ToraDora!: 07 – Ami is more fake than Taiga’s paddings…


This episode continues where we left off last time. Taiga caught Ami and Ryuuji in an awkward position and by the time that Minori asks if she found them inside, Taiga denied it. Ami thought that Taiga just don’t want to acknowledge the fact that there’s another woman in Ryuuji’s house besides from her. Taiga just walked away but Ryuuji tried to explain everything.

Later that night, Ryuuji’s mom asks Taiga on why she has the look on her face. Taiga denies it but it’s quite obvious that she is bothered. Ryuuji told Taiga that it was just a misunderstanding but Taiga’s attention was on Inko.


The next morning while arriving at the school, Ami continues to tease Ryuuji about what happened between them. After Taiga showing that she wasn’t affected at all, Ami just continued their argument. Taiga would’ve explained the reason why she lied to Minori but Minori came in and carried Taiga like a weightlifter.

At class, their teacher reminded everyone about the upcoming pool event in the school. The teacher then talks to herself about her last summer before going 30 and later gets pissed off when she overhears the students worrying about how would they look on swimsuits, on the other hand, Taiga also looks very worried.


And it’s swimsuit shopping time! Minori drags Taiga to the local swimsuit store with Ryuuji. There they also encounter Ami. Ami shows off herself in a swimsuit vainly, and she even impressed Minori with her long legs. While explaining her vanity to Ryuuji, she didn’t noticed that he went over to check Taiga. He gets pulled by her and he notices that Taiga’s looking very worried.

Later at the Yuusaku residence, Ryuuji’s mom is drinking a special drink made by Ryuuji. It’s made with soya, which contains isoflavone, which is for the… to make your… “you know”… bigger. Taiga instantly becomes very interested with that and ever ate a dropped soya bean when his mother left. Ryuuji askes if Taiga’s flat and yep, she is.


Isoflavone: Nutritional supplement.


It’s better to attain it in a natural way… Than the artificial way…




Then it’s the pool event the next day. Ami amazed all the guys when she came out in the locker room, while Taiga remains inside for her “secret weapon”. When Taiga comes out and shows off herself in swimsuit, she successfully fooled everyone with the fake b00bs that Ryuuji sewed last night. Well, except tha Minori wasn’t folled, and detected that she has fake b00bs with her awesomeness.




Minori can detect fake b00bs…


Everyone starts to have fun, and starts to toss everyone into the pool. Kitamura and Minori throws Ryuuji together, while Ami throws Taiga far off into the pool as well. Shortly after, Ryuuji realized that Taiga is already drowning, and her statement that she cannot swim was true afterall.


OMG… Poor Taiga…


He jumps in to save her, but one fake b00b fell while she was in the water. Taiga panicked that it might get exposed but Ryuuji saved her… Saved her? Umm, no. Ryuuji dragged Taiga down and stick the pad into her breast inside her swimwear. After that “saving”, Taiga fells unconscious.


It’s afternoon and the event was over. Ami was apologizing to Taiga but all Taiga could ever think of is the incident earlier, where Ryuuji groped her. She stays in a bad mood after that, and the scene was intruded suddenly by Minori, who suggests that the only way to settle everything is through a sports competition.


Next: It’s showtime! Sports competition time!


Kan chats…

This episode was entertaining as well. I just noticed that all episode 7’s of this season had been very good. Vampire Knight Guilty had a nice one, which made me think of picking up the series again. But all of them are nothing compared to Kannagi. That’s just plain great. Anyway, this obligatory pool episode was kinda generic, with Taiga worrying about her cup size, and the bitch always had the curvest coke-bottled bod. Ugh, my hatred for Ami also increased a gallon. Why does she have to throw Taiga far away and with knowing that she’s drowning already, she still remained careless. What a bitch she is. Ugh >_>

Anyway, Minori seems to be the source of comedy again IMO and she continues to be a very lovable character. Oh how I love Minori, probably as much as I love Taiga right now… Here are my current ToraDora rankings [from LOVE>to >HATE]:

Taiga=Minori>Ryuuji>Inko>Sumire>Kitamura>Random Male classmates>The Teacher>Random Female Classmates>The MILF>[insert name I forgot to mention]>Soya Beans>The mop>Taiga’s kitchen sink>AMI…


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6 Responses to “ToraDora!: 07 – Ami is more fake than Taiga’s paddings…”

  1. Machinany says:

    The mop is more poular than the kitchen sink? I demand a battle between the two to determine whose better. I’d prefer a fight but Minori had the right idea with a sports competition…

    All pool episodes in a romance anime (humourous or otherwise) kinda goes one way. Originality is hard to find so I agree with Minori being awesome and the main source of entertainment.

  2. kanzeon says:

    @Machinany: Lol but the mop is shown much more than the sink ^_^ Luv em both more than Ami btw. And Minori is so awesome ^_^

  3. Voodoomage says:

    With so little scrren time and development Minori is still a lot of peoples favorite (mine included)! What would happen if they gave her more screen time and a bigger role…. I demand more Minori.

  4. Gargron says:

    I liked this episode… Minori is not my favourite, i think she’s too hyperactive, but she had ineed the right idea.

  5. Xiao says:

    Toradora just keeps getting more entertaining. xD Definitely not an adaptation failure at all.

    I don’t know what to think about Minori anymore. Some part of me thinks that she’s attracted to cute girls or something and if that were true, I wouldn’t be surprised (given how awesomely wacky this series has been so far, for me anyway). Or maybe it’s just me. I dunno.

    Ha~, my love for Ami actually increased during this episode. ^^; I don’t know why! I can’t help but like her! She makes it all interesting because she’s such a bitch. Probably why I’m starting to like her more than the other characters. Yea, including Taiga, too. *stoned*

    & the one you missed: Sudoh-Bucks.

  6. kanzeon says:

    @Voodoomage: Yeah, more Minori would really be awesome. It’s like, she doesn’t have any negativity at all! 🙂

    @Gargron: Who’s your favorite character?

    @xiao_jie: “Definitely not an adaptation failure at all.” >>> I totally agree with that :D. I think what’s good for Minori is that she should have the right amount of her in a certain episode, because her solo episode (ep 3) has just too much… Minori-ness for me XD. I agree with you about that. I hope I’ll like Ami soon too ^_^. Plus OMG! Totally forgot Sudoh-Bucks!!! Gotta edit my post now XD!!!

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