Webcomic Project: AniBloggers Manga-fied!


Well this is what boredom makes of me. Since I had enjoyed drawing some friends from the aniblogosphere, I thought that I should make some webcomics of some sort :D. Well, forgive because I can’t color them properly so I just kept them simple. This is just for the lulz btw so please take them lightly ^_^.

Of course, there’s no serious plot/story, just think of Hetalia Axis Powers, but this time, the blogs get personified and get into wacky situations ^_^

DISCLAIMER: Before continuing, please keep in mind that the characters’ appearance, traits and such are just based on my personal views on them, and are not meant to offend anyone 🙂 And there’s bunny violence ahead 😉

So are you ready? Let’s go!


SCENARIO 1 Omisyth and Blissmo

It’s Christmas! Blissmo gets a new bunny and shows it to her buddy..



There’s one more! Scenario 2 is on the next page


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19 Responses to “Webcomic Project: AniBloggers Manga-fied!”

  1. thepoop says:

    Yeah!! I made it into a comic! (thanks for the cat ears!!)
    I really like your comics. I look forward to the possibility of more in the future.

  2. issa-sa says:

    Love the sound of Meta Powers Hetalia XD
    Great job on the webcomic… Looks like there”ll be more contenders for this category in the next awards ;P

  3. kanzeon says:

    @thepoop: Thanks ^_^ I prolly make some more if everyone likes it 🙂

    @issa-sa: Lol I just randomly thought of that XD… I need some suggestions from others besides me though 🙂 And what awards?

  4. Ashe says:

    Lol the second one really had me laughing XD!!! Lol at your faces. Anyway, the Omisyth guy looks cute! Is he tsundere?

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  6. omisyth says:

    Bravo, kanzeon. Bravo (^^)bb. You should definitely continue this, for the sake of all that is blogging and the bloggers.

    If I think of a name I’ll be sure to drop a comment.

  7. […] View original post here: Webcomic Project: AniBloggers Manga-fied! « [:METANORN:] […]

  8. Kitsune says:

    The first comic starts very cute, but the ending is quite scary actually…

    haha The expressions of the girls in the second comic are priceless! 🙂

    I like the idea of such a comic 🙂

    A few seconds of brainstorming resulted in this: AAA Comic = Amazing Adventures of Anibloggers. Three As can be made into a logo. 😛

    Another one is Kanzemanga Daioh 😛

  9. 53RG10 says:

    Nice Comics!

    Omisyth is one evil bastard! >_<

    But like {manga} blissmo…I said yay to random mutilation! ^_^’

  10. nazarielle says:

    Hahaha, these are awesome. Please do keep drawing, you have a real talent there, it’d be a shame not to see you at least have some fun with it 😀 omisyth ripping apart bunnies is hilarious too, I dunno where you come up with it, but it’s some funny stuff ^^

  11. blissmo says:

    awww how cute! and I made it into the comic as well~

    I really need to start drawing again soon lol

    But your comics are adorable! You should definitely keep this up. I don’t know about a name since I’m not so good with names myself 😛

  12. kanzeon says:

    @Ashe: Judge by the comics ^_^

    @Omisyth: Thanks ^_^ I’m just plain bored that’s why I started this so maybe if more (boredom) comes, I’d probably make more 🙂

    @Kitsune: Lol Kanzemanga Daioh XD. AAA can be nice too ^_^

    @53RG10: Yipee!

    @nazarielle: Thank you 🙂 I really had lots of fun doing them ^_^

    @blissmo: I can’t wait for more of your bunnies! ^_^

  13. FuyuMaiden says:

    Continue! More! But I want to say this right away, don’t stress yourself out on it if becomes a running feature of this blog. You already do so much that I get amazed.

    omisyth is so tsundere~ To the point of violence. Too bad it didn’t work out for him.

    And the second one. So unamused until a sparkly bishie shows up. (And oh my~ I’m such a Shugo Chara fangirl…)

    I can’t think of any titles (bu I am especially fond of Meta Powers Hetalia). If I think of anything I’ll let you know though.

  14. kanzeon says:

    @FuyuMaiden: Thanks ^_^. I think I’m really not stressed so much because I just discovered that I relieve stress in drawing 🙂 Meta Powers Hetalia is kinda good but I need a replacement for the word/s “Powers/Hetalia” so that it wouldn’t sound like a APH ripoff 🙂 .

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  16. mikaino says:

    Aw that’s nice!

  17. Xiao says:

    *GASP!* Bunny violence?! D8

    …You’re cheering b/c it’s obviously ketchup. xDDD;;;

    The second one was absolute win~. lulz |DDDD

    Awesome job. Can’t wait for more. ^^

  18. kanzeon says:

    @mikaino: Thanks ^_^ It’s wicked-nice 🙂

    @xiao_jie: Blissmo really likes dead and bloody bunnies O.O Really. O.O XD

  19. amayalee says:

    They are great! Love them! Keep at it! I’d like to see more of this feature! 😛

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