Mamoru Miyano – Be [PV]

Famous male seiyuu Miyano Mamoru’s single BE and his smexy music video and the jellyfish

Well, I can say that I’m totally back from posting “enthusiastically”… Well, why “back” when I’m actually always here posting almost every hell of a day? XD… To tell you the truth, we had exams the previous days (I just don’t want to declare hiatus or something so I just find a way to post at least something per day of two XD)… Anyway, moving on with the video…

Mamo-kun is so effin’ hot. His moves are so smexy like those jellyfish XDD~~ Anyway… Enjoy the PV!


And you can DL it here so that you can repeat watching it over andover and over and over again… XDD

–>Download PV here [.avi format]


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3 Responses to “Mamoru Miyano – Be [PV]”

  1. Ayumikat says:

    Yes he’s quite a smexy looker isn’t he?! :<3:

  2. trica33 says:

    :kyaa2: :kyaa2: OMG SO HOT!!!
    Miyano Mamo-kun’s really good here!

  3. sammoo says:

    this song is the best best..! :aww:
    I loved it very very much! :kyaa2:
    Mamoru seems a superb & cute in it..! :cute:
    I hope more brilliance for mamo..! :oha:

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