ToraDora!: 10 – Equal?

Double-doofus combo topped with seaweed paste, coming right up!


Ryuji and Taiga stayed up all night after that horrifying incident and both of them are still unsure on what had occurred last night. Moving on, they talk about their plans on scaring Minori. Yusaku overhears them and asks why are they going to scare Minori. Taiga put up a story that Minori actually likes to get scared. Kitamura believed Taiga and tagged along, saying that he’ll help them on scaring his friend, and ask Ami to be an accomplise too.

In the morning, Ryuuji and Minori prepare their snacks for the beach, and Minori asks Ryuuji not to tell everyone about their conversation. Meanwhile, Ami was spying on how Ryuuji and Minori are really getting close to each other.


Everyone headed towards the beach except for Ami, so Ryuuji went back at the villa and checked her. When he entered the room, Ami was on her bikinis, and compliments on how good her assets are.

Since Ryuuji looks very uninterested in her by not looking at them, Ami threathened him by not helping on the Minori scare-plan. She then gives him five seconds to say anything but Ryuuji can’t so she decided not to help. Now, only Ryuuji and Kitamura are capable of going to the cave, while Taiga is with Minori.


To make Minori not get suspicious, Kitamura volunteered himself that he should be the only one to set up the traps in the cave. He even called Taiga and Minori’s attention just to say that he’ll go to the bathroom (what the hell).

Kitamura comes back at lunchtime to each sandwiches with everyone. Ami seems to surprise Ryuuji when she took the first step on inviting Minori into the cave. As they went in front of the cave, Minori seems to feel an eerie feeling already, because of its appearance but Kitamura urges her to go inside.


And now welcome to the haunted cave. Kitamura’s traps seems to be umm… interesting. The first one is a piece of tofu with red bean paste that swings down when being activated by stepping on a string, this device was fail as it misses Minori and hits Taiga in the face instead. Another is a crypt-esque bloody message, all written by a ketchup. Minori seems to unnotice it and Taiga had noticed it’s smell more.

Ryuuji noticed a slimy thing in his hand, and that slimy thing was the one seen last night in his and Taiga’s room. Ryuuji also saw the hair, as well as Minori. Meanwhile, Ami gets bored and tries to get out of the cave by taking a shortcut, Ryuuji followed her but he feels very uneasy. With that, Ami suggests that Ryuuji should not be separated with her and told him that he was really afraid of being alone.

Ami suddenly opens up the topic about Minori. She feels that Ryuuji and Minori aren’t suitable for each other, because they’re like Sun and Moon, and Minori can eventually burn him out. Ami even stated that the one best suited for Ryuuji is the one who’s at his level: herself, since they’re both afraid of being alone.


Suddenly, they hear Minori scream, and Ryuuji runs to her aid, Ami trips, but gets back up as she clinged on to his hand. The two reached Kitamura and Taiga, but both are clueless with what’s happening with Minori. Plus, Kitamura’s flashlight had ran out of batteries so he borrowed Ryuuji’s to save Minori. Kitamura runs forward the darkness and disappears too.

Weird voices are starting to come out, which made the three remaining at panic. Taiga rushes to get out, but he slips from the water. Ryuuji and Ami followed her but they saw Kitamura and Minori helping Taiga up, and it was revealed that they are the ones who are pulling the prank all along.


Back at the house, Kitamura and Minori confessed that they were the ones who are scaring Ryuuji and Taiga all along. And they were even behind what happened last night on Ryuuji and Taiga’s rooms.

