ToraDora!: 08 – More Swimming, More Do-kin’

Relationship take turns in a swimming event: with Ryuuji being the prize for the sake of their summer vacation!


Much to Taiga’s dismay, the sports event will be having a 50-meter swimming sprint, and she and Ami will face each other in there. Even though the whole class thinks that Ami will beat the tiger since Taiga can’t swim, Ryuuji still goes for Taiga and votes her on the survey asking on who’ll win in the competition, despite all of his classmates are thinking that Ami would win.

Ryuuji continues coaching Taiga on swimming, and encourages her that she should not be embarrassed when Kitamura shows up. At home, Taiga seems to be very determined to impress Kitamura and to defeat Ami, as she continues practicing swimming on her bed, on her tub, and plenty others.


At school, Kitamura shows up and gives Taiga and Ryuuji tickets to the pool. While getting something to drink, Ryuuji spots Ami, who’s sitting along between the vending machines. Ryuuji asks Ami to stop bitching around to Taiga but Ami says that she’ll continue it no matter what, and she’s serious about winning and spending the summer together with Ryuuji. Ryuuji then leaves and he encounters Minori outside. Minori suspects and confirms Ryuuji to be the one who “enhanced” Taiga’s swimsuit back in the previous episode, plus she entrusts Taiga to him more.

At the public pool continuing their swimming lessons, Ryuuji noticed that Taiga’s kick are awesome and can really gives a lot of chance on beating Ami. Their practice was postponed when it started raining. Ryuuji asks why Taiga is really determined on winning the competition. He wonders if it’s for Kitamura but Taiga denied it. Ryuuji then suspected that it’s because when Ryuuji’s not there by her side, nobody will cook for her. He assured Taiga that when he left, he’ll cook lots of food for her and he’ll ask Kitamura not to come so that Taiga can spend their time alone.






What he said pissed the tiger for Taiga hates people who acts or thinks like they knew them very much because even herself, does not know what she really needs. Taiga kicks off the table and leaves Ryuuji in the rain. Later that night, Taiga did not went into the Yuusaku residence to have dinner together with Ryuuji and his mom. Ryuuji’s mom seems to at least show some sense even when she’s drunk. When she knew the reason why Taiga isn’t there having dinner with them, she stated that Taiga is just unable to fully admit what’s on her mind now and she would not hate Ryuuji.


The next morning, Taiga was going to their school until she encounters Ryuuji, who’s handing over a bento for her. He wishes her good luck and admits that he really wants her to win.  Now at the swimming event, the chihuahua-faced Ami is showing off her two-piece bikini, while Minori is worrying on where Taiga is. Taiga is actually at the classroom, where she opens up the bento Ryuuji prepared for her. She fins a meaty meal, which she really likes.


After that, Taiga now shows up to the event armed and fabulous! Well, armed, as in, armed with lots of floaters… Now the race starts. Taiga did a tactical start as she knocks off Ami using her floaters (hey, it was not mentioned that it’s forbidden to cheat XD!) Taiga jumps in and takes off Ami’s top, and throws it away and leaves Ami in naked humility. She now takes the lead. She loses momentum as she got leg cramps though, but is saved when Ryuuji came for her.  Miraculously, Ami is back (and where did she found that top… I thought it’s gone?) and catches up. Taiga uses her super kicks now but Ami won when Taiga got distracted when some guys fell on Ryuuji on the pool and comes in to save him.


Ryuuji regains consciousness (though he kept his eyes closed for observation) while Taiga is atop of him. Taiga says that everyone are not allowed to touch him, saying that Ryuuji belongs only to her, that statement made Ryuuji secretly smile (Kyaa~), while Kitamura and Minori are impressed, and Ami continues to be a bitch.


Ryuuji belong only to Taiga!


