Oooh Drama!



I really like where America’s Next Top Model cycle 12 is going now on episode 5… Yay for loldorama finally happening in this dull cycle… *applauses Celia*

I lol’d so much at Celia for coming forth at panel when Kortnie got eliminated, girl got so much guts XD. If Tahlia wasn’t going to admit anything to the judges, someone had to. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it though and it really got me entertained so much that finally this boring cycle is heating up XD. Tyra’s “I think it’s unfair that we’re hearing this from you and not from Tahlia.” response was just so dumb. Well freaking DUH, why would Tahlia even complain if she got First Call-Out anyway. Lol. But though, I feel pretty bad for Celia though for saying that at a wrong time and then she gets embarrassed by Tyra, good luck on winning the judges back ^__^!

I also had come to love Natalie too. Like she said, Tahlia always complains but when she does good, she takes that decision back. I also remember Tahlia saying that she doesn’t want to be there to Allison too. She can’t handle criticism or the fashion world in general. She will never be able to make anything of herself in the fashion industry if that is her attitude (if she would EVER get into the industry). She will not be pitied, heck it will tear her apart instead. So yeah, Tahlia made me laugh so much, as much like any other reality show contestants who are always whining about going home. Girl, the door is right there!

Re-watch the glorious moment in here:


So overall, I was totally gonna drop this one, but thank you so much Celia, for making me look forward to the next episode instead XD!!! So grant Allison and I’s wish: LET THERE BE BLOOD!

Oooh speaking of Allison, her photo is stunning this week, she (or Natalie) should have been called first instead of Tahlia. [click for full resolution]



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2 Responses to “Oooh Drama!”

  1. miranda_ says:

    Laughing my ass off that gif of Celia. She really looks like she’s going to KILL someone at the panel.

  2. Maura says:

    Lol she was mean to say that!! That tattle teller ,lol.

    My new Buono!Cafe Cd just came in the mail, I’m so excited. Also I have some exciting new on a new post about 2010, please check it out when you have time. :omg: :kyaa: 😉

    BTW where did the smiley plugin come from?

    Maura’s last blog post..“Shingles & AFS (WOAH those so don’t Combine)”

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