Tsui’s Favorite Anime OPs: pt.2

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Second part of my favorite anime OPs countdown. From the Holy Grail to the town of Oyashiro-sama. To the Excalibur from the Rumba~ (this time it’s pic related.)

15: Fate/Stay Night – “disillusion”


And # 15 goes to Fate Stay Night. I thought that the executions of each scene in the OP is really well done. And the song was good too. From the vocals, as well as it brings you to the dark atmosphere already.

14: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai – “Naraku no Hana”


The song was peaceful, serene and calm, but the lyrics are really awesome. Also, as the song goes by, it becomes more empowered. I picked this one over the first Higurashi OP because I think the chorus part was better IMO. And Rika is MOE (random).

13: Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OP3 – “Kuusou Rumba Rap


Haha! This one’s my favorite Rumba remix. Zetsubou Sensei OP as really crazy indeed, as expected by it’s randomness and SHAFT’s artistic attempts. So this gets a spot.



Soul Eater was one of the anime series that I enjoyed watching because of it’s visual quality, all thanks to Bones, and the OP for it shows that. Really good animation and visual plus an energetic song. The song also fits the series very well.

11: Elfen Lied – “Lilium”


*gets thrown by bricks* Yeah I know. “Lilium is the best OP evarr!!! blahblahblah” and I put it on the #11th spot. The reason why it’s on there because the song’s not the type of music I would regularly listen on a regular basis or may sing along to. Admit it, we sometimes sing along with a certain OP, but with Elfen Lied, I don’t think it’s catchy at all. But REAL great points for the art, and the nudes.


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6 Responses to “Tsui’s Favorite Anime OPs: pt.2”

  1. Taka says:

    *throws a brick*

    Ok, I see your point but you have to at least admit is Elfen Lied is (one of) the greatest anime EVAR.

  2. Hey, at least Lilium gets some recognition, but I wouldn’t exactly put it in first either.

    “Kuusou Rumba Rap” also wins based on the hilarity factor, though it does get old after awhile. I prefer the original.

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  4. fye says:

    Well, I quite agree with you that Lilium is something that isn’t worth loopin on an iPod or something (unless if you’re… a fan of those kind). So I quite agree with that.

  5. foomafoo says:

    I hate Lilium. I got nightmares from Elfen Lied and ever since, heck I didn’t evar finished that series.

  6. Rekhyt says:

    I’m surprised the Elfen Lied video was let on YouTube o.o

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