Vampire Knight Manga: Chapter 46


OMG definitely one of my favorite VK chapters… Especially for us Zeki shippers XD!!!


Cute small Shiki x Rima pic I just noticed!


Gotta make a banner with this pic XD


So unoriginal…




You know what I’ll say…



Uh… Wait. What?!


Short glance…

The chapter starts with Kaname showing up in the middle of Zero pointing out his gun to Yuuki. He says that he did something that’s unforgivable and he would never ever forgive him even for a thousand years. Kaname was about to attack Zero with his giant claw and manipulate Zero’s Bloody Rose but Yuuki got in the way and stopped the two men. Yuuki said that Kaname should not say something sad like that and Kaname obeyed Yuuki’s order and just left her alone with Zero for a moment. Yuuki noticed that Zero’s Bloody Rose is sucking his own blood, just like a vampire, and told him to put it away. Since Zero did now want to obey her, Yuuki pulled it away instead. After releasing his Bloody Rose, Zero said that he’s just like any other vampire creature: hungry for her blood, and addicted to it to the point that he wants to drink it to the very last drop. Zero then sucked Yuuki’s blood and after that…. KYAAAA~~~ Zero hold her tight and kissed her. After that, he bid farewell and told Yuuki to go to Kaname instead, but the next time he sees her, he’ll kill her. Yuuki then replied that she’ll keep on running away from him so that he’s still have a reason to live.

Kan chats…

Lol I’ve missed typing “Kan chats” for a while since I’ve been busy reviewing stuff XD… Moving on with Vampire Knight, OMG what a mixture of good and sad chapter it is. Well, technically it’s good because AT LAST Zero kissed Yuuki, and sad because Yuuki still remained as an ice queen, Zero officially(???) giving her up and what’s with Zero sucking her blood, kissing her, then saying that he’ll kill her? Anyway, at least he’s so hot that it pays for his emoness XD… The more I think about it, the more I stand to Zero beng the “Vampire Knight” of the series (either him or Kaien XDD lol). I just basically hate most love triangles in anime and manga, so I must definitely say that Vampire Knight belongs to the love triangles that I actually “love” since I actually cannot determine the “underdog” of the two men. What I fear predict though is that the cycle of what happened to Yuuki’s mother and Kaien and Haruka. My biggest question is still: will destiny repeat or not? Though sadly, if it would repeat again, Zero would be the next Kaien and handle over the school and Yuuki ends up with Kaname blahblahblah boring BUT if it does not repeat, it would be very interesting. I hope the mangaka would make things unpredictable and original ^_^.


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8 Responses to “Vampire Knight Manga: Chapter 46”

  1. Xiao says:

    Dude, I think Zero’s whole bloody french followed by that sexy line was the highlight of this chapter. 😀

    Haha, I immediately went to onemanga to read this after seeing your twitter update (and I’m not that into VK, lol).

    I liked Yuuki’s…not actually new, but cold vampire princess personality she “got back.” It’s very…odd. Heh. Don’t know how else to describe it.

    *sigh* So yea…what will really happen from this point on? Oooo~, Zero is going to be forever on the hunt for Yuuki’s blood and her life so he can “live.” Yea, ok, whatever floats your boat. =P

    And I’m more worried about Kaien~! What happened to him? He’s still alive, isn’t he? He must come back! He’s the only person I actually like in this series!

    Yesh. *content now* ~(-.-)~
    lol xD;

  2. FuyuMaiden says:

    Oh my~ So I did have some fangirl left in me for this series. I thought that died after chapter twenty or something.

    I agree, Zero is probably the “Vampire Knight.” Even if Kaname wins the love triangle, Zero basically wins the series. Zero gets more development and gets to be awesome. He overcame his crap to be able to stand on his own. Meanwhile Kaname just seems to get more overcome with siscon every day. His obsession with Yuuki would be weird even if she weren’t his sister, but to me it always seems that the most possessive ones are the ones into their siblings anyway. -_-;

    Well um…I actually might be looking forward to the next chapter…yay?

  3. kanzeon says:

    @xiao_jie: ZOMG Kaien is still alive and hotter than ever! (~yeah gotta include that XDD) I really lol’d on the final scene when Zero said that he’ll kill Yuuki, I was like “wth?” after he drank her blood and kissed her XD…
    P.S. – I really wonder what’s wrong with my spam blocker… It blocks like, every comment I get (even MY own comments) -_-”

    @FuyuMaiden: Zero really had the most awesome character development (after him is Yuuki then Shiki)… and I lol’d at the siscon comment XD It’s quite funny in my case because I was like “reading it for the sake of reading it” before but now my heart is beating for more VK again ^_^.

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  6. Tsuki-no-Hikari says:

    Yay! My favorite chapter so far! In part because I didn’t have to spend too much time figuring out which character was which, but mostly becuase of the kiss. ZeKi ftw!

  7. Libby Murray says:

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  8. Mason Adams says:

    spam blockers are really needed these days because you will always get spam from e-mails and on your facebook account too.;'”

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