Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 00 – New Competition, New Girls!

The brand new season of Anime’s Next Top Model will be premiering tomorrow but before all the fierceness begins, let’s all meet and get up-close to the 11 new girls entering the competition! Continue below the jump but first, don’t forget to watch the OP!

Ani-NTM Cycle 2 OP:

The new batch of girls are much more fiercer than before! From magical girls, previous SaiMoe title holders, lolis (lots of them) to different girls from popular anime of different genres! Let’s now take a close look and first impression for the new girls!



The Cool and Spicy Gal from Shugo Chara

This cool and spicy gal has a shining personality. She sure has that certain spunk and attitude which makes her one of the contestants to watch out for. Besides from that, we ae already hearing raging fans gathering by Amu’s side. Can Amu and her personality be enough to wow the judges and be the 2nd winner of Anime’s Next Top Model?

Strengths: Personality and some MoeGirl™ potential

Weaknesses: Looks like this girl will struggle on high-fashion…


nanoha Pictures, Images and Photos


The Magical Lass from the Magical Lyrical Nanoha Series

Nanoha might be just an another Mahou-Shoujo girl but there is something special in her that made her to be chosen as one of the contestants. She can transform from that bubbly, commercial girl to a fierce, high-fashion butterfly as we see it. Will Nanoha prove this and show that transformation plays an important role on winning Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2?

Strengths: Fierce factor balanced with sweet looks plus past SaiMoe winner

Weaknesses: Umm… same costume every time?




The Dazzling Doll from the Rozen Maiden Series

Despite her height, size, and body composition, Shinku proved that she can still compete in Anime’s Next Top Model. She may be different, but she has the haughtiness, confidence and determination to win this thing. Plus, she has an advantage in the knowledge of fashion, which she can use it during her experience here. Can Shinku beat the odds and become Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2 winner?

Strengths: Stunning face and fashion taste and knowledge

Weaknesses: Again, same costume everytime…




The Small-town Girl from the When They Cry series

After Rena getting the boot early on cycle 1, Rika is the next to represent the girls of Higurashi. With not much experience on modelling, she might struggle with her confidence and awkwardness but let’s see about that. Can she improve and follow Enma Ai’s footsteps? Winning Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2?

Strengths: Loli-appeal, former SaiMoe winner for 2 years

Weaknesses: Inexperience and awkwardness




The Space Siren from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Another girl who’s a “second representative” of a certain series this cycle. Haruhi came very far to the competition but struggled in the end. Now here comes the quiet SOS Brigade member, which had already became an early favorite in the preview. Will she step outside of her comfort zone and wow everyone? Can Yuki satisfy the SOS Brigade and take home the title of Anime’s Next Top Model season 2 winner?

Strengths: Fanbase, x-factor and knowledge

Weaknesses: Shyness, awkwardness (but can also be used as an advantage)




The Cherryblossom Princess from CLAMP

Sakura is already a classic foundation of anime girls, which almost everyone honors. Now she enters a competition as a huge threat to everyone. Packing with her vast experience and fashion background, Sakura is a veteran already. Will she be the dominant force of the competition? Can she prove that classics can win Anime’s Next Top Model in its second cycle?

Strengths: Classic background plus first-ever SaiMoe winner

Weaknesses: May be too “classic” that people might get tired of her already.




The Angelic Diva from Ah! My Goddess

She already has that perfect body and a beautiful face which has tons of potential to become a model. Belldandy sure outshines everyone with her stunning features. Can Belldandy prove that she has more than the meets of the eye? Will she work hard and face the challenges towards the ladder of winning Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2?

Strengths: Body structure and grace

Weaknesses: Bland personality and doesn’t seem to “stand out”




The Wild Flower from Bleach

Probably the last “second representative” girl of the batch. Bleach now sends in Orihime after Rukia on the first cycle. Orihime had huge uh… assets that can be mistaken as a hooch. But Orihime is definitely a kind-hearted gal. Can she lessen her hoochie-ness in her? Will she prove to be a strong competitor and win Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2?

Strengths: Sweet personality, determination and popularity

Weaknesses: Hooch factor




The (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆ idol from Macross Frontier

This idol starlet is a huge influence to everyone, and now, she takes the stint of being a top model! Ranka seems to be a very cheerful and bright personality, plus she keeps everyhing with humility. She is a peace-lover. Can she manage to face the fierce competition despite all that sweetness oozing all over her? Will she win, not only the hearts of everyone again, but Anime’s Next Top Model 2?

Strength: Fanbase, success and MoeGirl™ potential

Weaknesses: Lacks model potential outside and needs to grow up.




The Glam Blonde from Death Note

With modelling background and the looks to die for, Misa already had gotten it. The only thing is, it’s time for her to prove it in Anime’s Next Top Model. Misa sure looks to be a competitor because of her high-fashion appeal. She also has that edginess and the x-factor. Plus, her personality is also not bland to start at all. Can she stay in focus and keep up her passion to become the second winner of Anime’s Next Top Model?

Strengths: High-fashion appeal, style and fierce factor

Weaknesses: Bitchy personality (can be the potential “bitch” of the cycle)




The Fiery Warrior from the Shakugan no Shana series

This flaming red-hot warrior is the wildcard of all the girls. Shana rounds up the batch of fierce girls this cycle. Packing with drive and the attitude, Shana will do absolutely everything to win this. But, the competition looks hotter than ever, even than her fiery red-hot hair! Will she prove that she’s just beyond moe and tsundere and win Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2?

Strengths: Loli-appeal, tsundere-appeal, MoeGirl™ potential

Weaknesses: Model-appeal and HF potential


We got the girls… but who will be our fierce Head Master for this cycle? 


