Kannagi: 02 – I have a split personality…

First of all, sorry for the HORRIBLE screencaps… I think it has something to do with the subs I downloaded. Next time, I would be downloading a different fansubber for this anime.



Jin was surprised to find a magic wand glued straight atop of his table so immediately raids Nagi for the blame. Nagi then blames it on her split personality. LOL next time I’ll also use that as an excuse XD… Nagi also find a cute cat but Jin declined her offer to adopt it. After that, they continued on with their argument. Tsugumi, a childhood friend of Jin’s, visits him but when Nagi opened the door, she witnessed Jin holding her panties while quarreling with her.


Nagi then becames serious in a snap and she invented a story that he and Jin are half-siblings. When Tsugumi left, it shows that she can have feelings for him, because she shows a lot of care for Jin.


Nagi finally remembered the reason why the magic wand got stuck in the table. Lol, that was some stupid reason… Anyway, the cat earlier was found dead on the street and Jin became guilty because Nagi showed kindness to he cat before. Jin rushed back home and he witnessed Nagi absorbing two dead kittens into her, after that she fell unconscious.


Nagi is peerrrttyy!!! And I also like her hair XD…


After waking up, Nagi is asked by Jin on what is up with her lately after her sudden change of attitude and her absorption of the cats, but Nagi just made him mad because she gave him a useless answer. Jin then told Nagi to get out of his house because he is angered by her. Nagi then runs into the shrine.


She meets a group of children there and she one an impurity on one of them. Nagi then used her magic wand to kill it but it ran away. Nagi finds it hard to chase since it took the form of a ball. After the chasings, she got weaken by it because it touched her. Jin then comes to the rescue at the very last minute and gets the impurity for Nagi. He then takes her home.


Cute Jin screencap. Jin is my second fave anime boy this Fall season (after Sebastian of course ^_^)


Lol, I totally repreated this scene for like, 4 times just to confirm if she really had just said “Maria Sharapova” in this line XD…




Kan chats…

After the first episode, which made a good first impression for me, Kannagi again delivered something great that really made me excited for every next episode. I’m loving Nagi now with her personality, which is very ambiguous from clever to commanding. Jin is very cute! There is something I found really interesting in him and his attitude towards Nagi is just something that I’m awaiting to see every episode. Something I found excellent in this episode was the voice acting. Jin was just too hilarious and Nagi was just great. Plus, I really lol’d at the split personality excuse by Nagi. Haha… Overall, this episode was really funny yet sad, because of the poor cat :(…


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6 Responses to “Kannagi: 02 – I have a split personality…”

  1. Kitsune says:

    Well, looks like this anime proceeds as expected 🙂

  2. FuyuMaiden says:

    The kitty! T_T I will cry for weeks.

    …Alright so I didn’t cry, it actually made me mad. I hate animals (especially pets) dying in my entertainment. Stupid plot getting in the way of my humor!

    Nagi is so clever though, so I will give up my grudge and continue to watch this show. I totally fell for the split-personality thing…if only because it seemed to answer that question about her possibly meeting Jin before.

  3. So the ep 2 is out. And im still not finished with the 1st ep.

  4. kanzeon says:

    @Kitsune: Yup 🙂 . So far it’s quite impressive. I guess I’ll continue to blog this one.

    @FuyuMaiden: I know right? That was just too sad to be shown into a comedy anime T.T… And I agree with you. My first impressions for this one was like, it would start being worse after the next eps but so far I’m wrong.

  5. kanzeon says:

    @Kairu Ishimaru: Yep it’s out way back lol. Episode 1 was great, right?

  6. Maria Sharapova’s legs are truly awesome and she also got a pretty face”~”

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