Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 2nd Elimination


Another week, another girl to leave! The past week, the girls had done a photoshoot where they show fierceness, expression and seductiveness as they pose on the water’s surface with their eyes. Who will follow Shinku on getting the next cut? Who would be our next Girl of the Week? It’s all here on Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2!

Obligatory: Watch the OP!




Let’s first meet the panel of judges for this season that would help us hone the girls into fiercedom..

First of all, our new Head Master for this season, Nagi, which also seems to be under huge controversies these days with her mangaka struggling in some health issues. The next one is supermodel, veteran fashion icon, and had walk in several runways on the anime world: Yukari from Paradise Kiss. The third judge is the perfectionist guy which is currently working on with his upcoming fashion line, Perfection by OCD: Death the Kid from Soul Eater. And the fourth judge is none other than the innocent, cute, adorable, and whose words are so sweet and helpful like cotton candy: Akira from Lucky Star!Last but not the least, our special guest judge of the week: Ami from ToraDora, whose currently making waves on teen fashion today and getting people’s nerves and hearts for her natural bitchy personality.





Nagi – GENIUS.

Yukari – C’est magnifique, Misa! Astounding!

Death the Kid – Bravura! Breathtaking!

Akira – Umm… okay, insert word here that would make me sound smart.

Ami – To be really honest, it was really good. I love the cockiness in the photo acutally, where she only showed an eye but it was still stunning and fierce. Hmph! I hate it when I say something long and nice! Oh, and excuse me Akira because I’m smart enought to give a word so here it is… PRETTY.

Akira – Bitch, that was like, a kindergarten’s word…

Ami – Whatever… Hahaha! A kindergarten? I mean, you’re one right? Hahaha!





Nagi – The eyes, they’re absolutely FEROCIOUS!

Yukari – OMG those eyes were like, gems piercing through you. This was a really, really good photo. My actual favorite of the bunch.

Death the Kid – I would almost call it perfect but the only thing that bothered me in this photo is the staff that’s somehow blocking her face! But still, stunning photo.

Akira – O.O… M… M… MOMMMMY!!!!!! *runs away*

Ami – Heh. That Akira girl ran away… is that what you call a “bitchy” judge? Come on, she’s so lame and not to mention, small. I could kick her out of her place anytime… Btw, I agree with the OCD kid with his opinions about this photo, umm.. but I’m so not mentally damaged like him…

Death the Kid – TAKE BACK WHAT YOU SAID!!! You… creature of impurity and imperfectness!!!

Ami – Sorry cutie but I will not take that back tee hee~!!!





Nagi – This one’s really good but where did the wind came from when her hair is wet?

Yukari – Oooh, those eyes are really intense! Another fierce photograph. Plus nice to see her stepping up her game

Akira – I’m back!!! Huh?

Death the Kid – Akira, Ami is stabbing you at the back a while ago…

Akira – F*CK YOU B*TCH!!! GO AND $^%@&…[censored for explicit words]…&%$@#!!!!!

Ami – Hahaha!!! Look at how the small rat rumble but she can’t even reach my face!!! Hahaha… Poor rat! XDD~

Nagi – WAR!!!!!!!!!!



4: AMU



Yukari – This photo is really fun, yet playful in its own way because her face and pose can tell different meanings and interpretations. Really really good job!

Ami – Oh look at Miss Fashion who’s very very serious with her comments…

Yukari – I’ll pay you $85 million bucks to not annoy me.

Ami – DEAL!

Death the Kid – I don’t have that much money to pay Ami ;_;

Akira – That chihuahua bitch Ami really needs a collar ugh so f*cking annoying… Anyway with Amu, I found her eyes very big and scary so pass…





Nagi – Peek-a-boo! Really, boo! This doesn’t deserve to be in the Top 5.

Yukari – Her eyes are… blank, nothing at all. There’s 0% fierceness and she’s just… drowning… She didn’t even played with poses. It’s just disappointing because she really did great last week.

Death the Kid – FAIL. She looks like a sprouting mushroom on the water.

Akira – Pffft… BWAHAHAHA!!! Worst pic of Anime-NTM history!!!

Ami – Well, that’s something all of us could agree on…





Nagi – Green with envy~!

