2008’s Dozen: Favorite Anime Girls – part 1


[Spice and Wolf]


*Credits to all of their respective artists

Part 2 will be coming shortly. My computer is hanging because the post is too epic long so I have to separate a supposed-to-be 12 paged post to two 6-pages posts only XD. So, which girl in this batch is your favorite and what pics  are your favorite?



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10 Responses to “2008’s Dozen: Favorite Anime Girls – part 1”

  1. Yamcha says:

    Lolwut, Enma Ai hosting the Lucky Channel is so out of character. Overall a good list except for Yuuko. =P

  2. firecore says:

    Wooot! I think I’m bloated already with the CLANNAD girls XD Great list!

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  4. 53RG10 says:

    Goth Loli Enma Ai~♥ 😉

  5. Kitsune says:

    Well, none of my favorite girls are on this list, so I’ll just tell you what were my favorite pictures 🙂


    Picture with autumn leaves.


    Picture with an angel.


    Picture #2


    # 4 From the bottom


    I didn’t like any pictures 😛


    Chibi images were cute, and I liked a picture with green background right below those chibi drawings.

  6. FuyuMaiden says:

    Needs moar Nagisa!!! (Always need more Nagisa)

    But lol. I found myself to be very amused that I had every Nagisa image in this post. Also had most of the Haruka pictures (except one I think) even though I’m not really that big of a fan.

  7. Kitsune says:

    Sorry, too much moe for my taste 😛 I prefer this Haruka 😛

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  9. Xiao says:

    The CLANNAD girls are awesome! 8D *ignorning Fuuko’s existence*

    And Horo is so cute! x3

  10. meriam says:


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