Chocolate Underground 05: The Attack of the Chocolate Police

It’s been a while since I’ve done some of my incoherent episodic posts here… Now I’m back to business again! I’ll first post this one since Chocolate Underground is one of the shows that I missed so much this past month. The long wait is worth it since the episode is very entertaining.

The Chocolate Police (like what everyone calls them) comes to ruin their huge chocolate party. Of course, we’ll get to see giant red-eyed robots here and there but thanks to this uber-hot gray-haired guy from the previous episode, he helps the heroes in kicking anti-choco butt. Huntley and Smudger then flees as the big ‘anti-choco robot’ (lol) chased them. Thanks to Huntley’s hero, Smudger, he the robot thing lost its track and crashed. They have now gone to a place with lots of ingredients to make chocolate!!! LOL… I can’t believe I just finished this post on 5 minutes…


I wonder what would Huntley and Smudger would do now since they finally had some ingredients to make some chocolate-y goodies… Anyway, on to my fangirlings… OMGWTF was with this pic! This one makes me hungry for some Huntlery x Smudgeyr (EDIT: lol, I mistyped their names…) BL!!! And the gray-haired guy should join them too for a threesome!!! OMG I’m sooo dirty! Kyaaahahahaha!!! Excuse me but I really go crazy when I dream stuff… LOL!!!


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3 Responses to “Chocolate Underground 05: The Attack of the Chocolate Police”

  1. issa-sa says:

    And I was wondering why you tagged this with ‘bishies’ XD Everything I wanted to sa about this episode has been covered here (though a Chocolate induced threesome? Hmm…)

  2. slaterj says:

    “…makes me hungry for some Huntley and Smudger BL!!!”
    >>>>> OMG!!! Me too!!!

    “…And the gray haired guy should join them too for a threesome!!!
    >>>>> *MAJOR NOSEBLEEDING* Yummy!!! Haha!!!!!

  3. Llora-chan says:

    Oh my, I liked that pic too~

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