Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae: 12 – TATANIC

Episode 12: Mid-summer Graph


Nomura is an aspiring mangaka whoworks part-time in a cafe on the public pool in town. He seems to be working with Nozomi, one of Yuzuki’s friends. Moving over to his life, when Nomura gets very irritated to a person, he puts on his hatred by an idol gravure calendar and he prints out their faces in small circles then he puts it throughout the body of the idol. The one who races up to the chest (or the “finish line”) will get sent to Hell by him using the Hotline to Hell.

There are three people that caused Nomura so much hatred. First is the landlady of their apartment. This bitter killjoy old woman, just like any other, acts supreme and always puts up an end to Nomura’s happy everyday life. The next person Nomura’s got so much hatred is the regular bully. He well, just like any other, bullies him, though not that much bullying, but Nomura still got his nerves on. And the last person he has grudge against to: the boyfriend of his crush Kokoro, which irritates him and makes him jealous when he always spots them flirting with each other.


Then the day had finally come where one of these three people he hates finally got into the finish line, the landlady… but Nomura seemed to be chickened out and backed up instead so he thought that why would he just savor it’s moment though. Then the day for each, and every person he hates finally got into the finish line and he continues to back up over and over.

Things seems to get light when he forgives and forget for the meantime, for his manga had been accepted, and he even invited Nozomi out on a date. Ai’s accomplices seems to be impatient anymore with the swing of things, especially Kikuri, who takes her madness to Yamawaro.

But finally, Nomura was strolling at night until he found Kokoro jumping off a bridge. Nomura stops her and asks her why. Kokoro blamed her boyfriend and says that he was a playboy. Back at home, Nomura then finally puts up his mind anddecides to send Kokoro’s boyfriend to hell, but the time he contacts it, the Hotline to Hell was inaccessible. Nomura then finds Enma Ai behind his back, explains that the one going to be sent to hell… was him, and the client is Kokoro.

The reason why Kokoro sent him to Hell is that she became afraid that Nomura might spread that to everyone at school and it can ruin her social life and popularity. She now pulls the string and be prepared to one of the most creative and entertaining punishments the Jigoku Shoujo series had ever done:


Ippen, Shinde Miru?


Several days after Nomura got sent to Hell, Nozomi’s very much worried about him, saying that he’s such a great person and everything. She cries and takes off her glasses while Yuzuki and her friends comforts her.

Next episode:
The town closest to Hell?!


Tsui says…

Well, this has got to be the best yet the most wrong episode of the season so far. Lol, but I think it kind of reflects us, the youth in some ways. I really think that this season really gives points to the youth these days. Nomura is like your typical emo jerk who acts like he rules but ends up being a chicken and look, he’s the one who got sent to hell. Buut really, the show had been really funny (which isn’t supposed to be) but I really don’t know if the writers intentionally put it up or not. I also think the punishment of this episode would be one of my favorites though, and the paper-mache’d Ai saying “Ippen Shinde Miru?” (“Would you try dying once?”) was just really lulz. Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae had two good episodes in a row.

Well, now that we’re on almost half of the second season, will we get to know why Ai had returned? Will we get to see more of Tsugumi? Will that Mahou-Shoujo scene be gone forever? Will Yuzuki be finally able to do something?????

P.S. – Man, I wish I have those number of monitors Nomura have…

P.P.S. – LOL Nomura has a G-Pen like what I gave to Kanz this Christmas XDD


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