OMG Ami really doesn’t seem to care even with Ryuuji didn’t she. She didn’t really like him. Her purpose to flirt is only to make Taiga jealous. Look at her reaction when Ryuuji got drowned. It’s like she doesn’t even seem to care about Ryuuji! BITCH!!! ARGH!!! (Lol disregard that girl in front XD)


After the event, the group meet in a cafe (Sudohbucks is back!), and Taiga talks about coming together with them on summer vacation. That kinda surprised Ami because she’s the one owning the villa, and planning the vacation, but still remains true when she noticed that Kitamura gazed at her. Ami jokes that Taiga can’t really live without Ryuuji and is hard for her to accept that Ryuuji is now Ami’s… But Taiga agrees to that, she admits that Ryuuji is a dog, and a dog should be loyal to her master (Well said, though I was expecting more~). Ami seems to be very disappointed with that, for she can’t seem to spend quality time with him, but promises Ryuuji that she’ll definitely take the chance when they are given a time to.


Together forever. Friends and enemies united!


Next: Ryuuji opens another chapter of his life! Vacation before the next semester begins!

Kan chats…

OMG this episode just gave me a frikking dokin-dokin attack! Yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about. It gave a more romantic approach to the series. Well, here’s me absolutely hoping and sure for the Ryuuji x Taiga ending and nothing more ^_^. Their chemistry was just, so nice. There are also a lot of cute moments between the two, which just makes me go kyaa~ everytime I watch it and even I can’t help my heart which beats loudly for them XDD. It’s really interesting on how would Taiga and Ryuuji end up as a couple, since I know they DO love each other undeniably (though much more of a sibling-approach unfortunately), it’s just I don’t know how Taiga won’t be become super tsun-tsun when she’s with Ryuuji. Anyway, the novels aren’t heading unto an end yet so possibilities are endless.

My Current ToraDora! rankings:

1- Taiga (For some frikkin’ dokin-dokin moments and taking over Ami the chihuahua witch)

2- Ryuuji (For being a great swim coach for Taiga 🙂 )

3- Minori (Need some more Minori awesomeness)

4- Sudohbucks Cafe (Hey!)

5- The MILF (She seems to understand things, even when drunk)

6- The guys who fell over Ryuuji (because if weren’t for them, Taiga wouldn’t be able to save Ryuuji XD)

7- Ami (Because she was embarassed)

8- Meaty Bento (Proteins are good, but still, meat contains lots of fat)

9- Kitamura (totally forgot about him in this episode XD)

10- The Ampalaya meal (EWWW)


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6 Responses to “ToraDora!: 08 – More Swimming, More Do-kin’”

  1. omisyth says:

    I doubt you could really say it’s love between Ryuuji and Taiga, but wE’re definitely getting there. Meanwhile, Kitamura continues to confuse the hell out of me.

  2. thepoop says:

    oh sad all your pictures are gone 🙁

  3. kanzeon says:

    @omisyth: Ugh… I also don’t know about Kitamura T.T… He is like, experimenting his friends…

    @thepoop: Yeah. Major photobucket bandwidth something ftl…

  4. Oh wow. Look at those photobucket pictures! ^_^

  5. Xiao says:

    Gah, photobucket. They suck. -_-; But the caps will be back tomorrow right?

    Dude, this episode was so awesome that I forgot what else I wanted to say because it was just so awesome. |D;

    But the Taiga and Ryuuji interactions made me lol so hard. I like this non-romantic, cute bickering between them.
    Ryuuji: *light punch up the chin* Baka.
    Taiga: *scowl* …
    So friggin’ cute. Kyaa! xD
    And of course, Taiga’s declaration pwns all other declarations for the rest of the year (meaning till next Fall). It was fappin’ AWESOME. Nuff said.

    And I guess Ami learned her lesson that she shouldn’t wear a bikini in a race (or not). I mean, that’s the stupidest thing you can do in swimming. *is a swimmer* If you’re goin’ to swim against another bitch, then be prepared for anything. :p lol

  6. kanzeon says:

    @xiao_jie: This episode was really cool too! Man, I have that cute screencap of Ryuuji punching Taiga softly in the chin but Photobucket ruined my (blog)life!
    And yes, Taiga has some moment there in that scene where she declared that Ryuuji is only hers ^_^. Wow I envy you… I can’t swim T.T Yeah… Go on and laugh *sits in a dark corner* T.T…/kidding 🙂

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