Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae: 04 – BL is supposed to have bishies!!!

…While this episode doesn’t have any -_-”… Well except for the regular Ichimoku Ren ^_^… Also, lots of speculations/observations about the third season below the jump!

Episode 04: Big Brother

At school while doing duties, Yuzuki notices a guy named Takeru crossing up at them with brooming confidence, and Yuzuki recalled that he wasn’t like that before. Meanwhile, Ai’s apprentices plan on something about their duties as school proffessors. Then we get to see the Takeru before, who’s once bullied. The school nurse noticed that something’s already up with him but Takeru said to keep it all up to herself or else he’ll refrain from going to school.


Takeru is once again bullied by his classmates. This time, he’s been stripped down and his classmates threw snow-covered rocks at him. But never fear becauese his hero is here! Shin Nishida, a 3rd year, comes to save him. After the save, the two got closer and Takeru is invited to join kendo by Nishida.


Takeru is asked to take up lessons with Nishida n the summer. Accepting his invitation, he starts up learning kendo together with him. After some training, they both get laid down in joy…… …..in the ground which ended up in an off-screen kiss. When he’s back at school, Takeru is now a cool new person, which is more stronger and confident about himself. He now has a new hairstyle and he is no longer bullied, all thanks to Nishida, which made him a man.


Hmm… I wonder who this is… ^_^


Takeru and Nishida are in a bus while Takeru talks about worrying about his exams. Meanwhile, Kikuri still becomes… useless. Back at the story, a yakuza enters the bus and hits the driver in the head, being aware of what can he do, the driver just let the yakuza cut off his hair. Takeru witnesses this and tries to take action, but is stopped. Then he saw Nishida shaking in fear and doing nothing instead of helping he poor driver. Takeru became disappointed by him because he swore that he’ll become a prosecutor in the future.


Nishida apologizes for not doing anything back at the bus, but he explains that he doesn’t want to do anything back there because he don’t want Takeru to get scared and show harm in front of him. Instead of understanding Nishida, Takeru seems to be more disappointed so he contacts the Hell Girl. Talk about over-reaction…


And it’s punishment time! This time we get a lame punishment and we don’t even have to get some Ai-service :(…


Ippen, Shinde Miru? (…And I just looove how Mami-Noto raises up her tone in saying “Shinde”!!!!!)



Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae sure has the weirdest reasons to send people over to Hell…


Takeru goes back with being bullied again… And what did he meant with his laugh after saying that even if he change, the society never will? Well, it’s the society and it’s the “Battle of the Fittest”, so I guess he will get some payback with the bullies… Either that or he’s gone out of his wits after sending his brutha-luvah to Hell…


Next: I’ll guess: Education? Teacher? Reputation? Bratty girl gets sent to hell?

Kan chats…

First of all, BL is better with bishies!!! Ugh and I’m here watching a shouta and a man bear not as attractive as the hotties from Junjou Romantica. Anyway, this episode’s one hell of a crap. So far, all we see of the third season are the results of people’s emotional immaturity and it’s quite sad that people get send to Hell for the shallowest reasons. Last episode, we got the idol got sent over hell because of jealousy, and this time, I don’t even get the exact reason why did Takeru sent Nishida to hell except for he became a scaredy-cat on the situation on the bus. Maybe it’s just Takeru’s over-idolization for Nishida that when he found out that he’s just like any other ordinary human who gets scared, he got very disappointed that every person’s the same… I don’t know, I’m not planning to take up psychology on college (or until I change my mind) so… yeah XD.

Speculations/Random questions that popped out of my mind…

Put that forced man-service in this episode aside, because there are some interesting stuff in this episode that made me end up spculating more and asking questions. I think the nurse in the school where Yuzuki’s in was Tsugumi for she has the same butterfly earrings. If it’s confirmed that she is, then this series is held several years later. That would be very interesting… Also, is Yuzuki only a random person that Ai chose just that she could be in contact with Tsugumi? Will the main plot has to do something with the overall innocent people who got sent to hell? Hmm… so many questions…


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10 Responses to “Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae: 04 – BL is supposed to have bishies!!!”

  1. So this is a BL animu? XD

  2. kanzeon says:

    @Kairu: Lol no this episode only XD…

  3. Baka-Raptor says:

    Step 1: Mess up his hair.

    Step 2: Shave his arms.

    Step 3: Add sparkles.

    There’s your bishie.

  4. kanzeon says:

    @Baka-Raptor: Lol thanks ^_^ but I don’t need the sparkles, it blinds me XD…

  5. Hazel says:

    This did turn into a disappointing episode after a promising start. I’m mostly sad about jigoku shoujo because of the repetition, i don’t want a scene every epsiode explaining the the character about his soul going to hell…can’t they just skip that bit like in other cartoons and just say,some time later, or, after a chat about hell. lol.

  6. fye says:

    I hope this season there would be a connection to all of the people who got sent to hell. Because people who got sent are only the results of shallow thinking… Maybe Ai would finally have some good will and get them back? Lol.

  7. kanzeon says:

    @Hazel: Lol I agree with you. But I guess that the real juice about this one has to happen again by the near end of the series 🙂 .

  8. kanzeon says:

    @fye: Lol can happen too but too much good will XD… Maybe Yuzuki will take some action?

  9. Maire says:

    Thanks for the comment at my site!!! =D I can’t really comment much about Jigouku Shoujo 3rd season ,since I’m only on the second lol.

  10. kanzeon says:

    @Maire: No need to thank me 🙂 I just noticed your site and I like it that’s why I commented ^_^

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