Anime’s Next Top Model C2 [END] – And The Winner Is…


So, who will be the last girl standing fierce? Which girl between AMU and MISA will become Anime’s Next Top Model? The judges had evaluated and the people had spoken. Let us all know right now, as we will close this season to its finale.

Watch the OP for the last time.




Only two girls standing before me, but only one could be Anime’s Next Top Model. Before I announce who the winner is, I must say that I am very proud of both of you. Both of you are winners already at this point, because of the journey you’ve gone through.

Amu, you had proven that you have the personality, the freshness and that signature Cool&Spicy attitude that nobody will ever forget. You also had improved from week to week, and wowed us that this little girl had already grown up to be a real model.

Misa, you never fail to amaze us with your stunning beauty, and you have the strongest portfolio of this cycle. You also showed passion, determination and eagerness to win this competition, and had let nobody get in your way. You’re a high-fashion princess.

So everyone had spoken, and the results are in my hands…


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23 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2 [END] – And The Winner Is…”

  1. kirapika says:

    Wow. Congrats Amu!

    I were one of the ones who voted for Amu and I’m happy that she won. Actually from the start, I was already thinking that it would really be Amu who’s going to win because right now, people are getting more and more into Shugo Chara.

    Well, alls fair, congrats to Misa too 😀

    kirapika’s last blog post..Skip Beat 24 Rants

  2. fye says:

    Hah, I also knew that Amu will win this, but I’m really not expecting Misa to be with her in the f2 (more like Shana or Sakura than her). But so much props to Misa for putting up such a fight (and in my opinion, she has the best photos overall). Congratulations to both ^^ and really well done kanzeon, for making a second cycle for this cool feature *waits for the next one*

    And ooh let me guess which judges Tsuiteru voices… hmm… I guess it’s either Death the Kid or Akira? Lol.

  3. charanari says:

    Roflmao when I switched to the next page I thought Misa won when you mentioned congratulations but she didn’t XD (you really tricked me ther, phew)… Yay for AMU WIN!!! And the Grand Final Fade-out was FANTABULOUS that it brought me to tears! :kyaa2:

  4. Effyness says:

    Yay! Amu! Amu! >w< Misa did a really good job, too, though. But…go Amu! 8D The Amu banners are amazing, by the way. 😀

    Effyness’s last blog post..Shugo Chara! Episode 75

  5. Kitsune says:

    You created some nice pictures throughout the competition, and the animated images of Amu at the last page are great 🙂

    I am glad that Amu won 🙂

    Thank you for holding the contest, Kanzeon, it was fun 🙂

  6. FuyuMaiden says:

    Yay~ Amu-chan~! *is a very happy girl*

    I love the new headers for Amu (especially the “Smile with your freakin’ eyes” one~). And the final fade out~ With Amu’s position it just looks so good! Like she was destined to win! Or something!!!

    Misa of course put up a very good fight and no one else should have had second place (as much as I love Sakura, she wasn’t bringing her best all the time). I kind of hope she’d back as a guest judge or something in a future cycle. It seems sad for her to go~ (lol, saying this even though I don’t like her character, but I guess her pictures always looked great)

    And Tsui was doing one of the judge’s comments? Hmm…I wonder which one. I can’t even guess.

    And once again…YEAH! AMU-CHAN~! :omg:

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..La Corda d’Oro ~Secondo Passo~ – First Movement

  7. I thought Misa won.. ;__;

    What!? No ANTM Cycle 3!?

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..“Tweet, Tweet!”

  8. Ashelea says:

    :omg: OMG AMU WON~~~!!!!! She really deserves it. And I think she really brought something new to the table. Misa, on the other hand, was really good, but she’s already a model and she’ll stay fierce forever ^^. So congratulations to both and to you too for a very successful second season. And I must say that it’s way better than the first.

    And I effing love the banner and the Final Fadeout!!! It’s so epic. And like what FuyuMaiden had said, Amu looks like she was destined to win this!!!!! So perfect. And the banner, love them all, especially the “Smile with your Freaking Eyes”, which is so like the rl antm XP.

