☆Anime Digest [with a Nerima Daikon Brothers special!]☆

Finally, home at last! I just went to the theaters with a friend to watch Batman: The Dark Knight. It was a great movie overall and I really love it! Anyway… this post won’t be reviewing the movie (sorry) and I wanna post something about anime now. I also posted something interesting below the jump so check it out 🙂 lols.


Telepathy Shoujo Ran [05] – I still find this series fun, with a likable cast of characters.

Code Geass R2 [15] – KALLEN ROCKS. That’s it.

Natsume Yuujinchou [03] -The whole episode was a yawn-fest for me… Actually I still don’t know if I could continue watching this one.



And to end the post, here’s the PANDA SONG from Nerima Daikon Brothers (It was retardedly funny…) For those who didn’t know this one yet, it is an anime musical, meaning they break into songs while on a scene (creepy, hilarious, stupid… say what you want! XD)

WARNING: the following videos may be disturbing…


Oh, and here’s the MONEY SONG too…
Let’s meet the money girls! Loan anytime, anywhere…

You need them on hospital bills too…

…and this might be the last time you might see them…


and finally, the RENTAL song… (hopefully issa-sa will like this one ^^)

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7 Responses to “☆Anime Digest [with a Nerima Daikon Brothers special!]☆”

  1. fye says:

    LOL that was EPIC!

  2. super rats says:

    I just got the frikkin panda song out of my head! Thanks for putting it back in there.

  3. Danny Choo says:

    I need to get off this computer to watch some anime…

  4. blissmo says:

    I agree! Kallen rocks!

  5. LOL I like how the Money Girls just exit after the song number!

    and oh Panda Pandy~~~~ *WANK!*

  6. kanzeon says:

    @Danny Choo: OMG IT’S DANNY CHOO!!! *faints* *gets back up again* Welcome to my site 😀

  7. issa-sa says:

    My connection is being bitchy now so I’ve only watched half the last video. Pandas rock! Dubs… not so much. Still, it validates me wanting to watch this show for some time now 😛

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