Chocolate Underground 04: Chocolates… *sniff*

When we all thought that there won’t be any chocolates for this anime… Think again!


Huntley and Smudger continues to investigate the mine and it leads to a top-secret choco-fest underground party! Booyeah!!! A new bishie is introduced as the mastermind of the hiding of the chocolates and gives our heroes a sample of the homemade chocolate they made. As Huntley and Smudger are rejoicing over this, things are looking bad as there are anti-chocolate police outside the mine, planning to investigate there too.


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One Response to “Chocolate Underground 04: Chocolates… *sniff*”

  1. Llora-chan says:

    Yay! Chocolate time!

    ~Chocora-i-to disco, chocora-i-to disco, chocora-i-to disco, chocora-i-to dis-u-co
    ~Hee hee… I like that song.

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