Spring 2009 Anime Preview


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Source: Denizen‘s blog on MAL

Yep yep yep! Spring anime line-up is finally here! This is a teaser of what would be coming up next season. I think overall it looks good, with a few shows that I’m sure to watch. Definitely looking forward to Valkyria Chronicles, 07-GHOST and the sequel to La Corda D’ Oro. Other adaptations such as Phantom, Pandora Hearts and Winter Sonata looks interesting too. I don’t know about the Full Metal Alchemist sequel still, though.

We’ll be slowly starting up making the official Tag-Team Spring 2009 Anime Post soon when Tsui and I have gathered much more info so watch out for it ^_^.


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13 Responses to “Spring 2009 Anime Preview”

  1. Xiao says:

    lol I come onto your page and right after seeing this post, got your twitter update through my phone. xD;

    Hmm, very interesting lineup (a lot better than winter season on first glance, anyway). I think I’m going to go crazy…cuz I have like 9 shows I’m interested in. Hope I can let myself drop some and marathon them later. ^^;

    Yep, looking forward to you and Tsui-san’s own post for the season. ^^

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 68

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  3. Nazarielle says:

    Haha, we’re only a month into Winter and the Spring lineup is already out? :p Well, looks promising so far, but I’ll wait until I know a bit more about the shows.

    Nazarielle’s last blog post..Koukaku no Regios – 04

  4. FuyuMaiden says:

    I actually only have three things I plan on watching. That’s partially because I’m trying to avoid getting too interested in too much now though. Since it’s Spring, more is sure to pop up.

    So right now I have K-ON, Pandora Hearts, and Tears to Tiara. Well except I plan on watching Kiniro no Corda and Full Metal Alchemist, but those aren’t new series.

    …But then there’s a few more that are grabbing my attention just with the images. Darn you Spring!!!

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..rabu~ is in the air

  5. warriorhope says:

    probably will watch tears to tiara, full-metal alchemist, paradora hearts and maybe kinro no corda. Not sure about anything else.

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Valentine’s Day 2009 Shipping Countdown-Day 2

  6. foomafoo says:

    :runs: Hagaren is first on list. I’m already excited with Spring. I might watch Natsu no Arashi since I’ve read it from Kitsune. Too sad I haven’t watched Hayate yet.

    Also, What’s with Eden of the East? Whoa will the setting be Philippines? lolz???

    foomafoo’s last blog post..The Journey

  7. shinji says:

    Natsu no Arashi for me. Old towns..coffee shops.. a cute sempai.. just my type of story ^^

    shinji’s last blog post..Addicted to DS

  8. kitari says:

    This Spring 2009 sure have lots of series that I wanted to try. XD Most probably because school’s gonna end around March and I’ll have a lot of free time.

    Thanks for the link to the list! :cute:

  9. mikaino says:

    I can’t find anything good this spring, but heck, they’re so many.. :oha:

    Sure, but not to blog:

    Sounds Interesting?:
    Valkyria Chronicles
    Pandora Hearts

    :I love megazoids and flying machines with an oldschool manner, ROFL:

    Jewel Pets looks so CUTE!!
    But I wonder what’s the story.. Hmm…Violence?

    And the new Beyblade looks sucky.. I mean, what’s with the animation and description?
    What a disappointment >_> I watched that show since I was a kid..

  10. kanzeon says:

    @Xiao Jie: Lol it’s so coincidental I guess XD

    @Nazarielle: Yep. Finding their backgrounds would be a huge help on picking what to watch. Just wait for our preview post ^^

    @FuyuMaiden: Yeah, Spring is sometimes the home of more anime blooming, just like the real Spring 😀

    @warriorhope: Some shows you mentioned are really interesting 🙂

    @foomafoo: Well, Hayate sometimes contains ecchi (but more Hayate manservice lol) so maybe it can’t fit to your taste.. AND lol at Eden of the East… I have no idea what would that be…

    @shinji: Plus SHAFT is a good plus ^_^

    @kitari: Yeah. I’m so glad that it airs where we have much more ime ^^

    @mikaino: LOLWUT, megazoids?

  11. Winter anime preview!? Wow thats fast.

  12. Zhidkov says:

    Огромное СПАСИБО! Этот блог – супер!!!

  13. одумайтесь, многотысячная армия Ваших читателей не поймет Вас, не простит!

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