☆Absolute Anime Openings ~FINAL~☆

This is the final part of the All-Day Anime OP countdown special!!! All day long (and thanks to the suspension of classes…), we had a running countdown from 20 and now were down to the last 5 of my favorite OP themes of all time. We saw great OP’s along the way but what really are my Top 5 picks? See it for yourself below!


5: REWRITE – Full Metal Alchemist 2nd OP


I’m having a hard time whether if I’ll put this one or Ready, Steady Go! by L’Arc~en~ciel (hard name!) on this spot. Both are great OP’s btw but I decided to put this one since I find it more angsty and rockin’.  Rewrite is sung by the Asian Kung-fu Generation, they also sang an OP for Naruto.


4: COLORS OF THE HEART – Blood+ 3rd OP


This song by UVERworld is pure awesomeness! Aside from that, the art that went along on the opening sequence is cool! The OP itself varies from my interpretation, it can be creative, beautiful, sexy, mysterious and dazzling for me. Truly one of the OP songs that will always be stuck on my head.


3: LILIUM – Elfen Lied


[WARNING! Video contains artistic nudity!] This opening theme for Elfen Lied is a pure beauty. Those idiots who think that this OP sequence was perverted are fools and don’t know what ART is! I can really tell how controversial the anime is just by telling it from its OP theme and Elfen Lied REALLY gathers attention. The song gives you the feeling of sorrow and emptiness (well, that’s how I feel..). The lyrics were somewhat taken from a part of the Bible.


2: SAKURA – Eureka Seven 4th OP


Epic. That’s one word to describe this OP song by Nirgilis. The song itself is full of love and it contains a few lines from the Christian hymn, Amazing Grace. The animation was wonderful, as expected from BONES. Being the final OP of the show, it never failed to give an everlasting impression and Eureka Seven will remain one of my favorite anime ever.


1: RED FRACTION – Black Lagoon 1st OP


Dundundundundundundundun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLACK LAGOON’s Red Fraction by Mell is my personal fave anime OP!!! Yipee!!! Why Black Lagoon? Just hear the upbeat rockin’ tune in it’s Engrish finest! It is cool, crazy-sane and catchy! Black Lagoon makes it to the top!


That wraps up my ‘unique’ taste of anime openings! It ranges from sweet to scary to rockin’ cool!!! Hope you had fun and thanks for reading! Do you agree to the list? I wanna know what OP sequence you like too as well as your insights on my countdown so share it to me by commenting! Next time would be my fave ED’s of all time so toodles for now!


– kanzeon


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12 Responses to “☆Absolute Anime Openings ~FINAL~☆”

  1. CinderBird says:

    OMG I LOVE YOUR LIST!!! But the Lilium was… disturbing…

  2. biankita says:

    aww… i like ready, steady, go more than rewrite – not that it’s not an awesome song though. that song just really pumped my blood up whenever i hear it XD

    [WARNING! Video contains artistic nudity!]
    ROFL! you think… that’s a hell of a stillshot from youtiube XD

  3. tanaguchi-sama says:


  4. Sagacious1 says:

    No Bebop love? ;_;

    But yeah, Black Lagoon does kick some mean ass.

  5. Yamcha says:

    Pretty good list. Can’t say I agree with Rewrite but solid choices for the other four.

  6. amayalee says:

    Lillium would have scored first for me…that song is just too good! Loved the countdown!

  7. Dop says:

    Ah, Elfen Lied. If you’re going to steal from art, make it GOOD art. Gustav Klimt, who’s art was often described as sensual, erotic, and deviant.

  8. ffviiknight says:

    Engrish Black Lagoon OP = fail.

    The only one that I really agree with you is Blood+’s OP. Even for E7, I thought its 3rd one was better overall, animation-wise. Gunslinger Girls Season 2 OP is also pretty strong but Ef -A tale of memories- is a personal favorite. Ergo Proxy and Tsukihime could be runner-ups. For the more silly ones, Moyashimon = win.

  9. shinji says:

    yes i love that eureka OP! no Days? ^^

  10. Shin says:

    I’ll be honest, there’s nothing here I like, though I enjoyed Red Fraction for the lulzy Engrish.

  11. kanzeon says:

    @CinderBird: What?

    @biankita: I like rsg and rewrite on the same level ^_^ …and I blame youtube for that awkward still frame 😉

    @tanaguchi-sama: Yes it is.

    @Sagacious1: The Cowboy Beboy OP was kinda not my type.

    @Yamcha: I didn’t know that many people don’t like Rewrite…

    @amayalee: Thanks!

    @Dop: I’ll try to see his works on the ‘net if I have time.

    @ffviiknight: OMG I forgot Tsukihime!!!

    @shinji: Sorry but none…

    @Shin: Lucky Star OP and other moe songs for your win?

  12. Kitsune says:

    I like Colors of the Heart for wonderful colored pencil look and Lilium for Gustav Klimt homage.

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