Anime’s Next Top Model C2: FAB 5 to FINAL 4


And the Fab5 will now be down to the FINAL 4! Which between Amu, Sakura, Orihime, Yuki and Misa will not be a part of it? We doubled the competition, and of course, we will double the criticisms of the judges! Prepare for the bitchiest and craziest panel like never before!

Obligatory: Watch the OP!

The judges:



First of all, our new Head Master for this season, Nagi, which also seems to be under huge controversies these days with her mangaka struggling in some health issues. The next one is supermodel, veteran fashion icon, and had walk in several runways on the anime world: Yukari from Paradise Kiss. The third judge is the perfectionist guy which is currently working on with his upcoming fashion line, Perfection by OCD: Death the Kid from Soul Eater. And the fourth judge is none other than the innocent, cute, adorable, and whose words are so sweet and helpful like cotton candy: Akira from Lucky Star! Next is the is the fierce special blogger commentator Xiao Jie, from the blog ěk-sěn’trĭk. And last but not the least is our special judge… none other than the first addiction of the current otakus, Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 1’s 2nd runner-up, and had kept everyone waiting for her sequel to come whenever that would be… Haruhi Suzumiya!!! We’re priviledged here to have you!

Now let’s head on over with the call-outs…


1st: AMU

Novel Covers:


Nagi – Ikuto: “I’m thin like this tree so you can’t find me!!!”

Yukari – Oh Amu looks so weird in this photo. The way she posed with the outfit makes her look really… unmodelesque. She could’ve done something more since She and Ikuto has lots of chemistry… Overall, it doesn’t work for me but oh well, at least the chemistry is in there.

Death the Kid – Argh!!! The leaf on the left side irritates me!!! Arghh!!!

Akira – Wow, Amu looks disgusting. She needs to get rid of eating too much. What she ate for the whole day had stucked up on her face… Fattie. Oh, and Ikuto looks old and sick. Be grateful you have lots of supporters.

Xiao Jie – The slight hide-but-I-can-see-you postures, the title, the excerpt, the leaves, the tree (SHADDUP, the tree is f***in’ sexy as hell! D8<). God, just make a movie for this book, too, would ya? The dokidoki! aspect is there. A favorite genre, “modern-day fairytale”, done GOOD is there. Can I get ten more orders for this book? Yea, I want varying covers for each, too, kthx!

Haruhi – Ugh! What’s with that! It’s the 21st century, people! That hiding on the tree thing is so old, cliche and rotten! You really need to prove something more out of that sissy and tweeny facade, girl. And does Ikuto have hepatitis?

Akira – Hey bitch! You go girl!!!



Nagi – Amu: “Grandpa!!! Smoooch…”

Yukari – I like this photo. There’s sweetness, and we can’t deny that the two have chemistry. I really like the pose and it’s like…

Akira – …she slipped and fell and bumped on over to Ikuto’s mouth. Way to kiss, bitch.

Yukari – Umm, no, but she looks like she and Ikuto are running to each other…

Akira – …and slipped. The end.

Death the Kid – Oh sh*t! Only an inch upwards and he’ll grope Amu’s flat puppies! I can calculate it!!!

Xiao Jie – I really like it. I think the feathery yet also slightly firm contact of the lips define them the best. They can be passionate but it’s not something most of us are ready for yet so yep, this kiss looks great. And the way they’re just falling into each other’s embrace signifies that they just want to be with each other.

Haruhi –  LOL the whole photo is so awkward! First of all, you haven’t even kissed in the anime so your future on liplocks only relies on fanarts… That makes your downfall Amu. But nevertheless, this is a voting competition so thanks to your fans…


2nd: MISA

Novel Covers:


Nagi – Light: “You’re excommunicated!”


Yukari – Lol Kid, is that even a word? Anyway, I think Misa does FIIIERCCE again on this round. It doesn’t look too forced, and it didn’t ended up on how I would be imagining her to portray. I really thought she’ll be a emo poser but GOOD thing she’s not. Good Job.

Akira – Misa looks like her batteries ran out on her vibrator… Haaah~ the feel of relief… Girl needs to charge up and it’s on Light’s notebook on what would be the procedures!

Xiao Jie – …So this time it’s plastic? Or is it wax figures? I dunno, I prefer wax figures but it doesn’t really matter because they’re object stand-ins anyway. And who’s turned on by wax? Or plastic? Wait, no, don’t any of you answer that. Just out, please. Out, out, out. OUT, DAMMIT! >8(

Haruhi –  What’s Light gonna do holding that notebook in that way? Stab her? Puh-leez, as if that’s gonna be effective! …And you’re dead right? Oops! I spoiled the ending for those who still haven’t watched! Ohohohoho~!!! Just watch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya instead than that show! Tee hee~



Nagi – Misa: “Umm… I think your tongue is stuck?”

Death the Kid – This photo is smokin! I can’t point out anymore mistakes besides it’s unsymmetrical but either way, it’s still good and romantic.