It’s NAGI from Kannagi!!!

YES. After Kallen from the first season, Nagi will be the Goddess of Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2!!! Joining her is your crazy group of judges (it’s still a surprise)!!! Special judges are also featured weekly!

Lets take a peek on what will be the very first photoshoot of the girls… Our very first photoshoot will be a controversial one for we will tackle the different government issues the world encounters right now! Catch the very first photoshoot episode of Anime’s Next Top Model cycle 2 tomorrow!!! Please support and spread the word!!!


And now YOU get to vote!!! Who is your early bet to win? The competition already starts here because the girl who gets the highest votes here until tomorrow will be automatically safe on the first elimination!!!



The fabulous fade-out image of this cycle!


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24 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 00 – New Competition, New Girls!”

  1. Ashe says:

    GOSH I’m sooooo excited for this!!! Go Amu, Sakura and Ranka!!!!!!!! I love the fade-out picture too!!!

  2. amayalee says:

    Yes! So happy that the second cycle of Anime’s Next Top Model is here! But you’ve picked four girls that I absolutely love, so I might have trouble voting cause I biased! XD Can’t wait to see who come’s out on top!

  3. FuyuMaiden says:

    Wee~! So happy to see it finally starting. So many worthy girls (Amu is the worthiest though!!!).

    Also glad to see Nagi taking part in this somehow too. She has such a fun personality so her role seems oh so fitting to me.

    Hm…since I already have my favorites picked out I seem to be thinking over who I wish gets voted out first. Oh my how awful~ (part of the fun though)

  4. nazarielle says:

    How can you make me pick just one? D: Unfortunately, I haven’t seen most of these series. Actually, I don’t think I’ve seen any of them, so all I can do is go based on what I see :p

    Man, now I really feel the need to watch the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi so I can actually get to know those characters. And I need to go watch Shakugan no Shana so I can see what all the fuss is about Shana :p

  5. pixieblue says:

    definitely going to misa for the win. she’s the most model out there and her pic is cool! go misa!!!

  6. Akira says:

    Why does my vote not count?

  7. Baka-Raptor says:

    I’m boycotting this tournament until you add Claymore’s Clare. There’s an image thread right here where you’ll find all the pics you’ll ever need.

  8. jitensha says:

    Go Belldany :P!

  9. nazarielle says:

    @Baka-Raptor: psh, Teresa > Clare

  10. FlareKnight says:

    Yeah true enough that Clare isn’t even close to getting in the competition.

    But this should definitely be some fun. Great job on the profiles for the girls. Wouldn’t worry too much about Rika. Can always kick into her serious mode if it becomes necessary to stay in this thing. Besides everyone loves the small town girl :).

    Great characters overall though. Can see Amu and Shana especially going far in this one.

    But yeah with Nagi running the show….Should be an interesting event to follow.

  11. Xiao says:

    Finally! xD; And no, I couldn’t sleep at the beginning of the week cuz papers totally threw off my regular sleep time so it added to the big torture over waiting for this. Yea, I have no life. Dx

    AND yay~! Amu is in DA LEAD! HAHAHAHA! xDDDDD
    On my back-ups, I think the only ones I’m seriously rooting for are Rika and Misa (even though I never watched Death Note *gets beaten up by rabid Death Note fans*). Rika is a loli/moe queen, yes, but she’s also got the inner adult factor and charisma. And she drinks wine. hahaha~ I’m crazy.
    Misa impressed me with her pic in the OP. Nice fashion. Awesome pose (lol). Really nice.

    Hmm, yep.

    The other ones just don’t scream “model” to me.
    Sakura – I love you but TRC really screwed you over. *sad* T_T
    Nanoha, Shinku – Same costume, bleh. Even high levels of moe are not enough for this competition. o.O; I’m taking this so seriously. *dork* xDD;;
    Yuki – I don’t even see moe in her but that’s just me. I term it the “boring” moe.
    Belldandy – Retire already.
    Orihime – No.
    Ranka – Some people are just best left as idols.
    Shana – So greedy. She has to be in EVERY contest involving moe. -_-;

    Haha, but I like Nagi as the judge even don’t I didn’t watch Kannagi yet. Can’t wait for that. x3
    Uh, yea…tomorrow then. xD;

  12. ffviiknight says:

    With Nagi being the head, Ranka should be the biased winner. She got the idol status that Nagi wants… and most importantly, a comrade in the flat chest department.

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  14. revolemina says:

    ERK. How can you make us choose with all these fabulous girls?! I can’t bear to boot out anyone on my list except Rika, Nanoha and Orihime (don’t know enough of them). WOOT Shana is second!

  15. thepoop says:

    I voted !! I want to see Sakura make it all the way 🙂

  16. So is it obligatory to watch the OP before scrolling down the post? XD Ohwow. Love the fadeout and oh I voted for Yuki! 😀

  17. Kitsune says:

    Clearly, one of these candidates is significantly better than others 😛 The decision is very obvious and easy for me. I’ll make a post today with an image indirectly referring to my choice 😛

  18. biankita says:

    WTTH!? CCS Sakura > TRC Sakura!!! i just want ranka to win because she’s the only one i particularly like among all of them.

  19. lostty says:

    Woot! I’m glad it’s started once again! I’m actually torn between two favourites… Love the opening!

  20. mikaino says:

    Yay! Ani-NTM is back! Plus, the contestants are mostly from SaiMoe!
    I’m hoping that their photoshoots will be better and wackier.
    BTW, I doubt about Amu. She’s too popular (or maybe it’s only the votes?) and I’m really worried that she’ll win. I know that Ani-NTM is about votes, right?

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