Hetalia MAD Collection vol. 3


Me being a crazy-arsed Hetalia fangirl again at the wrong time… Well can’t help it. I’m in terrible depression so here’s some Hetalia to cheer everyone up!!! Warning for extreme cuteness/gayness/fabulousness/lolness though… And credits to their hell-mad-genius creators.



Hetalia x Carameldanssen


APH x Code Geass [Nice arts]


Whatever this is but US and UK dancing made me laugh like crazy…




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6 Responses to “Hetalia MAD Collection vol. 3”

  1. warriorhope says:

    Awesomeness! Especially likes the bottled fairies and World Peace ones. (also the fanart of RonaldxUkxUs). :XD:

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Sakura Hime Kaden Chapter 3-New Friends, New Problems

  2. issa-sa says:

    Eh, who were the two taking he place of Miyagi and Shinobu in the Junjou Romantica one?

    issa-sa’s last blog post..NANA MIZUKI LIVE FEVER 2009 (Nagoya)

  3. mikaino says:

    ZOMG Cutness=Can’t take it!! :huhu:
    I should take a bishie-looking lessons this summer.. :thief:
    No, I can’t >_<

  4. kanzeon says:

    @warriorhope: Love those… And don’t forget Prussia!!!

    @issa-sa: I believe that’s Spain(Miyagi/seme) and South Italy(Shinobu/uke) ^_^

    @mikaino: Goodluck with you mate’y!

  5. FeatheryArtist says:

    Lolness, I can’t take it! It’s too awsome!!
    I can’t wait to see the second season of hetalia, but I heard they couldn’t put it on the internet or put it on air. :huhu:
    I have a question…well 2 questions..: When will the second season becoming out and where to find it… :baww2: help me…

    I’m SO mad at the korens for saying “no, you can’t put it on!” :rage: I JUST WANNA BEAT Em’ UP! 😡
    :ehh: please help…thanks…

  6. Suzu says:

    waaaah D; almost all the videos don’t work anymore~ too sad~

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