Akira – Light looks like he has a boner. Hahahaha!!! And Misa’s touchin’ it with her knees!

Yukari – Eww Akira, you’re so disgusting! Act like a prim and proper lady and don’t wear loose sailor uniforms anymore! Lol anyway, this photo is so effective! The chemistry, the pose (disregard what Akira said… eww)… The kiss was sweet, passionate and romantic and it just gives me tears to my eyes… T_T I’m moved… T_T

Xiao Jie – I really like how this shot was taken. Especially the way their hands are touching each other. Hmm, getting the vague message of “I really want you but I can’t let myself get too carried away” or something…which is nice like their subtle kiss…but…MISA! I thought I told you to drop the innocent act and be the bitch you are! What’s with you?! Throw that hot boy down and give him one freakin’ hell of a Frenchy he’ll never forget! *shouts more crude things edited out*

Haruhi – Lol I think they’re enjoying the kiss… Which is a good thing! Models enjoy and tries to enjoy everything they do. This is a beautiful and passionate kiss, nice job.



Novel Covers:


Nagi – “Stay With Me’… Wow the title suits so well with the photo!

Yukari – Oh my God these two sold me out with just that look in their eyes!!! My tears are rolling down again TT_TT… Gimme some tissues, my make-up’s being washed away… TT_TT…

Death the Kid – It rides along so well with the title and everything’s just balanced! No more, no less! Just, amazing. This photo blew me away.

Akira – Duh, of course she’ll do great because they’re like, dating for years! Ugh…

Death the Kid -You just don’t have a boyfriend since you were born Akira! Hahaha!

Akira -N-No it’s not! I-I’m just busy with work and tapings! Shut up and mind your own life, Kid-do!

Xiao Jie – Eh, the image is good, especially the intertwined hands, the near-touching foreheads and both furtive glances at the camera. But I’m afraid nothing else matches up and I think it’s because of their costumes, which would make it seem more like fantasy novel than a romance one. And fantasy novel with romance in them are hard for me to read anyways.

Haruhi – The overall photo was breath-taking but I thouhg Sakura is dead on the face here. Her face is just plain blank. In Syaoran’s you can see that he wants to protect her but in Sakura, she was like, “Uhh… yea..” UGH. So not what I’ve read in the best mangas!




Yukari – Oh dear it’s getting so hot in here! This is definitely my favorite of the bunch! It’s passionate, romantic, sensual and natural!!! They like, just gave in to each other! Sakura, you dirty dirty little girl!

Death the Kid – Wow… Just, wow…

Akira – O_O Rape her Syaoran! Rape that slut now!

Xiao Jie – lol Who initiated this one? Well, it certainly captures “true teenage love story” (ack, mix them however you want) to me. It’s deep and passionate. That…and/or it seems as if Syaoran walked in on Sakura after she just finished taking a bath or something and suddenly got lustful. o.O; Yea…let’s keep that off the screen, thank you very much.

Haruhi – Umm question… Why is she third? This is hands down the best of the week! You f*cking maggots don’t know how to pick!


4th: YUKI

Novel Covers:


Nagi – “Daddy and Daughter”

Yukari – I really like Yuki’s look in here. Pobably the first time I saw her eyes having contact. It’s lovely, warm…  But still, she should have done better at this point of the competition.

Death the Kid – ROFLMAO. “A wonderful tale of firsts”… I wonder what could that be XP

Akira – Wow, I never knew that Yuki’s selling her body to an old passer-by…

Xiao Jie – It looks very fresh out of the rain but doesn’t seem to be something I’d jump to buy. More like wait to borrow from the library if I’m bored one day. So it better not disappoint. Bored to more bored = fail…does this one have extra pictures inside, too? Huh, does it? *skims*

Haruhi – For all this time I thought Kyon was mine!!! >= (



Nagi – Pfft… “No, there, there…” you know what I mean XDDD…

Yukari – Oh dear I can’t even bear to look at this one.

Death the Kid – Wow the photos by the second are getting hornier and hornier…

Akira – OMG THIS IS P0RNO!!! Oh GOD IT’S FUCKING HILARIOUS! Look at how Yuki and Kyon are touching her boobies!!!

Xiao Jie – …HAHAHAHA! Is that even Kyon or some robot clone of him? Either way, he looks like he wants to hurl. Yuki looks like she just shoved her mouth up to him and…omg, what a dumb robot. He’s touching her boob when she doesn’t even have any.

Haruhi – Wow Yuki, you disappointed me. One of the worst photos of AnimeNTM history.



Novel Covers:


Nagi – Ichigo looks like a plumber. I don’t know about Orihime though, she’s pretty in here.

Yukari – I honestly like his photo. Leaving off Orihime, she can handle the photo all by herself. Plus even thouh she doesn’t have any contact with Ichigo in here, I can still feel what they’re trying to show.

Death the Kid – Whoa, that’s a very short skirt she’s wearing 8D

Akira – This should be titled, “Forbidden Rape” because they look like siblings. You’ll be the one to guess what’s the ‘rape’ in for.

