MAKE UP – Kana Nishino


It’s been a while since Chocolate Underground has ended, but I still have to take note of the catchy song at every end of the episode. It’s MAKE UP by Kana Nishino. Kana Nishino is one of the artists bubbling up on the JPop industry and we might know her for singing the best Soul Eater ED IMO, “Style”. So here’s her latest single out, “Make Up”.


She might not be the best artist around vocally but still, both her style of singing and the style of her clothes make up for it. Her outfits in the PV are way too cute! Also along with “MAKE UP” on her single, we also have Kirari, Sheri and MAKE.



  1. MAKE UP
  2. Kirari
  3. Sheri
  4. MAKE



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