Final Fantasy Versus 13: Hello, Noctis and Stella…


I have been posting only about gaming today because I’m too busy to make a recap of ToraDora episode 2 and Chaos;Head because I’ve been preparing to go on Cosmania tomorrow. I’ll hold it for today and hopefully make it tomorrow since I won’t be long in the convention too. Anyway I’m really excited about Final Fantasy Versus 13 and I’m glad that finally, we won’t be calling the main characters “Prince” and “Blonde Girl/Skirt Girl” anymore XD…

The name of the two main characters of Final Fantasy Versus 13 are revealed recently by Mr. Tetsuya Nomura himself. The main protagonist’s, which before was known by his codename of ‘Prince’ made by the fans, was finally revealed as Noctis, which is Latin for the phrase “of the night”. The name of blonde-haired girl in skirt, or the unfortunate enemy to the prince is also revealed to be Stella, which is also the Latin word for “stars”.

OMG I love their names! I found Noctis was unique, gothic and cool, and Nomura again attached the name to celestial stuff/ atmospheric conditions without making it sound funny (Really. I thought before that his name would be Rain, or Storm, Typhoon, or Monsoon XD). Prine Noctis… sigh *melts into fangirl goo*…

Stella was awesome too. At first, I thought of Winx Club (LOL), then add -r and we have Gundam SEED Destiny. I still can’t get over the fact that this girl would be the enemy T.T. I found it fitting for a beautiful blonde like her… I can imagine the Prince…err I mean Noctis screaming her name “SSSUUUTTEEERRRAAA!!!” out loud in the rain (Kya~)…

It’s perfect… Noctella is <3…


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14 Responses to “Final Fantasy Versus 13: Hello, Noctis and Stella…”

  1. Yamcha says:

    Bwah, not a big fan of Nomura’s character designs. But well, that’s me. I haven’t touched the FF series since X-2.

  2. Xiao says:

    I haven’t touched on Final Fantasy since like…ever.
    & you perked my interest again.

    Love their names. They’re really fitting for their images. haha

    Yea, I guess I’ll check this out later. Thx for the heads-up. ^^

  3. Hei says:

    OMFG!! I cant wait till it comes out
    thanks for the post mate

  4. Kitsune says:

    That art looks quite photorealistic. I wonder how the game will turn out.

  5. kanzeon says:

    @Yamcha: Yeah… I haven’t liked the recent FFs too either right after X…

    @xiao_jie88: Glad you also liked their names ^_^

    @Hei: Welcome. About the release, rumors said that the game will be out on December ^_^.

    @Kitsune: Personally, I hope this game would bring up the FF saga again because their recent games had been meh… More info on my post here ^_^.

  6. jitensha says:

    wait, is this different from the solely FF13? I mean they are not with Lightning??? I’m not updated XD.

  7. kanzeon says:

    @jitensha: This is a different one… The FF13 saga is divided into three: FF13, FF Versus 13 and FF Agito 13. All happens in different universes, having different storylines.

  8. 7 says:

    UGH. I don’t have PS3 in which FF13 Versus is built for…Shit, I think I need to buy the PS3…Damn the mastermind in charge of this marketing scheme. 🙁

  9. mikaino says:

    Stella’s name is perfect of her.

  10. 7 says:

    Hate to break it to you, but Stella is not the Greek word for star…it’s more like Latin. Astron would be the correct term.

    Sorry…my OCD just started going haywire. 🙁

  11. Kitsune says:

    All that talk about Stella reminded me of tactical RPG called Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity 🙂

  12. azukin says:

    @mikaino: LOLz, You must be thinking of that old hag from Winx Club, eh?

    *cough* The hero’s name is quite unique then the enemy ish..Normal.
    It might be better if the name of the enemy is better than the hero. I mean, look at the girl, she’s so beautiful. o_o

  13. kanzeon says:

    @7: You should decide properly before buying PS3.. Because there are huge debates on which is better between that or XBox 360 (but me… I’ll stick to PS3 ^_^)… Oh and thanks for correcting ^_^ I always appreciate it. I fixed it now 🙂

    @mikaino: Yeah. Agree ^^.

    @Kitsune: Umm… I don’t know about that yet but I’ll check that out for some game info :).

    @azukin: Lol Winx Club…

  14. lacedream says:

    Does Noctis love Stella or she’s just an enemy

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