Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 4th Elimination


8 girls are remaining, but it would soon be seven girls left after the deliberation! Who would be the next Girl of the Week? Which girl would be left frozen in the ice and get her dreams winning taken away by the snowstorm?

Obligatory: Watch the OP!




First of all, our new Head Master for this season, Nagi, which also seems to be under huge controversies these days with her mangaka struggling in some health issues. The next one is supermodel, veteran fashion icon, and had walk in several runways on the anime world: Yukari from Paradise Kiss. The third judge is the perfectionist guy which is currently working on with his upcoming fashion line, Perfection by OCD: Death the Kid from Soul Eater. And the fourth judge is none other than the innocent, cute, adorable, and whose words are so sweet and helpful like cotton candy: Akira from Lucky Star! Last but definitely not the least is the fiercest blogger commentator Xiao Jie from ěk-sěn’trĭk!!! I’ve decided to put her in as a special judge because of her interesting views on the girls’ photos as always! Commenting is a really important part on the process of Anime’s Next Top Model, and who knows that you might be the next guest judge?




Nagi – OMG this will make me BAWWWW T_T…

Yukari – Oh my god everything in the photo works soooo well! This is fashion editorial! I don’t even know that Amu can be this so brilliantly high fashion. This is genius.

Death the Kid – Dead?

Akira – Come on! Where’s the train to come when you needed it?!

Xiao Jie“WAAAAHHHH!!!! AMUUUUUU!!!! Don’t die on me! Dx Who left you out on the railroad tracks in such perfect picture-taking position with that awesome outfit?! And why did you have to have that “lost-in-your-eyes” look?! Wake up! Wake up! You can’t die on me! WAKE UP! *shakes her like mad*”




Nagi – Go work it girl! Fiiiieeeeerrrrccceeeee!

Yukari – OMG this is so elegant and fierce! She’s like a dancing ballerina! I really like it, and congratulations because this photo is definitely MILES better than the previous two.

Death the Kid – *nosebleeds* *eye bleeds* *mouth bleeds* So… Perfect… The only thing wrong is the camera angle.

Akira – Woah, she doesn’t look raep’d today!

Xiao Jie “*is demoned away* xDDD Soooo much better than the weeks before. I really like it. In fact, I love everything about it. It screams modern Shirayuki-hime to me…*scared now* o.O”




Nagi – She’s like snapping to send in her ghostly minions lol.

Yukari – Ooooooo her eyes are like gems piercing through you. It’s so ethereal. Outstanding.

Death the Kid – HOLY OPTIMUS PRIME! This is unsymmetrically fabulous!!!!!!! But still hate it because of that.

Akira – She looks like a mummy. LAME. PASS.

Xiao Jie “Sweetie, you look nice but did you die from the cold and become a snow ghost? o.O;;”




Nagi – Love it. It screams “I’m the ice queen! Give me some grapes! Lol…”

Yukari – I really like it. And we credit Misa’s high fashion experience in here. But I guess it’s nice to see her tone down a little bit but I think she could do better.

Death the Kid – ARGHHH! The face paint is SOOO unsymmetrical!!!!!!!!!!

Akira – Look! There’s a Shinigami hand gropin’ her ass!

Xiao Jie“Bitch, that’s not a couch so don’t look so comfortable. & get off! The people who own that need to use it in the summer. -_-;”




Nagi – OMG I love the dress! So beyutifullll!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yukari – I think it’s still an effective shot even though she’s far away. Her eyes are intense and I must admit that they’re the first things I notice when I look at this pic. Stunning.

Death the Kid – NO WAY. This is uneffective for me. If she stood right at the center and placed both arms symetrically then  it would be perfect. Nice gown though.

Akira – Lol from afar she looks like a skull XDDDDDDDDDDDD

Xiao Jie“Omg, that’s a bridge! O.o”




Nagi – Oooo there’s a vine growing on her face!!! And I like the dress too!

Yukari – OMG this is so elegant and French Vogue-esque. This is what I’m really looking for! This is so haute couture and she used awkwardness in the right timing. It’s excellent.

Death the Kid – ARRGHHH!!! Why did she took off her gloves?! Now it’s so fashionably UN-symmetrical now!!!

Akira – She looks like a lost kid preparing to get raep’d.

