Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 10 – SPECIAL EPISODE


Welcome to a very very special episode of Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2!!! Before the Final Four would ultimately become our FIERCE THREE of the season, I present to you a little VIP pass to get into a fun trip about what’s happening behind the screen, the plans, the fierceness, and the competition!

In this  special episode, you’ll get to:

  • See the Deleted episodes (hmm, can that contain explicit content that’s why they’re removed? 8D)
  • Behind the screens of some episodes, and how I made the girls look fierce in every photo!
  • Hmm… WHAT? The eliminated girls are coming back???
  • A shoujo-only MOE tournament coming soon? ZOMG ME WANT!!!

So, let’s proceed!Obligatory! Watch the OP:

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9 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 10 – SPECIAL EPISODE”

  1. warriorhope says:

    Seeing the bihind the scenes for the shoots was awesome. Also the cosplay pictures for all the girls.

    Also the plug for Xiao’s series. :kyaa2: I’m going to plug it too in the next apporiate post.

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Sakura Hime Kaden Chapter 3-New Friends, New Problems

  2. Kitsune says:

    It would be fun to see some food shots, but I see how it can be difficult to find decent ones.

    You did an impressive job at photoshoping 🙂

    I especially liked the cosplay page 🙂

    Kitsune’s last blog post..Tytania – Episode 16

  3. FuyuMaiden says:

    Hahaha. That was so fun. Though it’s a little disappointing to see what we missed out on. The chibi episode would have been fun. Though a little hard to vote for since there’s only so many chibi poses. The girls all would have looked adorable.

    I was also wondering what happened to the food pr0n because we were promised that in the preview episode from the last cycle if I remember correctly.

    Looking at all the cosplay pictures, I still think Sakura was the absolute best. It’s too bad it didn’t happen earlier though. It looks like a shoot Ranka would have had a good chance in. Too bad~

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..The Environnment Influences the Shipping

  4. foomafoo says:

    Yuki has a nice cosplayer. Also, I’d love to see the Horror scenes!!! Inoue and Misa looked liked yanderes for a change.

    Nanoha’s cosplayer is… no comment.

    foomafoo’s last blog post..Cliche Legends

  5. Xiao says:

    Ooo~, special DVD features? WANT. 8DDDD

    Aww, it’s a shame about the “postponed” episodes. I think all the topics, especially the horror one (man, that looks horrifyingly FIERCE!, lol), are great ideas and you should totally use them for the next cycle. Can’t wait! xD

    Ohh~, now I see what you meant by Ranka’s glowing eyes. That was really nice editing there. How’d you do it? 8D
    And haha, now I think that the water screens were really necessary. Especially Amu, my god. *facepalm*

    OMGYAY! The other girls in 3D! *stares*
    Oh wow, Ranka looks fabulous! 8D And awgh, Shana would have taken this round if she was still in the game. Shame, shame.

    Hmm, as for the three girls…I agree with the majority that Sakura looks the best (actually, I think Shirley looks better but since she’s a stand-in, y’know, lol) so I guess I’ll vote for her.

    Awesome episode as always. hehe

    And thanks so much for promoting SoMT! <333 I would be honored to have the founder of Anime-NTM as a co-host during the main tournament if you would like to be one! You can tell me in your later comment when you submit your list. Ah, I also have to go edit some rules about the nominations now so check back to see them to see if your nominees apply. When you can, of course. Thanks so much again! *loves you* ^^

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..ěk-sěn’trĭk’s Unofficial Shoujo-Only Moe Tournament

  6. 53RG10 says:

    Nanoha and the Doughnut!!! DO WANT! :nosebleeds:

    53RG10’s last blog post..Dubbing no Koto

  7. issa-sa says:

    I demand food pR0n in the next cycle!

    *ahem* Besides that, ’twas interesting to see how much effort into all the photo searching and shopping (imagine if you had to draw them from scratch!). Where do you find the time girl??? LOL

    And seeing some of the eliminated girl’s cosplays… I’m rather relieved the final four were who they are XD

    issa-sa’s last blog post..2008 Leftovers: Winter Comiket

  8. mikaino says:

    A special episode hmm.. I think I’ve missed this, sorry if I am late. *reads the post backwards*
    Belldandy’s and Ranka’s cosplay are darn awesome!! Too bad they were out in an early timing.
    And oh, Food Pron? Must be nice :kyaa2: , sadly it’s cancelled.

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