Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 01 – The Girls Got Issues


Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2 makes it controversial as the girls portray different global issues and problems for its premiere episode! The girls will show what they got for the very first time! Continue down below.

Obligatory: Watch the OP 😉

Now let us welcome the Head Master of this cycle, Nagi!


NAGI Religion

Nagi welcomes the girls and everyone:

Hmmmheehee! Welcome everyone to the second cycle of Anime’s Next Top Model! Y’all know what this competition’s about! This is all about fierceness, fabulousness and fashion added with a dash of personality and wackiness! Since I’m the Head Master, I’ll be leading the girls to the ladder of top model fame!!! Haha!!! Of course, fame really matters! But still, they should not forget that I should be more popular than them, no matter how those issues about me not being a virgin anymore is spreading! Don’t believe ’em, it’s all part of being famous. And most of all…

*thunder strikes*

[Nagi’s tone had changed into a deeper one] Heehee, forgive me for what I’ve just said ^_^. What really matters is that everyone is a winner already at this point. My children, always put it into mind that determination and passion added with talent really matters. If you justified it within this competition, the true winner will outshine the rest.

And now for their very first photoshoot, it’s all about making everyone feel the emotion on different government issues. Which ones will give a good first impression? Who will be the very first girl to leave?

Now let’s head on to the girls’ best shots and the issues they set in.




AMU – Cloning

~GIRL OF THE WEEK~ Amu is safe from the very first elimination for getting the highest votes on Episode 00 [Amu = 27%, Belldandy and Shana = 14%]



RANKA Greenhouse Effect



NANOHANuclear Debate



SHINKU – Economy



BELLDANDYEnergy and Transportation



SAKURA – Healthcare



MISA Child Abuse






RIKA [with Hanyuu]Gay Marriage



YUKI Education



ORIHIME Natural Environment


AND NOW IT’S TIME TO VOTE!!! Vote for the girl whom you think has the best photo!!! The girl with the most votes will be known as the Girl of the Week and will be safe from elimination next week [and they don’t need to be voted ^_^]!!! Who will be the very first girl to be eliminated on this cycle? It’s all in your hands! You can only vote once.



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20 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 01 – The Girls Got Issues”

  1. nazarielle says:

    Oh my god I love that picture of Shana, she looks so cute :3

  2. mikaino says:

    Amu -teh gal of teh week -_- Photoshopped
    Ranka – Photoshopped too
    Shinku – Photoshopped again -_________-
    I voted for Rika. Yuri ftw!

  3. issa-sa says:

    Ranka and Shinku’s pics look rather… miserable. ANd Ori-who?? I know I’ve not watched Bleach in aeons, but I totally do not recognize the girl in the last pic XD

  4. Nanoha has the worst pic. XD Belldandy is looking hot there. Okay.. whats with the gay marriage?

  5. FuyuMaiden says:

    lol. Amu got cloning (hehe, I thinks it suits her. Too many would-be selves Amu-chan!!!). Kind of off-topic though, so moving on,

    I don’t know who to vote for. I mean Amu’s safe, right? But I guess I could vote for her to make her girl of the week again or whatever, but I kind of don’t want to (even if I have it right). If Amu’s safe I want to choose whoever I think is best this week. Which leaves me feeling stuck between adorable healthcare Sakura (so cute~) and poor unemployed Shana (also cute~).

    And this week I want Misa gone. She doesn’t look like an abused child at all, so she fails! Though to be fair, it may be my previous dislike for her speaking.

    Oh! And one last thing! Hell yes Nagi! Overcome the rumors!!! It’s kind of fun that you chose her during all this controversy. Makes it feel like she’s a real celebrity.

  6. foomafoo says:

    Kanzeon, you’re quite quick with the resources! XD.

    Yuki doesn’t have different costume -__-
    I chose Shana since her emotion in the photo shoot fits her theme.

  7. kanzeon says:

    @nazarielle: Yep ^_^

    @mikaino: Lol forgive my shooping skillz T.T

    @issa-sa: My photoshop skills aren’t good enough TT.TT And the Ori-whoisthat pic is a fanart ^_^

    @Kairu: Lol yeah but it’s still an issue XD

    @tsuiteru: Yes. At least you didn’t noticed that the Shinku pic was from iDOLM@ster!

    @FuyuMaiden: It’s better to vote wisely. You can still go for her but you can also vote for your other fave so that you don’t have to waste a vote ^_^.
    And I also hope that Kannagi would overcome all those rumors. Wish Nagi and the mangaka the best of luck 🙂

    @foomafoo: Shana seems to be leading the pack 🙂

  8. nazarielle says:

    Yay @ Shana leading the pack :> Can’t wait to see more. I do kinda hope Shinku doesn’t get knocked out of the running too early, because I loved those silver eyes she had in the first post, but I’m not sure she has much else going for her :p

  9. Galactic Fairy says:

    I voted for Misa, since the rest of the contestants seemed to be more focused on cuteness rather than the issues.
    Orihime-My 2nd choice. It’s a very nice picture.
    LOL @ Ranka. Her face is prety scary in that picture.

  10. Kitsune says:

    Very nice Nagi talk 🙂

    I like the selection of pictures 🙂

    Why government rather than global issues?

    I see… Ranka supports Greenhouse effect! 😛

    The economy shot was quite good, but I’ll go with my biased opinion 😛

  11. Xiao says:

    Of course, fame really matters! But still, they should not forget that I should be more popular than them, no matter how those issues about me not being a virgin anymore is spreading! Don’t believe ‘em, it’s all part of being famous.

