Anime’s Next Top Model: 4th Deliberation

It’s time for another girl to be eliminated. Who will follow the eliminations of Yuuki, Louise and Rena? Who will be our Top 6? Let’s find out. As what you can see on the photo above will be a new feature of Anime’s Next Top Model. Due to insistent public demand, Kallen is officially a judge!!! She’ll also be taking her own photos with the same theme and will be added to her own portfolio. Therefore the theme will also be Emo Photoshoot in Gray Scale.


Joining Kallen on the panel of unhelpful selected fashion elites are the ever quiet but cool top model from Vampire Knight, Rima Touya; next is veteran supermodel of the Paradise Kiss, Yukari; our special guest judge… or should I say judges are the twin sons of the Hitachiin fashion line from Ouran High School Host Club, Hikaru and Kaoru (beware for the potential BL here); and last but definitely not the least, the girl who almost got fired because Kallen overcame her bitchiness  but we still gave her a chance, Akira



Kallen – Her expression is bland and her eyes have no emotion at all! How could this be the 1st call-out? OMG girl, you need to improve!

Rima – I can see the Japanese text on the picture.

Yukari – I think she could really do better than this one. She’s making that usual blank expression. But oh well, at least she got a lot of voters…

Hikaru and Kaoru Kaoru: Its really a nice photo… Hikaru: Hahah… what a theme! I remember Kaoru crying back when we’re young! Kaoru: You’re so mean!

Akira – Lol. Is she wearing something down there? She looks like her undies are missing that’s why she became sad…


2: CC

Kallen – This is actually a good one. She has good profile on this photograph. And she looks less older. Kudos to the one who photoshopped it.

Rima – She looks hungry more than emo.

Yukari– Wow this is CC’s best shot so far! Great potential and nice improvement from last week!

Hikaru and Kaoru Hikaru: She has great stature. She can model for our family’s line. Kaoru: Kaoru, you don’t like dressing me up from naked anymore!? Hikaru: No! You’ll still be my dress-up doll…

Akira – She looks really lonely! YOU NEED TO WATCH DETROIT METAL CITY girl!



Kallen – Is she mad or sumthin’? She looks like she’s defeated in a war!

Rima – Haruhi and Kyon broke up.

Yukari – I think she portrayed more of as a ‘mad’ person than an ’emo’ person. But still, the leaning on the desk action helps a lot on her photo to look more of emo-ness.

Hikaru and Kaoru Hikaru: Haruhi… Kaoru: That’s Haruhi Suzumiya! Not the Fujioka one!

Akira – She’s mad because she can’t wait for the next season of Haruhi Suzumiya.



KallenShe just tilted her head downwards… Nothing special… She looks stupid.

Rima – I love her outfit. Shiki, buy me that dress!

Yukari – Her pose was elegant. I think she portrayed the emotion well and it’s nice for a body shot.

Hikaru and KaoruKaoru: She really looks sad… huhuhu… *cries* Hikaru: *licks off tears*

Akira – One word- Bondage


5: EVE

Kallen – It looks more of moe than emo. But at least she gives an emotional shot.

Rima – Cute… but I’m cuter.

Yukari – I love this shot. This is for me, one of the best of the bunch. Her hand movements work effectively on this shot. Good Job.

Hikaru and KaoruHikaru and Kaoru: SO MOEEEE!

Akira – She looks like she’s gonna get raped.



Kallen – Whoa! Emo much! Only thing missing are long bangs and wrist cuts!

Rima – Good photo.

Yukari – She is quite the underdog. Great photo but not enough voters…

Hikaru and KaoruKaoru: That’s really a good shot. So emotional. Hikaru: More emotional than your cries when we always *tooot**tooot**bleeep*??? Kaoru: Don’t say it! It’s embarassing!

Akira – *yawn*… She’s boring…



Kallen – Aww the little loli moe girl leaves the competition… Anyway…

Rima – Should I mourn or laugh?

Yukari – I think we are really expecting her to do badly in this shot because of her total personality. She should at least try to get out of he comfort zone.

Hikaru and KaoruKaoru: It’s so sad to see someone go. I’m gonna cry again Hikaru!!! Hikaru: Don’t worry co’z I’ll licking them off again with my sexy tongue Kaoru…

Akira – WAHAHAHA!!! That proves that I can still go as further than you Konata! Wait… I AM a permanent judge here afterall… WAHAHAHA!!!


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7 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model: 4th Deliberation”

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  2. blissmo says:

    Just because Haruhi looks mad and not emo, she still deserves to win the whole thing!

  3. omisyth says:

    Rukia. STILL allllll the waaaaaaaay.

  4. Solviter says:

    Hikaru, Kaoru, you’re so naughty back there…

    …Now let me spank you like when you’re *Bleep*-ing…

  5. kanzeon says:

    @blissmo: their fate is in all of your hands…

    @omisyth: then vote allll the waaaay:)

    @Solviter: OMG!!! Behave :p !

  6. fye says:

    The Hitachiin twins aroused me… XDDDDD

  7. issa-sa says:

    “Kudos to the one who photoshopped it.”
    Because, like in RL modelling, it’s not really about the model or the photographer, eh? 😛

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