Minori had known that Taiga and Ryuuji were trying to scare her just from the start so she asked Kitamura to help her get some payback. Minori also confessed that she actually loves horror, and what she just said back then about being afraid was a reverse psychology. Well, Ami was out-of-place in the entire discussion XD…


They ended their summer vacation with fireworks at the beach and Ami gets a moment with Ryuuji. Ryuuji said that he realized that he’ll be lonely after all with her being not around, and points out that it was very incoherent to take loneliness as a part of them being suited for each other. Ami walks out, and said that Ryuuji was a nice person. Minori then talks with Ryuuji and mentions that she had fun. She was wondering htough why Ryuuji wants her to see ghosts. Ryuuji then said that he wants her not to give up on seeing them, hat’s why. With that, she proposed that they should go UFO hunting next. Minori then wonders if what would happen when they had found all she wanted, but she immediately changed her attention to the fireworks, which she thought were UFO’s booming from the night sky.

The group finally went home the next day, and as they all got separated in their ways, Ryuuji asks Taiga that they should go on the market, but Taiga declines because she’s tired. Ryuuji then left her, walking on his own, and left Taiga having a worrying face. Taiga then ran off to catch Ryuuji…

~Banira soruto de… Burning Love~

(lol I got used to singing along that song when an episode ends XDD~)



Kanz’s Top 10 in ToraDora! 10!!!

  1. Ami – I’m really starting to like Ami because she’s really becoming more natural. Plus I really pitied her this episode. She actually got me liking her the past two eps and even though it’s a “Minori-scaring-101” episode, I felt that she was also given a spotlight. And I don’t really know if she’s still teasing Ryuuji for the sake of teasing only -_-… AND OMG how I love her “sun and moon” metaphor tackling about equality!!! Ami totally gained some respect from me 🙂
  2. Minori – Awesome as always. She had a great character development from the past two episodes. 🙂
  3. Kitamura -I still don’t get this guy. Though he and Minorin can make an adorable combo duo of dense awesomeness. Kitamura’s really not your typical geeky class rep 🙂
  4. Minorin’s Microphone – Buy it along with the Minorin-radar and get 70% discount!
  5. Fireworks!!! – Common anime cliche where they lit them up on a beach at summer vacation…
  6. Ryuuji – Teh Sun to teh Moon… Come on! Get on with the girl you like already!!!
  7. Taiga – Where’s Taiga in this episode? Oh she’s there…
  8. Flashlights – Always pack them along with fully-charged batteries.
  9. “Goo” – Wet, sticky and slimeh…

I really don’t know which one will I side on regarding who’s ending up with Ryuuji. Ami seems to be bring up her game and Minori seems to remain my favorite. Oh, and there’s the obvious one, Taiga, but she’s currently getting the “sisterly love” from Ryuuji, but I find it awesome that she  seems to feel jealousy now as shown in the final scene in this ep ^_^… I really don’t know anymore… Umm… That’s all, toodles!


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5 Responses to “ToraDora!: 10 – Equal?”

  1. toonleap says:

    I can´t believe I am missing Toradora… 🙁
    I need to keep up with the rest of the people…

  2. […] her complex personal emotions in him, and while although teasing a lot, is honest in many ways. metan0rn: I’m really starting to like Ami because she’s really becoming more natural. Plus I really […]

  3. nazarielle says:

    Haha, yay, you made it just in time for episode 11 today! Then you could do three in a row :p

    I think my favorite part is near the end when they’re both walking away and Ryuuji says, “Well, you know there’s a sale today.” and Taiga just says “urusaittemou” it’s just so cute :3

  4. blissmo says:

    After watching this episode, I was also wondering who Ryuuji would reeeeally end up with, and I too loved Ami’s “sun and moon” metaphor. It really got to me 😛

    I wouldn’t mind Takasu with any of the chicks because he’s a nice guy, deserves them all, you know.

  5. Xiao says:

    Yay~! The Ami love is spreading around~! <3

    Minori is just unpredictable. lol
    & Taiga was as humorous as always. hehe

    Argh, took me so long to get back to reading posts. *so tired* Need to catch up for this week.

    But yea, the metaphor. God, I love that metaphor. And I like how everybody is somewhat philosophical in their own respect without over doing it. It just makes this love comedy all the more worth watching.

    Hmm, looks like it’s back to Taiga’s story in the next ep. Ha, and back to bitch-fighting as well. ^^;

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