Yukari – I really like the hands. It’s graceful and I think it went well with the overall picture. Really beautiful.

Death the Kid – UGH I ALMOST HATED IT. That would have become perfectly symmetrical when she just placed the other hand to the right place!!!!! Too bad, too bad…

Ami – Come on, is this what you call graceful? The pose was cheesy and it’s almost to the point that it’s so stiff. Lame.

Akira – KOBATO IS GETTING AN ANIME ON FALL 2009!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!1one!!!!eleven!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!onehundredeleven111111





Nagi – Yawn… I wanna eat fried rice -_-

Yukari – She didn’t have the proper light to hit her. Maybe if she get rid of the stiff arm and have the light hit her, it would be a stunning pic.

Death the Kid – I definitely agree with Yukari-chan. It’s too forgettable and mediocre.

Akira – This pic is BOOORRRIINNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ami – I almost forgot that this girl is competing. She’s so forgettable… I can’t even tell something about her photo! Ugh… Lame…





Nagi – Ohohohoho~ ssssnakey!!!!

Yukari – Her photo this week was mediocre again but this one’s definitely better than the previous one. I would like to see more stuff from her though.

Death the Kid – Wow those eyes are very mischievous! The photo is haunting because she has that innocent look!

Akira – The photo says she’s a raped girl corpse thrown out in the lake.

Ami – Ranka, Ranka, Ranka… Is that the best you can do? Pffft really. You should just stick to singing.





Nagi – She’s like taking a bath in blood O.O Very very good!

Yukari – It’s very beautiful and her eyes are very playful. It’s like a mixture of flirtation and refreshingness. Plus I love how those arms are placed elegantly on her head.

Death the Kid – Very glamorous. I really likey.

Akira – What’s good in this photo is that she didn’t show her humongous b00bs…

Ami – Why Akira? Oh that’s it, you don’t have some. You’re flat, face it, you’re just insecure… Hahahaha!

Akira – I’m really gonna kill this bitch. Just stop me…

Ami – You just can’t because you can’t even reach me! hahaha!!!



LAST: Girl of the Week – SHANA


Nagi – Ohohoho Girl of the Week got the lowest votes! How interesting… The overall votes are crazy though…

Yukari – The broken elbow pose looks very interesting but I guess that’s about it. Her eyes are not expressive enough… But overall, this isn’t actually the worst of the bunch…

Death the Kid – She should have moved her other arm symmetrically to the other and it would have been perfect!

Akira – Sadako?

Ami – Hahaha looks like the flaming-red hair had burned out on the water, along with herself XD… Poor girl, maybe she didn’t eat her melon pan today~ XD…


Shana may have the lowest number of votes but keep in mind that she’s the Girl of the Week and she’ll be automatically saved from the cut no matter how low her votes would be on the following week. Therefore, the girl with the second lowest number of votes would get eliminated: and it’s Belldandy…





RESULTS [rounded off; PollDaddy]




This may happen to be the most shocking elimination in AnimeNTM yet. With the Girl of the Week added as the twist of this season, it’s really important to vote wisely for the girl which has the best photo. Shana had a great timing for being Girl of the Week. Maybe if she weren’t, she would have been eliminated.

Catch a brand-new episode of Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2 tomorrow and the girls will face a Christmas-themed photoshoot! Misa is the new Girl of the Week, would she produce a great photo and prove that she’s worthy of the title? Will the girls in danger step up their game before it gets too late?

Fiercely yours,



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15 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 2nd Elimination”

  1. WHAT? Rika should be the one eliminated.

    Oh wait. Why do I care?

  2. FuyuMaiden says:

    How did Rika make it into the top five? Her photo was so boring. I wasn’t aware Rika had that many fans I guess. Having her be above Sakura just feels wrong though!

    Don’t have much to say on Belldandy leaving though. I figured it would happen pretty soon.

    Hahaha. Ami was great though. Her bitchiness surpassed mere judging. She started picking on the other judges and so fitting with ther character too! (Great job on that btw). Oh yeah, Ami was so much fun. But speaking of judges, I loved Akira’s comment on Sakura (Yes! KOBATO!!!!111).

