Valentines Day is…


…all about making new freakin’ banners!!! Muwahahaha!!! F*ck our upcoming Prom! F*ck those lame-ass flowers/chocolates/cakes/cars/jewelry/mansions/teddy bears those guys give to us! Lol um… ok… I’ll take everything I said back! I’m actually exci… err not really excited, but feeling the Valentines mood right now so I made bannerz 4 y’all!!!!! (nah, I’m just bitter because I’m dreaming of Lavi to take me on the Prom, but instead I got this dog of mine 😛)

Ehem… well actually, you might not consider them as Valentines banners because mostly you can’t see any hearts (just a few only), reds, kiss marks, flying cupids or teddy bears… I just basically made them not to look like Valentines’ Day headers so that they could last long until when I feel like changing them (I’m such a lazy lame-a** sloth XD)… But still, to add a touch of “love” for the season, I chose these LOVEly characters so what’s the difference, right? Hope you like them!



Anime: ToraDora!

Characters: Taiga and Ryuuji

Original pic came form a fanart. I don’t know who made, since I only found it on the Photobucket dump but thanks to whoever who drew this beautiful number. Add dirty yellow and blue brushes on each sides of Ryuuji and Taiga then added a texture for the background. Btw, you may also notice that the text is brand new again lol. But I still think that Century Gothic was cool and catchy… I’m just trying this one.

Oh dear, adding text is the hardest part. I honestly don’t know what to put at first. I can’t remember how many attempts I alwayd end up making a very very cheesy and corny catch-phrase for this banner. (Yeah, I’m sooo bad at them T_T.) So after hours of typing and erasing… I ended up putting “I Hate Hate Hate You” with a huge strikethrough on the 3 ‘Hate’s then put 3 ‘Love’s atop of it.


Burger and Tea

Anime: Hetalia Axis Powers

Characters: US and UK

HETALIA BANNER FTW!!!!! This picture is awfully awesome to the highest level and it shows a small representation of the contrasting personalities of US and UK: a burger to a tea. Yep yep!!! Love this one personally since I love this couple. Oh look at how UK is so tsun lol. Go and rape him, US.

For the design, I want to make it… Uhh… What would I want to make it? LOL… I just thought that green would be cool and fitting to their waiter-uniforms. So added designs here and there blahblahblah…, with a cute catch phrase. And speaking of Hetalia, I can’t make a banner for Finland and Sweden because I can’t find a nice non-yaoi fanart of them T_T…



Anime: Hetalia Axis Powers

Characters: Hungary and Prussia

ANOTHER HETALIA FTW!!! Well, Happy Heta-lentines to y’all XDDDDD!!! (I’m such a crazy-ass bitch who still prioritizes 2d creatures rather than RL holidays XDDDDDD) Lol. I kept it simple with textures and a catchphrase…

Why SM FTW? Uhh… Because Prussia has a leash held by Hungary (OMG please Hungarians and Prussians don’t stone me to death!!!), and I thought they look so cute together! Btw, they’re my favorite straight pairings on Hetalia lol. Plus I totally see myself and Tsui in their status lol. Master and slave ftw!


Love Spell

Anime/Manga: KOBATO.

Character: Hanato Kobato

Kobato won’t be airing until Fall yet but who cares, I really like this vector I saw (credits to AP) and it gives off a Spring feel. Since I can’t wait for Spring season, as well as Kobato is so lovely as Valentines (lol, yay for random reasoning!) I made a banner of her!!! Who doesn’t love Kobato? She’s so adorable!!!

Added the usual brushes coloured pink and purple (fave combination ftw) ‘coz I think it matches Kobato’s dress. And I love the swirls too since it looks “magical” XD… For the text, I made “METANORN” purple while teh catchphrase, I made them with different shades of pink and purple.


…So that’s all so far. …Oh, and sorry for the explicit post XD… I just ate a lot of pizza today and I’m now desperately paranoid on gaining weight T_T (and it’s like I’m hearing a timer while I’m making this post… Nooo I think I’m being crazy!!! Somebody send me to the mental hospital now!!!)

I will definitely making some more of them when boredom strikes upon me again!!! Again, hope you like ’em! Buh-bye and that’s all for now <333!!! Advanced Happy Valentines to everyone!!!


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10 Responses to “Valentines Day is…”

  1. 7 says:

    Lovely banners as always (although I’ve already seen most of them through the VIP exclusive sneak-peek :mwahaha: ). I wonder…what’s making you so jumpy all of a sudden in this post..*looks at another of your website.*

    7’s last blog post..Clannad~After Story – Episode 17: Ushio!!!!!

  2. Xiao says:

    OMG, they’re so lovely~! :cute:

    I love them all. But I always love your banners…but still! I LOVE THEM ALL! xDDD
    And that includes your cheesey/corny catch phrases! 😀

    Absolutely love the tagline for the ToraDora one. It fits Taiga so well. lol

    …I think I’ll marathon Hetalia during my break. Argh, curse you! That was your intention with using the green to win me over, wasn’t it? I shall have my revenge, you sadist! xDDD;;;

    And Kobato!!!! :omg: :omg: :omg:

    That one is my favorite~! <333 Anybody who doesn’t love Kobato is a rotten piece of fruitcake! D8<
    Ah, I love what you did with the brushes’ colors. So lovely~ It really does go wonderfully with Kobato’s dress. She looks like another version of Alice in Wonderland. ^^
    And I want to get healed with Kobato’s drops of love (lol, whut? xD;). I wanna! Hoshii~! :huhu:

    Ah, beautiful job again. ;D Happy early Valentines to you, too, and enjoy your prom! I never went to mine cuz I’m too awesome, lol ,not xD; so party your heart out and eat all you want! xDD

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 69

  3. amayalee says:

    They’re all super adorable kanz~! One day, I’m gonna be able to make epic banners like that…I’ll have to get photoshop first though, lol. I love the Toradora one best… :aww:

    amayalee’s last blog post..Palace of Stars

  4. foomafoo says:

    I love your headers kan! I prefer these gentle colors rather than the dark ones you had during the past.

    foomafoo’s last blog post..Comparative Analysis: Minorin

  5. FuyuMaiden says:

    As always, the headers all look great. (How on Earth did you get to be so awesome!?)

    Of course, Kobato is my favorite because…Kobato~

    The white background with pink and purple is so fitting for Kobato’s innocent spring purity (that’s how I see her). Just an incredibly beautiful (and just darn pretty) header for Kobato. Oh Kobato~ How I wish Fall was here already.

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Weekly Anime On Hold

  6. warriorhope says:

    OMG they’re all beautiful.

    the Ryuji and Tagia one is awesome.

    UKxUS. :kyaa: so awesome.

    Heh. I love the PrussiaxHungrey picture. (torn between AustriaxHungrey and PrussiaxHungrey. both are win.)

    Kabato is just adorable.

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Catching Up with White Album or what to do with a Manslut?

  7. Ashelea says:

    Love the banners as always! You’re such awesome and creative!!! Love everything you make!!! Lol I can’t wait for more!!!

    The ToraDora banner is so sweet! And US and UK!!! love that one! It’s so cute, as well as Hungary and Prussia!!! Lol!


    I love that banner so much! Pink and purple is so much win!!! And it definitely matches Kobato’s innocence and cuteness!!!

  8. Gargron says:

    These. Banners. Are. Beautiful. Je les adore, as Frenchmen would say.

    Gargron’s last blog post..Cold Winter Deco

  9. Kim Gerald says:

    Hey! Happy Valentines Day everyone… Wish you all to have a very sweet moment with your loved ones.

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