    Oh, and Tsui voices one of the judges? Hahaha I never knew that, but I’ll go for the Krauser guy from the first panel and maybe Death the Kid too, since he’s a guy XD…

    And last but not the least, really great job kanz!!! *will wait for the third season* 😉

  9. Xiao says:



    Ah…I’m so happy I can’t even go to sleep. Lol And those banners are just…awesome. So bee-YUUU-tee-fuhl~! 8D

    lol J/k. I steal her for huggle time every day anyways. xD;

    I’d also like to congratulate Misa for coming so far. Heh. *is proud to say that she has always had Misa as a back-up since the very beginning of this cycle* Even though I was soooo harsh and cruel with her but hey…gotta be FIERCE!, y’know? ;D
    Really, though. Misa did a wonderful job (cuz kanz’s pics and images are so awesome! x3) and no one else would have been able to stand fairly eye-to-eye against Amu. All of the others would have lost to her instantly and that wouldn’t be fun. So yes, thank you Misa for making the competition exciting. ^^

    And you’re very welcome! Thanks for having me on the board of judges! I still can’t tell you how I honored I feel to be included in this awesome contest so I was just kyaa~! instead. KYAA~! Thank you so much! :blush: lol xDDD

    Wow. Tsui-san was one of the judges. o.O …haha, actually, I’m not surprised.
    Haha, I’m going to to guess he probably played all the male ones (or most of them)…and maybe Akira, too…oh I dunno. lol xD;

    Hmm, yep. Thanks so much again for doing ANTM! I can’t wait for Cycle 3! x3
    Ah, but I have to get SoMT done first, huh? Hmm, yes, I can’t wait for that either. Oh, and just wanted to let you know I got your prompt and it is perfect, hun. Just perfect. Thank you! ^^ I will reply back to you tomorrow morning cuz I gotta sleep now (so late~).
    Haha, yep. I’m very excited! Two more days! Just two more! xDDD

    In the meantime, *continues to run crazily around the house cuz* MY AMU-CHAN WON!!!!!! :omg: :omg: :omg:

    lol xD;

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 76

    • Xiao says:

      Aww, crap. I’m really sorry for this double post but it got cut off at complimenting the banners part (stupid arrows).

      I meant to say: I want to steal them and keep them all to myself!

      And then the following.

      Sorry! ^^;

      Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 76

  10. foomafoo says:

    I agree, Misa has one of the greatest portfolios. Too bad she didn’t had that many supporters. Well, Misa is a model after all in the first place so she has her place in Death Note.

    Congratulations to Amu and I hope you finally get your Dia egg back.

    foomafoo’s last blog post..Experimental Project 01 – Detective Conan Episodes Coverage

  11. warriorhope says:

    Congrads to Amu. The fashion Queen of current shojo manga. The banners are also super awesome.

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Hetalia Axis Powers-Episode 10

  12. kanzeon says:

    Thank you so much everyone for your comments and your final impressions ^^. All the hard work was all worth it for me ^^. Of course, this isn’t the end of Anime’s Next Top Model but it would sure be having a break though as I spend time more on blogging anime and side projects at the moment. So thanks again, *loves you all*

    *takes a bow*

    You better watch out everyone for SoMT btw tomorrow, it will be fierce too :zsnap:

  13. Amayalee says:

    Haha! Amu won! AMU WOOON~! Good thing she beat Misa, I was going to be upset if Misa won…I’m so happy…Yay for Amu! :aww:

    Amayalee’s last blog post..Amaya begging your forgivness and giving you updates!

  14. yumiko-chan says:

    OMG. misa didn’t win? oh well. congrats amu. anyways, i still love misa!!! hehehe.

  15. mimayy says:

    Awww! Why not Misa win??? Hhuhuhu :huhu:

  16. mariya says:

    No pls not AMU??? Misa should win instead of that wimp!!! T.T :-_-: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth:

  17. jocelle says:

    AMU sucked! Come on! Bring this contest back and make Misa win!!!!! 😡

  18. Scarlette Gurl says:

    YAY AMU WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KYAAA!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
    :kyaa: :kyaa: :kyaa:
    OMG I luv Misa too but I’m still glad Amu won!!!
    I can’t wait for season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. SCrusaderD says:

    Well i did expect Amu to win. Misa was good also.
    But some of the pic wasn’t that good so i say its unfair nominate abit.

    Should have add a “Gothic Lolita” and “transform” pic so that other entry have some winning chances.

    Well sorry for misa even thou there is some parts that i liked and was awesome.

    For Amu Congratulate!
    I was expecting the Chara Nari (Amulet Heart) pose the best.

  20. Sofía says:

    Congratulation Amu!!!
    you are the best ^^

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