    AH! Christmas photoshoot!!! Oh I knew it! Well not really, I said to myself earlier this week, “I wonder if we’ll get to see Holiday stuff in ANTM” and now we do~! (Darn it, and now you have me addicted to ANTM already.)

  3. nazarielle says:

    Sorry to anyone who likes Belldandy, but thank goodness she’s finally out~

  4. Xiao says:

    OMG, you really did it. O.O
    …You brought Ami in. O.O!


    Ami having bitch wars with Akira…even more AWESOME. Yes, I can go on and on about how AWESOME her pwnage over Akira is but I’ll refrain from that and move along. xD;

    Well, shame Belldandy had to go on an actual good image of her but eh, she wouldn’t have lasted too long anyways.
    Meantime, I’m predicting Yuki’s removal next week…now that I think about it, Yuki should have been the one out for this shoot. Not Belldandy. Eh. W/e. *shrug* Guess being a Haruhi character saved her. =P

    & yay~! Santa-inspired! xD Haha That will be fun. I’m goin’ to look for cuteness and maybe even that saying “the spirit of giving” if there is any evident so it’s really going to the lolis again, lol. *really wants a loli to win this* o_O;

    K, can’t wait! ^^

  5. Baka-Raptor says:

    How about a new contest: Animeblogging’s Next Top Mascot?

  6. kanzeon says:

    @Kairu: Why would I care?

    @FuyuMaiden: I was like, “WTH” when I checked the results… I also don’t know… Maybe there ARE a lot of Rika fans (considering that she won SaiMoe twice).. And lol I think I just had fun getting into Ami’s role XD… And lol at Akira comment because that was just so random XD… And lol I knew the day would come that you’ll love ANTM ^_^

    @nazarielle: It’s all thanks to Shana

    @xiao_jie: Lol Ami pwnage of Akira was really awesome… It should be the inter-anime-related bitchfight of the year XD… And popularity really matters on this contest (look @ Rika)… Speaking of a loli, [SPOILER] I can’t find Ranka a Santa/christmas photo so I guess she would end up having a photoshopped photo (again XD)

    @Baka-Raptor: YOU WIN!!!!!

  7. @kanzeon: Nevermind.

    @Fuyu Maiden: Isnt that unfair? By fans. Not by what the photo is?

  8. nazarielle says:

    I would’ve voted for Shana again, but with her being guaranteed safe, I figured I’d vote for my second favorite (Ranka) :p

    Ami-chan as a judge really is so fitting, I love it. Can’t wait to see the next set of pictures :>

  9. Kitsune says:

    One interesting thing about the ANTM is that, among other things, it is an indirect assessment of the visitor population.

  10. kanzeon says:

    @Kairu: Ugh, It’s not unfair. It’s not my fault that Rika had more fans than the others. And if I were to make it unfair, I would be the only one who’ll judge the girls and not let you all vote, eliminate them all, and make Shinku the winner XD. Keep that in mind 🙂 And duh, I wouldn’t have made this if it weren’t for the fans!

    @nazarielle: Great decision to pick another instead of the one who’d be guaranteed safe ^_^ And yeah, I’m really thinking of bringing back Ami for her awesomeness so I’ll think about that ^_^

    @Kitsune: Desho? 🙂

  11. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onAnimeâ??s Next Top Model C2: 2nd Elimination « [:METANORN:]Here’s a quick excerptCatch a brand-new episode of Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2 tomorrow and the girls will face a Christmas-themed photoshoot! Misa is the new Girl of the Week, would she produce a great photo and prove that she’s worthy of the title? … […]

  12. mikaino says:

    Those who voted for Rika are either blind or just plain addicted to moe. Ugh. Anyway, Belldandy’s not that important anyway…

    Go Ami! She is so going to take Akira’s place on judging XD.

  13. thepoop says:

    oh my goodness. I thought Shana was out there for a minute but thankfully it was only belldandy. I have only watched one episode of oh my goddess ever so it was not sad.

  14. kanzeon says:

    @mikaino: lol. You cracked me up XD

    @thepoop: The elimination was suspenseful, isn’t it? ^_^

  15. Felicity says:

    Misa totally did the best!!! IMHO. And I also love the quirkiness in Amu’s photo. Really great pics. So fierce :blink:

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