    F*CK YEA, BABY!!!! *am so going to marathon Kannagi on my study days next week* xDDDDDD


    …so all is well in the world. 😀

    Ranka – What happened to your fingers? o.O;
    Nanoha – … xD Ohohoho~… *so amused*
    Shinku – You CARE about the economy? o.O;;; Then what’s with that dictator-esque uniform? xDD;;
    Belldandy – Huh? I don’t get it. Isn’t she a goddess or something? Why is she standing next to a motorcycle? What happened to the magic? Not even flying cars? @.@;;
    Sakura – That’s cute.
    Misa – Child abuse?! Dx Child abuse my ass! Look at her! She’s just asking to get raped.
    Shana – Nothing special…she looks like she’s on a lunch break. xD
    Rika [with Hanyuu~! <3] – Struck the biggest impression on me. She’s not even looking at the camera but looks so nice and fitting for her issue all the same. 😀
    Yuki – You lose points because I’m more fascinated by the glowy white curtain-like thingie on the side. =P
    Orihime – Obviously a stand-in. And it’s not even a human stand-in. *points at ears* No no. 🙁

    Sooo…girl I want to stay: Rika.
    Girl I want out: Orihime.
    And Shana is leading. Meh.

    Lol Awesome ep so far.
    Oh, and a reply to your…reply from 00: Kyaa! I feel so humbled! *feels so humble* lol
    And I totally should be a judge. 😀 I can’t help it. I’m already doing it in my comments. *weirdo* Ah, so much fun. x3

    K, can’t wait for the next one! ^^

    • haruhi says:

      eh? Amu is stupid and a bitch ¬¬X :rage:

    • haruhi says:

      “ Ranka – What happened to your fingers? o.O´´
      Mas bien que pasa con las piernas de palo de amu, acaso es anemica o que?

  12. omisyth says:

    Orihime is simply doomed. Nanoha gets my vote purely because of EXPLOSIONS.

  13. FlareKnight says:

    I’m loving the topics each girl is handling honestly. You could see Shana just saying the amount of torches will take care of unemployment. Very nice picture I’ve got to say. Looking very sharp in the business suit after all.

    Rika handling gay marriage is a ton of fun also. Don’t think she’d hold personal choice against anyone considering how much she cares about those around her. But also liked the Rika and Hanyuu image. Considering their connection this topic isn’t unexpected :). Really felt like it fit the chosen theme. Might be a bit early to hit the viewers with miko moe, but winning this week would be huge for her so probably a good move.

    Definitely going to enjoy this event.

  14. FuyuMaiden says:

    Hmm…Well, I decided to go for Shana because I think she honestly fit her topic best this week. If Amu’s safe and I keep getting to see images of her every week, I’m satisfied. Doesn’t help that she’s Amulet Heart this week either =_= (that darn episode-hogging would-be self).

  15. amayalee says:

    So happy!~ Nice theme for the first round! I voted for Ranka, cause she is just adorable and pulls of her theme nicely. I was a bit torn between her and Rika though. XD Misa’s was nice too. I’m just happy that Amu is safe!

  16. kanzeon says:

    @nazarielle: Seems like it. Shana’s still on the leading as of now 🙂

    @Galactic Fairy: I also thought that Misa’s the only one who kept up with the theme.

    @Kitsune: Lol I’m confused with both XD.. And yes, “Greenhouse” Effect (with greenhouse on the back XD.

    @xiao_jie (favorite commenter ftw ^_^): The virginity issue is on the manga, and trust me, it’s a really WTF issue that those otaku morons are taking seriously -_-”… Even the mangaka had stopped Kannagi for some reason too.
    And the reply to your reply on my reply (XDD): I really enjoy reading your comments!!! OMG it’s really fun and I really appreciate them and it motivates me to work harder not only on Ani-NTM but on this whole blog :).

    @omisyth: Fierce explosions.

    @FlareKnight: I also think that Rika gets a very controversial theme but she handled it well ^_^. Glad you’re enjoying it 😀

    @FuyuMaiden: I’m already making Amu’s photo (via photoshop) for the next photoshoot ^_^. SPOILER: The theme next week has something to do with the eyes 🙂 OMG lol I’m getting excited XD.

    @amayalee: OMG glad that someone like the Ranka pic (no matter how bad I am at photoshopping XD). And Amu seems to be a great early contender for being the first Girl of The Week.

  17. Ashe says:

    Yeah! The real thing finally started!!! Here’s what I think…
    Ranka – Lost some fingers
    Nanoha – Fierce
    Shinku – Umm. NO.
    Belldandy – Hooch Race Chick
    Sakura – Cute
    Misa – Looks Raped
    Shana – Nice one, best of the bunch IMO.
    Rika – Beautiful
    Yuki – Meh
    Orihime – What’s with the ears?
    I want Yuki to go… It’s a really bad start for her XD

  18. Xiao says:

    *humbled again*

    Huh, really? *wants to read it more now*
    But an issue on virginity? I don’t get that. Pretty sure that more than half of the world doesn’t even give a fudge about virginity and otakus (otakus!) do? -__-;
    Hmm…& looking at ANN here, it says its going on hiatus b/c the author is having health problems but I don’t really know if ANN can be trusted anymore. *sigh*

    & iREPLY! (ha! lol): I’m very glad you enjoy my wacky comments! xD And it’s me who should be grateful for all the hard work you already put into your blog. I can tell! Nothing makes me happier than to see a fan so devoted to his/her hobby. And the innovative creativity you added to it (like ANTM here) is a definite plus. No lie. Awesome job, you awesome person! ^^

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