing nothing about his past….


…And a dog… with wings…

…in the much-anticipated blockbuster miss of the year:


Yes, it’s a blockbuster. The audience are countless, really.


The story is about a guy who is torn apart between two lovers, and two promises: A girl, whom he just met in the USA whom he promised to stay with her, and…


…a dog… (with wings… )whom he promised to stay with her too.


But things get much more complicated in his situation, because there is a guy who’s after his cellphone, or should I say, the Ultimate Death Phone 2009.


Yes, that one.


Now that the UDP-09 (got too tired of typing the whole name) is now on the hands of him, what would our lead do now that he cannot contact both of his loveys?


But, the badguy’s wife seemed to caught his hidden agenda.


And stabs him… because… it’s on the movie script.


Our lead finally fond the guy who stole his phone.. But is dead now.




But he returned his phone though.. Now what will the guy do now? Which route will he take for a very romantic ending?


Will he go back to his girlfriend, who seems to be ready now for a Kanon sequel…


…Or his dog… to feed her?

To be continued.

Srs impressions:

Ok, I’ll be more srs now because this show is unravelling so much mystery again. Throughout the whole episode, we get some more hints  on Akira’s past, and whoa, dude lives in a shopping mall. One thing that surprised me is how Kondou got killed immediately, for I thought he would be staying longer. Well anyway, there are 10 other Selecaos out there, and that makes the series more interesting. What’s more in teresting too is on how the Supporter thing works. I wonder who could it be too. This series really keeps me into the edge of my seat, and I really can’t wait what happens next.

Srs screencaps on the next page.


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  1. foomafoo says:

    Yeah, our friendly neighbor alpha dog Koromaru is in this show.

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