ToraDora! 09 – So men have ghosts on their bodies…

…lying under their towels??? XDDD~


Ryuuji and Taiga are getting married. Taiga asks him to take care of her puppies… Errr… Married?! Puppies?! Well, it was all just a dream, and thanks to Ryuuji watching a horror flick about giving birth to a dog. It seems that they both shared the same dream, which taught that they should support each others’ side more regarding getting Kitamura’s and Minori’s love.

With that, they played a game of badminton to decide which turn it is to get helped on their rabu-dabu. Ryuuji wins, and gets Taiga to help him this time on their upcoming summer vacation.


Taiga and Ryuuji met up with Kitamura and Minori at the train station and they are greeted by them in a ‘enthusiastic’ way. Ami was the last one to arrive, which was greeted by the other four in an embarassing enthusiastic way again. Lesson learned: Don’t arrive last when you’re meeting up with your crazy friends…

At the train, Taiga makes Minori listen up to her iPod. Little did Minori knew that it was a plan of Taiga and Ryuuji to put up a scary sound in her iPod so that she would be scared, since Taigia knew that her best friend is super scared of horror and ghosts. Hence, the “Knight in Shining Armor” plan is commenced.


Finally, they arrived at Ami’s fabulous resort villa. Ryuuji, who is a cleaning freak, get all overexcited more on the cleaning of the dusty villa than the vacation itself.

Everybody started playing on the beach, and Taiga started their plan, by scaring Minori about mistaking the seaweed for a human’s head. And looks like the first step was successful for it scared Minorin out.


In the afternoon back at the house, Kitamura was asking if someone’s interested in coming with him to the store. Ryuuji thought that this was the perfect chance for Taiga but Taiga became super nervous and declined his offer. After that, Kitamura came out with Minori instead.

Meanwhile, Ryuuji entered the bathroom, thinking that no one’s in there, but Ami teased him by making him think that she’s taking a shower, but it was a prank all along.


Ryuuji can’t get over Ami’s teasing so Taiga came in for the aid and stormed into her. Then Taiga realized that Ami’s taking a bath all along, and even described all those “boing-boing”s in her body XDD…

Minori comes back with the groceries, with Kitamura handling his business with the motorcycle outside. Minori felt something had touched her neck, which instantly makes her scared. But it was just Taiga all along, playing with the seaweed as part of the plan.


The friends then prepare for dinner, while Ami and Taiga argues with how would their dinner taste like. Ryuuji settled it by making a separate “sweet” curry for Taiga, which made Ami jealous because Taiga always have to get the special treatment.

Minori then immediately enters the discussion, and so is Kitamura, who, surprisingly wears only a towel. Ami was shocked, Taiga fainted, but Minori started to take pictures. Kitamura lost grip of his towel and Minori takes a glance of something black and O_O before Ryuuji could immediately cover it up. Minori lost her soul..


Ryuuji convinces Minori that the black fuzzy thing she saw in Kitamura a while ago was just a seaweed ghost (that’s one of the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard XDD), and to make her feel better, he’ll take her request by making the curry super extra-spicy.

Itadakimasu! Minori seems to love the curry, and never expected it to be less spicier that what she thought, as well as everyone, but the curry had an after effect, it’s really super spicy XD.


Everyone suffered through the super duper spicy meal, well, except for the genki Minorin, who seems to be getting all that energy from spicy foods. After the spicy meal, it is necessary to have something to cool them down, ice popsicles. Taiga still felt bad after that curry and had a stomach ache. Kitamura then aided her to come into his room and get some medicine.


And now everyone’s finally alone with someone they should be with: Taiga with Kitamura in his room, Ryuuji with Minori, and Ami with err… Mr. make-up kit.

Ryuuji and Minori gets outside, while eating some dessert to view the starry night sky. Ryuuji thought that this could finally be his chance so he started things up.


Ryuuji opened up a discussion by asking Minori if she has a boyfriend. Minori seemed to ignore his question and talked about the seaweed ghosts instead. Minori was not actually misleading Ryuuji, for what she’s talking about literally has connection to what Ryuuji asked her.

Minori asks Ryuuji if he ever saw a ghost. Ryuuji answered no. Minori then explained that she believes in them actually, but it’s just that she’s never seen one. In a similar way, she believes that she’ll fall in love and get married one day, but so far, she’s never felt that way with anyone yet. Just like dealing with ghosts, she doesn’t think she’ll see it and is thinking of giving up. Well, basically, the answer to Ryuuji’s question is that she has no boyfriend.


After getting back to his room, Taiga enters and her stomach tells him that she’s hungry. After they had eaten their midnight snack, Taiga mentioned that she is not contented when she was with Kitamura when she’s on his room a while ago. She notes that she’s feeling more strained than like what she feels when she’s around Ryuuji: happy and free. Taiga mentioned the dream again they both shared but stopped immediately.

The two return to their respective rooms, only to find hair with seaweed goo in Ryuuji’s bed and her sundress covered in goo in Taiga’s bed. Taiga rushed in to Ryuuji, and they became both more scared when they hear banging on the doors and windows…

Kanz’s Top 10 in ToraDora 09:

  1. Minori – Minori got so much abuse in this episode but she still tops my ‘favorites’ standings on this episode. She got so much character development and we get to at least see how she looks at love. That ghost to love thing was just nice, and Minori remains my favorite girl character in the series, along with Taiga.
  2. Ami – Woah I actually liked Ami in this episode. Well, she really gets entertaining to watch and I really think her bitchiness in very very natural. But too bad for her being the third wheel again in this episode though. what I just don’t like about her is that she spoil things for her own sake when she found out that Ryuuji likes Minori. (Why did you even proposed a vacation with your crush’s crush on the first place, bitch?)… But I sympathized with her ^_^
  3. Kitamura – Another comedic relief character. Sometimes (ok, always), I just don’t get this guy XD…
  4. Mr. Make-Up Kit – For being with Ami the time she’s alone.
  5. Taiga – Umm, nothing so much to say but she’s always in trouble with Ryuuji to help her. It really shows that can’t advance through without Ryuuji.
  6. Ice Popsicles – Yum yum yum…
  7. The super spicy curry – Minorin’s energy source
  8. The MILF – Lol at her in that puppy costume 😀
  9. Seaweeds – are scary and gross…
  10. Minori’s camera phone – Did she saved them??? >:]

Overall, this episode had lots of stellar and funny moments from Ami teasing Ryuuji in the bathroom, Taiga describing Ami’s “boing boings”, and Minori taking pics of Kitamura who’s only wearing a towel XD! moving along the awesome comedy scene, ToraDora sure knows how to balance them with warm and sweet moments.


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3 Responses to “ToraDora! 09 – So men have ghosts on their bodies…”

  1. nazarielle says:

    Yes, under every man’s towel, there lies a ghost in hiding :p

    Have you seen episode 10 yet?! It’s even better imo ^^

  2. Kitsune says:

    The picture of a woman holding puppies is so cute! :3

  3. kanzeon says:

    @nazarielle: I already watched episode 10 (still just lazy to blog it XD). Minori and Kitamura are awesome!

    @Kitsune: That’s Ryuuji’s mom 🙂

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