Xiao Jie “…I like the pose of the arms and the angle of her head tilted towards the camera. It’s just that it’s…awkward a bit. Is she holding out for Yuuji to take it (where is he, that lame brain) or is she about to hold onto some invisible railing? o.O;”




Nagi – Pantsu.

Yukari – I’ll never say that again, Nagi. But still, she should have worked it off not producing a very awkward photo. But still, I like the upper body and face, it’s so seductive.

Death the Kid – It sucks to see her have this photo because I have so much expectations to her doing well in this round because of her ‘cool’ appeal, but still, the photo was alright.

Akira – Boooooooorrring!!!!!!!!!





Nagi – Well, at least she doesn’t show her pantsu…

Yukari – I guess this is her downfall. She can’t do high-fashion and she should just stick to commercial. But it was still nice to see her efforts though. It’s a great journey for Ranka.

Death the Kid – I really like the way how she placed her legs and it looks like she broke them which makes the shot very interesting. But still, this is the weakest of the bunch.

Akira – Hahaha you’re gone! Just go back being an idol, bitch.

Xiao Jie“Poor girl’s butt must be frost-bitten by now. And she has such a puppy-eyed Bambi look that you can’t help but feel bad. Someone get her mat or something to sit on. Hey you! Yea, you! *points at random person and runs after them*”










I find it very interesting that it had been a close fight between Amu and Rika for the top spot! Hmm… Am I foreseeing a fanboys v.s. fangirls fight on the top 2???



Ranka is eliminated and now it’s down to the lucky 7! Stay tuned as the girls would be alongside fast and furious objects (I gave a clue XD) for the COOLEST photo shoot ever in Anime-NTM history to celebrate our move here in Kokidokom!!!


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8 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 4th Elimination”

  1. Nazarielle says:

    Aww, poor Ranka 🙁 Oh well, she really did have some of the worst photos 😐 Can’t wait to see the next batch :3

  2. FuyuMaiden says:

    Victory for Amu!!! She hasn’t been the girl of the week since…being the very first girl of the week. Well then, it’s certainly a good week for Amu. Being girl of the week, finding a hawt cat boy in her bed, and then becoming roomies with that same cat boy. Yup. A good week.

    But aww…Ranka. I was kind of hoping she’d stick around so that maybe we’d get to see her improve or something, but better her then some other girls. My favorite characters are all getting knocked out pretty quickly though. Sakura and Amu are the only ones left (and I suppose I can add Shana in there now too).

    And seeing Xiao Jie’s comments up there made me giggle quite a bit. Oddly enough, she seems to fit right in with the other judges.

  3. Ashe says:

    OMG kanz, you moved! Congrats! Anyway, I agree with FuyuMaiden, I thought Ranka would soon improve if she lasted longer but oh well…

  4. warriorhope says:

    Amu-chan won. Good for her.

    Xiao’s comments are win.

  5. mikaino says:

    Buh-bye, Ranka! Death The Kid copied yar post! Bwahaha!
    But I don’t really expected it. I expected that Yuki will be eliminated (because of her facial expression), but Ranka’s dress is for S’Winter! and not even sure if her panties are seen >_>
    (agreed on Akira’s comment on Orihime.)

  6. NOOOOOOOOO~ RANKA!! :huhu:

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..Im Starting To Forget ‘Anime’

  7. Xiao says:



    Omg, you made me a special judge…*feels so incredibly honored and…and shy!* Kyaaa! I’m so happy! haha I’m glad you find my comments interesting enough to use them! ^^ And I will be even fiercer with the next round! Which I will go read in just a sec. lol xD

    BUT YAY! My Amu-chan won! Hehe, ended up voting for her after all and I’m so tempted to do it again for the next one cuz that is one of my most favorite images of her.

    As for Ranka, I agree with Yukari’s comment. She’s an idol, not a model and should just go back to singing. At least she had one nice shot, though. :/ Well, yep. Going to next round. ^^

    @Fuyu-san: Are you calling me weird? …Cuz you’re so right. xD;

    @warrior: hehe, thanx. :^_^:

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 65

  8. Felicity says:

    :kyaa: AMU AND RIKA’s PHOTOS ARE AMAZING!!! :kyaa:
    And alo Orihime’s. It’s haunting. I love the masquerade party-ish styling too.

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