First Look: Ultraviolet Code 044, Mahou Tsukai 2 and Sekirei…

I’m recently having a habit of watching the first episodes of anime in RAW so I only understand like, 30% of what they’re saying (I’m harnessing my Nippon-fluency…) But I soon as I get my hands on the subbed ones, I rewatch them again (and possibly blog some that may interest me)… This post is just for my first impressions and rantings, blabberings, ramblings, etc and the likes… Let’s continue now…

Ultraviolet: Code 044

This one’s a sure pure action-packed but the thing that annoys me is the random boob shots that just pops out everywhere in this episode. The music, Guilty Pleasure by Becca, is in EngRish, which me like. And the graphics were quite great for an action-packed show. The introduction was quite fast-paced and the characters are well designed (actually, for some). If the animators would keep up the good work and prevent the show from being more talk and fanservice than action, it can actually be good.


Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora

The first thing mentionable is the jaw-dropping, beautiful art with a touch of live action/still frames/cg/whatever that mixes its simple 2d characters. Somedays’ Dreamers 2 has some scenes where it is quite uninteresting but it is still fine to watch because of its refreshing animation and notable music. Sora is a very likable character and I like how she brings happiness to other people with her magic. The only thing that worries me on the story is that it has the possibility of being repetitive (like Jigoku Shoujo, where there’s a client for every episode)…



PhotobucketA dumb slut meets a loser. Well, for me it sounds and looks better than Ikkitousen for me though. I simply hope that this would turn out to be a story with fanservice and not the other way around. But so far as I’ve seen, after those ripped up clothes, nudity and oversized boob-shots, this has potential to be unlikely.


Overall: I think Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetu na Koto: Natsu no Sora (Someday’s Dreamer 2) owns this batch. I’m definitely looking forward on watching more of this. Sekirei looks a bit interesting and Ultraviolet looks action-packed but I guess I will be only watching these (but I’ll try to blog the first eps) and save room for Nogizaka Haruka and World Destruction (if they didn’t disappoint me…which I hope not) lolz…



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One Response to “First Look: Ultraviolet Code 044, Mahou Tsukai 2 and Sekirei…”

  1. Llora-chan says:

    Someday’s Dreamers is definitely the best out of those 3 for me.

    I was at bit interested in Ultraviolet at first because Paku Romi was in there, but after reading more about and looking at screenshots… it’s a no.
    For Sekirei, I’m not going to be watching it because I honestly don’t want to watch women with big boobs fighting and getting their clothes ripped off. I can overlook it on some other animes, but this one… no.

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