Momo – Chapter 01


Sakai Mayu is back to work again after finishing her school romance manga, Rockin Heaven. Her new work, entitled MOMO -Welcome to the Worldend Garden-, is a fantasy shoujo manga which tackles about the story of the very unlucky girl Yume.


Yume is a 16-year old unmotivated schoolgirl who eventually stumbles upon and saves a small, high-classed girl named Momo. Yume was wounded that’s why Momo asked her to come on her mansion. Yume then tries to know Momo more but she was surprised that Momo pertains herself as ‘The Devil’. Their conversation was intruded after a guy named Nanagi asks Yume to go away after drinking. Walking way back home, Yume encounters her childhood friend, Kana. Kana seems to be a very cheerful type of character. He asked Yume to go rescue the cat which is stuck on the river but when Yume captured it, she found out that it was just a teddy bear and then she drowned.


Yume wakes up inside a big mansion and she meets Nanagi again, who changed her clothes while she was sleeping. Yume kicked him out of the room (lol) and then she realizes that she has to be the unluckiest girl ever: with her senpai having a girlfriend; not having to eat her Chou La Creme; having stupid parents; failing on exams; drowning in the water, and most of all, getting seen naked. All happened on her birthday. She then says that it would be better if the world will end. Momo ‘The Devil’ then overhears her wish and promises to grant it.

Yume, along with everyone, were then exported to the Outer Space by Momo. Then Momo demonstrates Yume what her purpose and powers are, she shows Yume that she can make a star or celestial body explode in a single blast from her. Thanks to Yume’s wish, Momo will now make Earth explode. Yume became a realist but it’s too late because she’s now become the representative of Earth and she should give give Momo seven sufficient reasons why she would not destroy it until her 18th birthday. Yume went on a rampage and accidentally bumpe into the strawberry cake, it went of to Momo’s face and tried to taste it. Momo liked it so she got 1 point! Now it’s 6 more to go!!!

First Impressions:

Ok, there are things I like and I hate about this manga at first sight:

What I like:

Art – Again, I like Sakai Mayu’s works. Their eyes were like, crystals embedded to their faces and I love how it improved form Rockin Heaven.

Yume – she seems to be a character who would never give up easily (well, I hope so) so I think it would be interesting on how she would find the 6 other things or reasons why the world shouldn’t be destroyed 🙂

Momo – I like her outfit, I like her hair and she’s got the ‘yandere’ thing going on. From cutesy to blasting off planets, I like her already.

Nanagi – He’s wayy hotter than Kana…

What I somewhat… don’t like:

Kana – My first impressons for him is that he’s such a loser and a weakling… I think he’ll also be the potential 1/3 of the love triangle that I foresee so I hate him already…

The story – Well, the ‘give me reasons why I shouldn’t not blahblah’ is like, familiar to me… I just can’t point on what is it but it’s alright…

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