ToraDora: 15 – Blondes Have More Fun…


LMAO I have no idea why I suddenly lost interest in episodic blogging during the past few weeks (yes, weeks). Sometimes, I enjoy making them, sometimes I’m so lazy/busy to do them. Anyway, we get to the point in the series where another character is taking such a development and he is the resident weird glasses guy Kitamura.

Kitamura seems to be a caged bird, because he seems unable to release his feelings, and it was also accompanied by Sumire’s rejection. Because of that, he attempts to change his look. He dyed his hair blonde, which shocked everyone, especially Taiga. He did that so he could not run for student council president. In addition, Kitamura’s attitude also changed yankee-style. Eveerything didn’t seem to bother Sumire though, since she still maintains her composure with all the things happening.


Minori suggests to go to Kitamura’s house to check him, but his parents say that he’d ran away. Along the way back home with Ryuuji, Minori shows respect for Ami for she’s the only one who knows Kitamura best. She also adds that Ami is working in the world of adults, by which she attained the personality of them, implying that Ami was the most mature of them all.

Back at home, Ryuuji sees Taiga in a shocked state and it’s because Kitamura was in there to stay. Taiga does her best to make him cheer-up. From cooking and such, but it seems that it’s still uneffective when Taiga sees Kitamura’s sleeping face, a face which still reflects his loneliness. While walking outside, Taiga wonders if she is really close to Kitamura, moving aside the fact that they’re close already. …And a cute RyuujixTaiga moment concurs when Ryuuji wraps his scarf around her, accompanied by another metaphor regarding the Orion constellation.


The next morning, Ryuuji wakes up with Kitamura’s enthusiastic face gleaming at him. He also noticed that he and Taiga had eaten a lot last night. Taiga then wakes up with a punch to Kitamura. She results in screaming, which ruined the MILF’s beauty sleep LOL and sends them out of the household.

The trio then heads off to the batting cage to release some stress and Taiga and Ryuuji figured out that Kitamura seems to be having so much fun and he seems to be forgetting all those emo-ness he has in him in the cage. After Kitamura, it’s Taiga’s turn to play and Kitamura’s amazed by her ability on batting.


Then the three went home, just to see Ryuuji’s mom Yasuko greeting them nicely, until she instructs Ryuuji and Taiga to hold Kitamura while she shows out her jet-black dyeing materials. Yasuko explains that Kitamura’s parents are already worried and so is she with his situation now. Kitamura escaped, and said that parents are still parents.

Taiga was lonely, but she thought of something. The next day, everyone on school was in shock when they see Taiga, along with Ryuuji on her side, revealing that she’s the new student council president.


Kanzie’s thoughts…

This is an episode full of strong dialogues. Minori’s admiration to Ami and her saying that she’s arrogant and dishonest after Ryuuji complimenting her kindness was also another proof that she’s such a very vague and deep character besides that genki-attitude. I really like how ToraDora is turning into something more, and stands out amongst several lovecoms I’ve ever watched. It’s funny, yet strong and emotionally attaching in the same way.

Kitamura’s rebellion was so funny. I think that’s the right word to describe it in my opinion since the blond makes him looks so weird I’m really enjoying to see this type of smarty-pants, almost perfect character to get destroyed emotionally by love. Sumire’s ice queen-ness is also interesting, but I’m not sure whether if I’ll like her or not with that.

My Top 10 in ToraDora 15!:

1. SCARF – OMG I love that scene where Ryuuji wraps around his scarf on Taiga ^_^!!!!!

2. Taiga – It’s really nice to see how hopelessly in love she is with Kitamura, and how she shows worry about how the word “closeness” mean to their relationship. Plus, she’s president next week!

3. Kitamura – The star of this episode!!!!!

4. Minori – for being verbally interesting, and imo, she really a well-made character both supportive and leading.

5. Ryuuji – Well he’s Ryuuji! A thoughtful friend, both on Taiga’s and Kitamura’s side. I just wonder though on when will the RyuujixTaiga arc happen.

6. Yasuko – MONEY. OUT.

7. Sumire – Why do you have to make Kita-kun suffer? T_T

8. Ami – Still as awesome though. Just wish she has more appearances.

9. Ice Cream – awesome midnight snack, and goes along well with playing video games~~~

10. Blondes – They really do have more fun…


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2 Responses to “ToraDora: 15 – Blondes Have More Fun…”

  1. Omisyth says:

    Silly kanzy, only Yasuko is the blonde who has fun in this show. :aww:

    Omisyth’s last blog post..Toradora 14 and 15: ORE NO TURN.

  2. kanzeon says:

    @Omisyth: I lol’d so much in the part where her precious sleep was disturbed XD

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