Kalafina – Lacrimosa [PV]



This is the PV for the 2nd ED theme of Kuroshitsuji: Lacrimosa by kalafina. I thought it was a very beautiful song. It reflects the serious side in Kuroshitsuji. This is also my favorite PV of them by far. Download the TV size version of the song in here.


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6 Responses to “Kalafina – Lacrimosa [PV]”

  1. jeanny says:

    OMG LOVE THIS SONG!!! Can’t really wait for March for it to be released!!! T.T

  2. Ashelea says:

    OMG they’re all so pretty. I love their outfits too!!! :kyaa:

  3. Moon-Dash says:

    So pretty!!! :kyaa2: I love Kalafina and their songs! Four days ’til the release of the single!
    …Did I say “four days?” :freeze2: Why should it take SO LONG???

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