Xiao Jie – Hmm, I like the way they’re posing as they’re sitting. It makes the cover look more like a movie advertisement for some reason (I have one in my head but I can’t remember it now). Orihime’s expression looks good – nice change from her other ones that make her look like a bimbo – and it fits pretty well with the title though I’m wondering how the humor indicated will be pulled off. But overall, good photo. ^^ And love the hair…oh, now I remember the movie! “Get Smart” 8DDD

Haruhi – I definitely agree with Xiao Jie. It has more of a “movie” feel than a “novel” feel. Orihime does pretty well, but nothing here seems astounding. She could’ve done better.



Nagi – “suck… suck… suck”

Yukari – I think it’s just plain ok. Nothing more or less, which I think is bad because Orihime should really step up her game right now and get out of her comfort zone.

Death the Kid – I can’t help but to stare at her boobage. Lol.

Akira – Boobies… *scrubs*

Xiao Jie – Wth? He’s not kissing her! He’s sucking her bottom lip like it’s some sort of candy. D: Ugh, and he’s an idiot, too. It looks like she’s trying to fail to pull away but his grip isn’t even trying to keep her there. Playboy.
…Y’know if their hair weren’t outlined, they’d be bald against the sunset sky. That would have been funny.

Haruhi – There’s something good and bad in this photo. Good because of the sunset view. It’s romantic and it helps addidng atmosphere. But bad, because I think of Ichigo. Lol damn that Ichigo for ruining her photo again!


Since Orihime is the Girl of the Week(s), she will be now saved from the danger of being eliminated. Therefore, Yuki will now leave the competition…













AnimeNTM Top 5 Voting

  • AMU (30%, 57 Votes)
  • MISA (28%, 53 Votes)
  • SAKURA (27%, 50 Votes)
  • YUKI (9%, 17 Votes)
  • Automatically Safe: ORIHIME (6%, 11 Votes)

Total Votes: 188

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From 11 girls, only 4 are left standing!!! We are now getting closer and closer to the finale! With Amu, being the final Girl of The Week, it is rest assured that she’s on the Top 3! The others will still feel the pressure though! Will Misa continue to put aside her bitchy personality and show a sweet, bubbly blonde facade in front of the judges to continue being a judges’ favorite? Will Orihime beat the odds and prove that she can be modelesque too, even if she had always been inconsistent? Can Sakura prove that she reigns supreme as the most experienced of all and win the title, proving that she’s fierce enough? Who would be eliminated next! The competition gets tougher and tougher and on the next episode, the girls will go 3D!!!


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7 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: FAB 5 to FINAL 4”

  1. foomafoo says:

    Akira’s remarks are always… 😆

    I actually thought Yuki won’t make it this far since she didn’t have that large wardrobe in the first place. She also has that very plain some and as if bored face. Too sad Haruhi has to witness her elimination.

    foomafoo’s last blog post..Comparative Analysis: Minorin

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  3. FuyuMaiden says:

    As soon as I saw Haruhi was a judge I was so happy. Stuck-up God Rage ftw~ I wanted more rage for the Kyon and Yuki pictures though. I mean…Why does the world still exist?

    And as far as the bitchy comments for Amu go, psh. They’re just jealous that Amu is still a kid and snagging hot cat boys they can only dream about :zsnap: (lol, well at least the female judges). If Amu is this awesome now, one can only imagine what the future holds for her.

    Ah which brings to mind…I should have noticed this a while ago, but with Sakura changing ages all the time, Amu’s the youngest competitor, isn’t she? Well, second-youngest to Rika, who’s not around anymore. And youngest real competitor. :zsnap: (I am on a roll today. I caught bitchiness from the judges.)

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..rabu~ is in the air

  4. kanzeon says:

    @foomafoo: Yeah, I agree with you. She always has that blank face and lacks much wardrobe.

    @FuyuMaiden: Yeah, seems like Akira and Haruhi are jealous of here XD. And OMG I also noticed that! The only “permanent” loli remaining was Amu!!! It’s 1 loli vs 3 ladies!!!

  5. Xiao says:

    Farewell, Yuki the no sex-appeal. :ohohoho:

    I still think the tree if f*ckin’ sexy as hell and the pair leaning on it even sexier. HAHAHAHA! =P


    Mmhmm, yep, so I’m giving my full support for Amu-chan but since she’s safe for the next round, maybe I’ll give the vote to someone else if I feel nice enough. But anyways…LOLI FTW! RAWR! 😡

    Yes, I know there’s something wrong with me and I love it. :mwahaha:

    Thanks for the great episode as always! ^^

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Valentines Banner and Theme Change!

  6. mikaino says:

    I knew it! Yuki stole Kyon from Haruhi that’s why Yuki is eliminated!! :mwahaha:
    Akira-DTK’s conversation FTW

  7. miky says:

    vorrei anche io una vita come quella di misa ,death note, e vorrei avere un ragazzo cos

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